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An octopus picture or other various octopus clipart is a popular form of imagery for creating clever paper projects and websites.
Incorporating octopus images into a website, craft idea or advertising flyer calls for an oceanic or water theme, since the octopus is an underwater creature.
Humorous cartoon octopus clipart is fun for kids to use when coloring, connecting the dots or making school projects for a science class about underwater animals.

Octopuses are fascinating to kids and adults because of their multi-tentacled body, protruding eyes and manner in which they maneuver across the ocean floor.

An octopus that became recognizable to international soccer fans was that of Paul the Octopus, who lived at the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen, Germany, and accurately predicted the winners in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Paul foretold the winners by picking mussels, his favorite food, contained in one of two boxes marked with a team's flag.

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You will find another kind of  octopus images on the page Octopus Clipart.

Octopus Picture Clipart:


female octopus take care of eggs
octopus pictures blue ringed octopus picture
octopus photos octopus vulgaris pictures  

Creative Projects using Octopus Images

An easy craft project for children that makes a great gift for parents or grandparents is a bookmark decorated with octopus clip art. To create this nifty item using octopus picture cutouts or other assorted octopus images:

• Assemble the supplies: a hole punch, yarn, glitter, scissors, colored construction paper and clear contact paper.
• Download, print and cut out favorite octopus pictures.
• Paste the pictures onto bookmark-size pieces of construction paper.
• Glue glitter around the edge of the bookmark.
• Cover the bookmark with contact paper.
• Use the Hole Puncher to make a hole at one end.
• String a piece of yarn through the hole and tie it to the bookmark.

octopus swimming


More octopus photos


octopus suctions discs suckers octopus vulgaris picture
octopus ornatus picture octopus picture in zoo
octopus graneledone picture octopus picture 

Make Your Own Comic Strip

A good rainy-day project for kids is to find cartoon octopus clipart on the Internet and make their own adventures with octopuses using the comic strip form.

Download other octopus-themed clipart, such as seaweed, fish, crustaceans and underwater reefs, to enhance the comic strip. Supplies for this project include poster-sized cardboard, glue, pencils and plenty of octopus images.


octopus cirroteuthis muelleri benthoctopus picture

Educational Poster for Classrooms

Seeing octopus clipart will provoke kids into asking questions about such an odd-looking animal.

Teachers can make educational posters about octopuses for their classroom using octopus clipart and finding interesting facts about the animal. Beside each of the octopus images, teachers can write something about that octopus which kids find interesting, such as what they eat, where they live and how they care for their babies.

Cartoon octopus pictures will also get a child's attention and provide enough interest to make them want to learn about this creature as well.


benthoctopus pictures curious octopus picture
octopus images California two spot octopus

Advertising with Octopus Clipart Images

If you have a business centered on swimming pools, septic tanks or other water-related services or products, an octopus picture in your advertising flyers or website adds a different and enticing form of marketing that makes people remember the kind of company you own.

In addition, try adding a catchy slogan to the octopus clipart to make the name and service of your business even more memorable.


california two spot octopus picture cirroteuthis muelleri photo
eye of octopus picture enteroctopus picture dofleini


octopus cirroteuthis muelleriYou can find more octopus pictures on the site


but then be careful to check that you are allowed to use it for what purpose you might have.

With all the octopus pictures on this page you can be sure that you can use them for free, also for commercial purpose. There are only two rules for using my material, read more about it on Homepage.


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