All kinds of Animal Graphics

This is a page that leads to lots of animal clipart, animal drawings, clipart of animals based on photos, animal graphics and sketches of animals.

Animal drawings and animal photos are interesting, useful and entertaining to view. Easily incorporated into websites, creative projects, business advertisements and PowerPoint shows for educational purposes, animal graphics can be customized to accommodate any type of design needed to accomplish a variety of tasks.

You can resize, recolor, lighten, darken, add special effects and place pictures of animals anywhere you want on a webpage, printable greeting card, PowerPoint slide or Microsoft document.

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Using Animal Clipart in Presentations

Creative Projects Involving Animal Clipart and Animal Photos

Using Animal Pictures in Business Advertisements

Tips for printing effective newsletters include. 

From this page you can get to a page with Bird Clip Art, pages with Cat Clip Art, bear clip art, Dog Clip Art, dog sketches, plus  Paw Prints Clip Art and a lot more. Some of these pages are listed under different main pages, but I will try to give you an overall review of the pages with animals. 



Overview of the different pages with animal clipart:

animal clip art racoon ANIMAL CLIP ART:

 Presently you can go to a page with pictures of lots of animals,  all mostly made in gif-format, so that you can save the animal clip art, and then use it (on any background) without the white background. 



A page where you will find some genuine and very cute cartoon hedgehogs, as well a a lot of cut-outs of hedgehogs from photos, here with a transparent background which means you can use them on top of different backgrounds.




animal silhouette mooseANIMAL SILHOUETTE:

Here you will find black silhouettes of lots of different animals.

You will find the silhouette of:  a giraffe, a hedgehog, a bison, a moose, a tiger, and so many more animal silhouettes.

Below you will find a page with only horse silhouettes.



butterfly imagesI have made this page with colorful drawings of butterflies.

They are not realistic in the coloring, but they could have been, because nature is very often more imaginative than I am :-)

You can use them for so many things, decorations on the wall, stickers, cards, letters, boxes and more.


Funny and cute cartoon bees as well as cut-out bees from photos.

There should be bee clipart for almost any purpose you might have on this page, and as almost of of these bee clipart come with a transparent background you can place them on top of a flower drawing, or place a lot of these bees together with a drawing of a bee hive.



Another kind of butterfly images, including cartoon butterflies, strangely shaped and colored butterfly drawings and en example of how to use this clipart, although I am sure there are hundreds of other ways to use them.



klovnefiskHere you find clown fish, scalare, different kinds of tropical and not tropical fish, all with beautiful colors.

As the butterflies the colors are not totally realistic, but close.

They can be used for stickers and gifts cards, among many other things.



dinosaur clip art tyrannosaurus rexFind your favorite dinosaur here: you will see drawings of protoceraptos, stegosaurus, ankylosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex.

Use them for decorations or for games and table cards for birthdays.



elephant clip art logoHere are all kinds of elephant drawings, cut outs, elephant silhouettes and elephant figurines.

I have also collected a lot of very charming elephant jokes for you.



Lots and lots of frogs. Mostly cut-outs from photos, with green tree frogs, red eyed tree frogs, dart poison frogs and more.

Also frog silhouettes, and some frog drawings and cartoon frogs.

Finally some old sketches of frogs.



cartoon drawings of animals sea gullHere you will find several pages with funny animals, cartoon animals, cute animals.

You will find these animal drawings on the pages



Witch gives you some very funny and original drawings of kangaroos, dogs, cats, bunnies, sheep and more.


dog sketches animal clipart DOG SKETCHES:

A page with lots of my original drawings of different types of dogs.

They are all in black/white.

I hope you will like them as much as I do, and hopefully find a sketch of just the dog you like.



bald eagle clip artThis is a page with great black and white drawings of the American bald eagle.

All these drawings are, as the rest of the animal drawings, of my own making.

You can use them for a lot of things, and for logos as well.

This page is made to go, maybe, together with the other two pages about the bald eagle, Bald Eagle Facts and Bald Eagle Pictures.


Here are drawings of vampire bats as well as a lot of other kinds of bat. Flying bats, scary bats, funny bats, and  sketches of bat heads

There are also some black bat silhouettes and Halloween bats.




bird clip art ara red greenA page with clip art of different birds, and also some bird photos.

You will find swans and aras, small birds and bigger birds, most of them saved in GIF/PNG formate, to use on colored backgrounds, if you like.

This page will be freshened up soon.



small example of bird drawingsThese beautiful and very colorful (not realistic) drawings of birds will be great for use for stickers on the wall. You can also use them on gift cards, birthday cards, place cards and numerous other things.

Take a look and find your way of using them.



cartoon sheep reading bookYou might say that this page belongs to funny clip art, where it is actually listed, but on the other hand, it is certainly also animal clipart.

