Colorful Drawings of Birds

I have mad a lot of beautiful, very colorful bird graphics.

I have combined silhouettes of birds with some great colors, and here you have these bird clip arts which can not fail to bring you in a good mood.

Some of my friends have already printed them onto paper and decorated their child's bed frame with the birds.

But of course you can use the bird clip art in so many other ways:

As place cards, for gift cards, birthday cards and other greeting cards. You can decorate boxes with these drawings, and make mobiles to hang from the ceiling.

You can also use them on letters and mails. They all come with transparent background, in PNG format, so you can put them on top of different colors and different backgrounds.

Drawings of Birds:


dompaplike bird with colors
graasisken colored 
green colored bird drawing  red and grey colored bird drawing 
bird in many colors 
Colorful bird silhouette PNG
colorful bird silhouette

I think you should print them in 300 dpi, then their size will be 10 cm x something, depending on how broad the drawing is (the last two above are smaller.)

The same goes for the following bird drawings. I have made them in a different style, because I found out that my friends (and I guess people in general) prefer different kinds of drawings, maybe also for different kinds of crafts.

I have made an example of how some of the birds above could look on a postcard:


More birds:


flying bird colored fantasy
Dendroica colored fantasy colors 
blackbilled Magpie in fantasy colors 

These drawings are as you might have noticed not realistic, if you want that you can take a look at my other pages with birds, bird clip art, bird pictures, pictures of birds and the one with bird silhouettes.

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