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Easter bunny Clipart presents to you lots of free images of an Easter rabbit.   


If you are looking for other kinds of Easter clipart, check out the page here called - yes, it's easy - Easter Clip art.
There you will also find a few bunnies, but mostly clip art of Easter eggs, funny hens, lambs, Daffodils - anything connected with the Easter holiday.

On Homepage you can read about how to save and use my clipart, and in addition to that you find the simple rules for using my material.

And below, at the end at this page, there are picture links to other pages relevant to Easter and spring.

Cute Easter Bunny Images:

These first bunnies you will find again on the page with Easter coloring pages

Easter bunny baby Easter bunny graphics Funny Easter bunny
Easter bunny baby Easter bunny soft yellow Easter bunny baby wawing
Baby Easter bunny Soft yellow Easter bunny Soft pink Easter bunny

I hope you will find some bunny clipart that you like.

There will be different kinds of Easter bunny graphics, also there will be sketches in black and white as well as in color.

Also I have added some vintage drawings of Easter bunnies and hares, taken from old Easter cards I have been restoring to help a friend with his website with greeting cards.

As I mentioned, what you see here is a clip art from an old Easter card, with two adorable bunnies and a cross made of pink flowers.
I think this graphic will look so sweet as Easter bunny place cards or decoration for the table for Easter lunch.

You are also very welcome to visit my other pages here, maybe Cartoon drawings of Animals, or other holiday pages, which you can come to via Holiday Clipart.


Easter Bunny Clip Art:


cute Easter bunny clipart
Easter hare  Easter hare male 
funny Easter bunny  Easter rabbit with Easter chicks 
Easter rabbit with big Easter egg  juggling Easter bunny 
Easter bunny with daffodils  Easter bunny with basket with eggs 
chocolate Easter bunny image  Easter bunny clipart cracked egg 

Funny Easter Sayings

"If you see a rabbit laying
little brown eggs,
Don't eat them!
It's not chocolate." 

"I won't say my memory is bad,
but it has come to the point now
that I can hide my own Easter eggs."

"Every bunny needs somebunny sometimes!"

"My parents accused me of lying today.
I looked at them and said:
"Tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Claus"
and walked away triumphant." 

"Keep calm and hop on!"

"I’ve hidden all the Easter candy
for the kids inside my stomach."

"My son told me that the tooth fairy,
Easter Bunny and Santa Claus do not exist
and he really upset me,
because I understood that my life is a lie."

"Easter is the single time in a year
when it is safe to put all your eggs
in one basket."

Vintage Easter Clipart:

Easter hare and child  Girl with Easter egg and chick 
girl collecting Easter eggs  Evil Easter hares in eggshell 


Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.

There’s no such thing as too much candy.

Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

Good things come in small,
sugar coated packages.

Hope your Easter is EGGxcellent!

All I really need is love,
but a little chocolate now and then
doesn’t hurt!

An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare.

Smaller Easter Bunny ClipArt:

Easter Bunny Graphics Cute Easter bunny Easter bunny Graphics
easter bunny with lots of painted eggs easter bunny with basket and eggs sketch  Easter bunny with cute chickens
Easter Bunny with lots of eggs JPEG Cute Easter Bunny with basket JPEG Sketch Easter Bunny with chickens JPEG
sketch cute easter bunny Very cute easter bunny chickens and easter bunny
Sketch Easter Bunny JPEG Very Cute Easter Bunny JPEG Easter bunny with chickens and eggs JPEG
chocolate easter bunny  Sketch easter Bunny cartoon small evil Easter Bunny clipart

Here are some Public Domain Easter bunnies:


Easter bunny rabbit doodle
Grey Easter rabbit

Where Would You Like To Go Next?

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Easter Coloring Pages: Take a look at these wonderful coloring sheets with chicken and bunnies. Easter Printables: Sheets with mazes and other funny activities for Easter.
Easter Borders: Lots of borders and frames with Easter motives. Holiday Clipart: The main page here with an overview of all the pages connected to a holiday.
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