So if you need a funny kangaroo or a cute bear with a toothbrush, this is where you can find them.





animal clipart hippoCute hippos, angry hippos, poems about the hippopotamus.

You will find a lot of funny cartoon hippo drawings, and some hippo clipart made from photos.

If you want pictures of hippos, visit this page in stead.





cat clip art ginger A page with cute kittens, clip art made of photos of my own two cats, Pepe and Tumle,  and other cats of different colors.

And some cartoon cats as well.

This is one of the first pages I made, and it will soon have a make over.



Well, I know this is not THE page you would go to to find animal clip art, on the other hand, there are some cute and funny reideer drawings on this page, so .....

animal clipart dragonCOOL DRAGONS:

Even if you do not believe in dragons, they should be listed under animal clipart, so here they are.

You will find drawings black/white, and in colors. Of water dragons, blue dragons and many more.


dog clipart bull dogDOG CLIP ART:

This page provides you with clip art from photos of different types of dogs, as well as funny dog drawings.




EASTER BUNNY CLIPARTAs the title says, this page if full of drawings and photos of Easter bunnies.

The same goes for the page


but this page also gives you Easter chickens, Easter eggs and a lot more Easter stuff.



All kinds of fox clipart, fox black and white clipart, fox cartoon clipart, and lots of other kinds of fox drawings.




funny monkey drawings

Many cute and funny monkey drawings, to use for invitations, letters, place cards and gift cards.




As it goes for Christmas Clip Art, this is of course not really a page with animal clip art, but if you want to find a bat, this is the page.


horse silhouette with horsemanHORSE SILHOUETTE:

As you will se below, there is also a page with animal silhouettes, but this page is with only the silhouettes of horses.

Horses with or without horseman, horses jumping, running, standing, trottering.

They are all in black.


koi fish drawings orangeKOI FISH DRAWINGS:

Again, this page is also listed somewhere else, under the main page cool drawings, but is most certainly also belongs here.

I have made these beautiful drawings of koi fish, in different colors, and you can read about the meaning of these colors


On this page you will find cartoon ladybugs, funny and like most of the clipart here with transparent background

You will also find cut-outs of ladybugs (or ladybirds, as they are called in British English) and older drawings of ladybugs.


Mouse drawings, pictures of mice, and mouse silhouettes.

Also you get the answer to the question: Are elephants afraid of mice?, and you get the rhyme 3 blind mice as well as a drawing of the three blind mice.


octopus clip art drawingOCTOPUS CLIPART:

 For now this page is made of ald drawings of all kinds of octopusses, or rather octopi.

Later you will also find my own octopus clipart.

This page is made to go with the other two pages about octopi, Octopus Facts and Octopus Picture.



owl clip art baby owlOWL CLIP ART:

As goes for the page Octopus Clipart, this page Owl Clip Art is also one out of three pages, the other two are Owl Facts and Owl Pictures.

Of course this page with owl clip art stands for itself, but if you are interested in the owl, the page owl facts gives you so many interesting and funny facts, even some owl jokes, and you will find beautiful photos of owl on Owl Pictures.

tiger clipartTIGER CLIPART:

Funny cartoon tigers with birthday cake - scary tiger faces, and beautiful tiger drawings

All in all a lot of different kinds of tiger images, most of them with transparent background (PNG format) so you can place them together with other kinds of clipart.

If you are into tigers, you might also take a look at the pages tiger coloring pages and tiger pictures.


tiger paw print animal clipartPAW PRINTS CLIPART:

A rather fantastic page with clip art of so many different animals paw prints

They range from the rather big paw print of an elephant to the much much smaller paw print of a weasel.

It should be possible to find the paw print you want among all these prints, and more are to come.


Cute and funny penguins. Dancing penguins, penguins with swimming rings and more realistic penguin clipart made from photos.

You will find Emperor penguins and Royal penguins and strange penguins.



Endangered polar bears clip artPOLAR BEAR CLIP ART:

A page where you will find cute drawings of polar bears, as well as old more or less realistic drawings of the endangered polar bears.

But, most of the clip art is funny and will be so great to use for any friendly and funny purpose.



turkey bird for thanksgivingTHANKSGIVING CLIPART:

Well, not all about Thanksgiving has to do with the turkey bird, but a lot has, and in the end the turkey is kind of symbol for Thanksgiving.

So you will find lots of funny and some grotesk drawings of the turkey bird on this page.




roasted turkeyThis page has a lot of photos and drawings of turkeys, to use for a lot of things, but certainly also for Thanksgiving.

There are also some old Thanksgiving cards and Thanksgiving drawings with turkeys.



valentine bear clip artVALENTINE BEAR:

One of many pages with Valentine ideas.

