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This page Owl Clip Art is filled with all kinds of different pictures of owls. square green owl clip art

 You will find owl drawings, an owl picture made in different colors, owl cut-outs made from photos, and cartoon owls.
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It should be possible to find an owl for your purpose amongst all these pictures of owls, and I am very happy if you find that these pages provide you with what you need.

About using my clipart, please go to Homepage, where you will find the very simple rules.

As I want it to be as easy as possible to find and use the different kinds of clip art, the rules are just there to prevent people from using it in negative ways, or to prevent somebody to take my material and use it as their own.

You can use the pictures of owls for free, on your blog, your website, in school projects, invitations, letters. They will also be great on place cards, gift cards and more.

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Owl Clip Art:


sleeping owl clipart template of owl
owl clip-art brown owl  owl clipart shy little owl 
pink owl template  blue owl template 
owl picture  pink square owl clip art 
lila funny owl clipart  funny red and orange owl clipart 
baby owl clipart  drawing round cartoon owl 
drawing of owl with glasses, books and hat  drawing of barn owl swooping


How to use Owl Drawings, Ideas:

Owl clip art is great for decorating greeting cards, particularly those related to graduation and school events.

Seeing as owls are always believed to be wise creatures, you will find that nothing will congratulate your child better than an owl picture with the bird in a scholar's cap with glasses perched on its nose. There is also the old saying with "wise as an owl".

The owl clipart of the wise old owl is a great way to show your child that you are pleased with their progress in school, and you can find a few cute owl clip art pictures depicting an owl looking solemn and wise.

If you are looking for a funny border for a greeting card or birthday card, there are many funny pictures of owls that you can find.
While you may need to resize the owl pictures in order to set them as a border, they will be great to use to decorate any letter or greeting card.
You can also find some owl borders here below.

pink square owl clipartIt will be cute to see your kids' faces as they see the funny pictures of owls with their large eyes decorating the borders of their birthday cards, and you may find that your kids ask for this funny decoration every year.

If your child is a bird fan, there are many great things that you can do with owl clip art for his or her birthday. For example, you can enlarge one of the owl pictures, print it out, and use it as a basic pattern for making your child's birthday cake.
You can cut out the basic outline of the owl and use it to help you make the cake into the shape of an owl.
If you don't want to actually shape the owl with a stencil, you can simply use the outline of the owl pictures to decorate your square cake with the figure of an owl on it.

You can find more owl clipart and owl pictures on this website with public domain pictures: https://publicdomainpictures.net/en/

Cartoon Owls:



funny yellow owl clipartThe best thing about owl pictures and owl clip art is that they are very cute.

Seeing as the owl has large eyes and angry eyebrows, there are many ways that the owl can be made into owl cartoons and caricatures.
Some artists find that making the eyes of the owl very large make it look wide eyed and innocent.

You can use this feature to make a card apologizing for doing something wrong, as the innocent look of the wide-eyed owl is a cute way to say 'I'm sorry'.

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Vintage Owls:

three owls clipart
vintage owl clip art great horned owl on tree drawing
horned owl drawing vintage owl drawing black white
drawing of screech owl owl clip art owl facing front
screech owl drawing drawing of barn owl and ashy faced owl
Moluccan owl drawing  eagle owl drawing
owl drawing black white great horned owl

You might have noticed, that above some of the pictures of owls I have written PNG.

While some of the owl pictures are saved in JPEG-format, these are saved in the format PNG, and so they actually have a transparent background, and in that way you can use them on top of a colored background.

You can se the same picture on 3 different colored backgrounds below:

           owl clip art green background drawing                            pictures of owls white background drawing                               owl pictures yellow background drawing


Owls are beautiful creatures, but no one can deny that there can be something inherently comical about the way an owl looks.

Imagine a stern British professor with coke bottle glasses and giant eyebrows, and you can get a mental image of the way your owl looks.

Owl reading a book PNG

Even funnier is the way the owl tucks his head into his breast, as it looks like the owl is completely headless. When his head pops out and those stern eyes glare down at you, there is little that you can do to prevent yourself from laughing.

Two of the most famous owls are the owls found in Disney cartoons: Archimedes in The Sword in the Stone, and Friend Owl in the classic Disney movie Bambi.
The owls in cartoons tend to be gruff, slightly grumpy birds that are a constant source of comical relief.

With their large scowling eyes and large, bushy eyebrows, owls truly are one of the best ways to add a bit of humor to any cartoon. From the owls of Gahoole' to Friend Owl in Bambi, you will always find a gruff character that is lovable and a good deal of fun. owl drawings of owl's face Those looking to improve their sketch art will have a lot of fun with owls.
Owls can be sketched in nearly any pattern, and there are owls of all shapes and sizes.

The owl flying down towards a rat can be a great way for artists to convey the emotion of fear, or the emotion of haughtiness can be conveyed through the picture of an owl looking contemptuously over its shoulder.
I prefer drawing my own pictures of owls, as I have found that I can use the unique facial expressions of owls to convey a number of emotions.

While animals like horses and lions have fairly set features that are harder to use for conveying emotion, owls can say so much just with their eyes on eyebrows.

All you need to do to accentuate an emotion is emphasize one part of the owl's face, and it will almost be magic the way you can alter the emotions of the owl.

Owl Borders:


owl border black white
pink owl border

More Owl Clip Art:


drawing of two owls picture of owl in a tree
owl has caught a mouse drawing of the black owl
Sketch of great horned owl  

 Owl Jokes

Before we leave the pictures of owls, here are some great jokes that will get you laughing (I hope):

Q: What do you call an owl with a sore throat?
A: An owl that just doesn’t give a hoot.

What is an owl with a low voice called?
A growl

What is the typical attitude of an owl?
A scowl.

And a final favorite of mine….

What happened to the owl that fell in a well?
It got wet.

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