Octopus Clipart

octopus clipart yellow cartoonThis page, Octopus Clipart, is kind of a supplement to the other page here on this website about octopi: Octopus Picture.


The first octopus pictures you will find  here are older drawings of octopi. Different types of octopuses, or octopi. Beautiful drawings, that will be great to use in projects together with the octopus information and octopus pictures.

Below you will also find cartoon octopus images and different kinds of funny octopus drawings.

The images are free to use, just follow the two simple and very logically rules, that you can read more about on Homepage. But as long as you do not overuse it, and do not use it for any negative purpose, you can use it for anything you like, even for commercial projects.

I have been fascinated by the octopus for a long time, and have been very happy when I have seen it when I have been diving or snorkeling amongst coral reefs.
The octopus is a very shy animal, and it feels kind of exceptional when you see one of these creatures swimming or crawling on the corals and rocks. 

Octopus Images


octopus-clipart-cirrothauma octopus-clipart-haliphron-atlanticus
octopous-clipart-octopus-vulgaris  Octopus Vulgaris frontal 
octopus-clipart-octopus-verrucosus  octopus-clipart-octopus-bimaculatus 
octopus-clipart-benthoctopus-levis  Octopus clipart
ocotpus clipart soft pale colors beautiful octopus drawing

Funny Cartoon Octopus:


funny cartoon octopus green cartoon octopus
discontented octopus cartoon octopus pirate
pink ringed octopus smiling blue ringed octopus smiling
discontented yeallow octopus cartoon octopus with big eyes


I don't know if all these old drawings of an octopus are anatomical correct, but I guess they were  made after dead octopi.

Anyway I find them very beautiful, and hope you will find them useful as clipart on your website, on letters, mails, as backgrounds and more.

And even more octopus drawings


octopus bimaculatus  octopus clip art pallidus 
octopus clipart argonauta argo  octopus clipart ornatus gould 
octopus arms  haliphron atlanticus oral view 
octopus-clipart-bentheledone-rotunda octopus-clipart-bolitaenid
ocotpus image
octopus illustration

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