You will here find Valentine Teddy bears with hearts, postmen with Valentine cards, bears kissing.

Some of these drawings of Valentine bears are also used on some of the other Valentine pages on Valentine cards and Kids Valentine cards.

And then of course there are all the amazing pages with animal photos.

You can find a review of these pages on the mainpage


animal clipart pictures border

So, for now, enjoy to look at all the animal clipart, save the ones you like, and use them. I only have two limitations on how to use my work, please read about it on Home page

Creative Projects Involving Animal Clipart and Animal Photos

Everyone has a favorite wild animal that we cannot keep as a pet but wish we could. Some of the animal graphics on these pages may include a favorite of yours as well. One creative project that is both a relaxing hobby and a way to learn about animals is to keep a scrapbook of your favorite animal clipart. You will need:

• A large three ring binder or a new scrapbook complete with paper at a craft store
• Acid-free scrapbook paper
• Paper puncher
• Glue or photo mounts
• Scissors
• Colored gel pens to add information about animals or snippets of your thoughts

animal clipart owl picture bengal owlMeasure and trim scrapbook pages to fit your binder. Start with 20 pages—you can always add as your collection of animal pictures expands. Punch holes in the pages and place them in the binder. Remember to leave spaces in between your animal clipart to write interesting details or observations about the animal. With the variety of animal species within each family of animals such as the different types of owls and octopuses, you may want to implement separate pages for written or printed information found on the the animal facts pages on this site.

Add humor and novelty to your scrapbook by searching for cartoon animal clipart as well. For example, you could place small pictures of Spongebob in with pictures of octopuses or images of Looney Tunes' funny Rhode Island Red rooster in with pictures of barnyard animals.

Using Animal Pictures in Business Advertisements

What is more powerful and eye-catching than the image of an aggressive leopard or roaring lion ready to pounce on its prey? Many companies take advantage of the charismatic, bold reputation that wild animals have, especially carnivores. Lawyers, investors, real estate agents who want to impart this type of distinction to potential customers needing their services often use animal graphics in various forms of print media such as:

• Newspapers
• Both local and national magazines
• Newsletters, distributed by mail or left in stores to be taken and read by customers
• Posters
• Brochures describing the service or product

If your business needs a kick start, you can incorporate some of these incredible pictures of animals with a catchy phrase that establishes your service as a "go-getting" type of business, much like the demeanor of a hungry lion or leopard upon spying a meal. You can easily create newsletters, brochures and even posters with your own computer and printer.

          animal clipart jaguar great for business

Creating newsletters and passing them out to as many potential customers as possible is a highly effective way to inform people about your company, introduce employees, describe implementations that will benefit customers and establish a rapport with the public. Depending on type of company you operate, choose appropriate animal clipart and animal graphics that highlight your business and attract attention to your newsletter's text.

Tips for printing effective newsletters include:

• Create a unique name for your newsletter, while trying to include your company's name in the title.
• Inform readers about your business rather than try to "sell" them your business in the newsletter. Write interesting stories about the details of your business as well as any plans involving specials or discounts.
• Use third person, conversational language and have someone else proofread the newsletter upon completion.
• Chose colorful animal pictures to attract attention but do not drown the text with too large images. Use small paragraphs of three or four sentences separated by animal clipart

Hang your advertising posters on utility poles, in store windows and other high profile places in and around your area. Each poster should have the title of your company, a phone number and email address as well as vividly effective animal graphics to enhance the poster's message.

Using Animal Clipart in Presentations

Most business presentations today are created using PowerPoint, which allows presenters to reveal individual slides containing relevant information about the topic of the presentation. The object is to impress audience and garner interest by providing data in an interesting and indelible manner. For example, showing cartoon animal clipart depicting ants busily cleaning a dirty room will leave more of an impression regarding a cleaning business than simply filling a white slide with text describing the company's services.

More tips for creating a winning presentation include:

• Use easy to read fonts such as Helvetica or Arial that are no smaller than 22 point.

• Place a title at the top of each slide consisting of font larger than your text font.

• Try to use less than eight words for each line.

• Use light backgrounds with darker text, and vice versa.

• Wherever animal pictures are inserted into your presentation slides, leave enough blank space around the graphics so that the audience can easily view them. Do not crowd text and animal clipart so that it confuses the audience

• Printing out copies of your PowerPoint prior to the presentation helps audience members to follow along and may also act as an incentive to try out your service or product

Animal graphics enhance any kind of project with the ability to attract and interest people who enjoy viewing fascinating pictures of animals.

Try printing some of the free animal clipart provided on these pages and see what creatively unique scrapbook, website, advertisement or presentation you can make.

The creative possibilities are almost endless for exclusive designs to capture the attention of those who behold your imaginative endeavors.   


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