Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Easter coloring pages eggs chicken hen colorsHere are free printable Easter coloring pages with chicken, bunnies, daffodils, Easter eggs - choose as many as you like, print them - and you will have enough for a wonderful time coloring them.


You can print them in 150 dpi/200 dpi, and then they will be approx. the size of A4.

About the rules for using my material, please go to Homepage to read more. But actually the rules are quite simple: You can use it for free for your own personal use. If you want to use it for anything else, take a look at homepage to read the very simple rules.

So I hope you will have a fun and playful time coloring these Easter printables.

On the page Easter Printables you will find more Easter printables with puzzles and other activities to have a fun time at Easter.

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages:


Easter coloring page with bunny chicken and eggs girls with Easter hare
Easter coloring pages Easter egg Easter coloring pages color by numbers
Easter coloring pages eggs in different colors Easter coloring pages number eggs
Easter activities color number one eggs Easter coloring pages paint by numbers daffodil
Easter coloring sheet with chickens and flowers

If you want to use some of these cute coloring pages for invitations, Easter greeting or something like that, you might need an Easter poem or an Easter greeting to go with them.

So here are a few poems and greetings I like myself:

A Happy Easter
"May every cloud above you
give way to skies of blue.
And on this Easter morning
let only joy shine through."

"A happy Easter to you.
You are egg~stra special to me!"

"Easter bunny is on his way
Bringing egg to hide away.
Be so kind my bunny dear!
Hide the eggs
Very, very near!"

"From the first step
to every step of the way ...
You have always been there
to hold my hand
and take care of me.
Having you in my life
makes me feel truly blessed!
Happy Easter!"

More Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages


Easter means different things to different people.
To some it is the most important Holiday in the year, to others it is a Holiday with Easter eggs to paint, having a good Easter lunch or dinner with your family.

Often the Easter table will be decorated with little chickens, lambs, bunnies and eggs.

And of course there are all the funny Easter crafts you can make for decorating and the Easter cards you can send to friends and family.
You can read more on Wikipedia.           

I try to make some new Easter coloring pages each year, as you will notice if you have used these printabels in earlier years.

This year, 2019, the chicken above as well as the first two drawings on this page are new.
Well, actually in writing I think maybe half of the Easter drawings here are new, so go ahead and find the ones you like.
I hope you will enjoy them!
     rooster border

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Cute bunny for coloring Easter coloring pages bunny eggs 

     rooster border

 Free Easter Egg Coloring Pages


Easter egg coloring page Easter egg coloring page decorated
Simple Easter coloring page with egg
Easter egg coloring sheet Easter egg coloring sheet
Decorated Easter egg and flowers coloring simple egg coloring sheet for Easter 

two decorated Easter eggs for coloring

More Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

happy Easter bunny painting eggs coloring page  Easter coloring page bunny daffodils 
greetings from Easter bunny coloring page 

   border with yellow Easter chicks

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