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This page with Dinosaur Clipart will over time give you lots of drawings and cut-outs of the different types of dinosaurs. 

Some will  be almost realistic (as realistic as you can make this clipart of animals that lived  more than 45 million years ago) but most of the drawings will be a little cartoonish.

I have made drawings of T. rex dinosaur, of the flying dinosaurs, the Pterosauruses, the plant eating (herbivorous) dinosaur Protoceroptos and many more.

You can also find some drawings of a cartoon dinosaur on the page Kids Birthday Party Ideas, where you will find ideas for a birthday party with a dino theme.

cartoon dinosaurs

But for now you will find lots of dinosaur clipart below, and you can visit the other page on this website about dinosaurs, Dinosaur Facts.

Below you will also find a series of drawings that shows you how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

About how the rules are for using my material, please go to HOMEPAGE to read about it. The rules are actually quite simple, because I want it to be very easy for you to use my clipart.

Dinosaur Clipart:


protoceraptor clipart  dinosaur picture sketch of protoceraptor
Stegosaurus clipart  dinosaurus pictures stegosaurus
types of dinosaurs tyrannosaurus rex sketch
Ankylosaurus clipart  Dinosaur clipart ankylosaurus


I have also made a page with dinosaur pictures. I wasn't able to find any dinos walking around outside, so I decided to borrow some dinosaurs from my 4 year old nephew.
He is crazy about dinosaurs, know the Latin names of all of them, know what they ate, when they lived, how and where they lived. 

So you can understand that he has a big collection of dinosaurs, and I took some great photos of them. I wanted to make some very realistic pictures for this page, Dinosaur Pictures.

 Dinosaur Jokes:

You can find a lot of dinosaur jokes on the internet, and they are almost the same wherever you look.

I have chosen the dinosaur jokes I like the best, the ones I find most surprising and charming.

Q: What do you get when a dinosaur blows it's nose?
A: OUT of the way!!

Q: What do you call a dinosaur as tall as a house, with long sharp teeth, and 12 claws on each foot?
A: Sir.

Q: What do you call a dinosaur as tall as a house, with long sharp teeth, 12 claws on each foot and a personal stereo over his ears?
A: Anything you like, he won't hear you!

Q: What family does Maiasaur dinosaur belong to?
A: I don't think any families in our neighborhood have one!

Q: What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?
A: Doyouthinkhesawus

Q: What do you get if you cross a mouse with a Triceratops?
A: Enormous holes in the base boards.

Q: What should you do if you find a dinosaur in your bed ?
A: Find somewhere else to sleep!

Q: Do you know how long dinosaurs should be fed?
A: Exactly the same as short dinosaurs !

Q: Is it true that a dinosaur won't attack if you hold a tree branch?
A: That depends on how fast you carry it!

Q: Why did the dinosaur cross the road ?
A: The chicken hadn't evolved yet!

Cute Dinosaurs:


cute dinosaur green
blue and orange dinosaur clipart flying dinosaur

More Dinosaur Clipart:


dinosaur picture sauropod dinosaur clipart sketch sauropod
dinosaur picture brachiosaurus barchiosaurus sketch
drawing of Anchylosaurus
Deinonychos clipart dinosaur clip art Deinonychos
Tyrannosaurus Rex clipart  Drawing of T.rex

This last dinosasur picture, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, is the same as you can find on the page Dinosaur Coloring Pages, there it is just so much larger.

The same goes for some of the other dinosaur drawings.
I have used them here as well as on the dinosaur coloring page, so that you can use the drawings in as many ways as possible, and also to give inspiration about how you might (or might not) color the dinosaurs.


More Realistic Dinosaur Clipart:


realistic dinosaur clipart dinosaur cut-out from dinosaur picture



How to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex:

As promised above I will here show you a series of drawings to show how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It is made in a very simple way, just to show you the most important steps.

Now you can color your drawing, or try again if you want to change something in the drawing.

Were Would You Like To Go Next?


Dinosaur Pictures: Here you find a lot of photos of different kinds of dinosaurs in nature Dinosaur Coloring Pages: Lots of wonderful coloring sheets with all kinds of dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Facts: Fascinating facts about dinosaurs in different eras. Kids Birthday Party Ideas: Get ideas for invitations and food for a dino party!
Animal Silhouette: There may not be a silhouette of a dinosaur, but a lot of other animal silhouettes. Animal Clipart: The main page here for all the pages with animal clip art, with an overview.


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