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Funny monkey drawings, monkey clip art and monkey graphics will all be on this page.


You will find happy monkeys, cute monkeys and strange monkeys and apes, to use in letters, scrapbooks, invitations, web-sites and a lot more.

When you have found a drawing you like, click to save it. If the monkey clip art is saved in PNG-format, it will be with transparent background, and you can use in on top of any other background. Therefore I write below the monkey graphics whether they are in PNG-format or in JPEG. If they are in JPEG, there will be a white background.funny monkey drawings gorilla

Some of the drawings will be in both black and white, and with color.

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Think back to when you were a child, and remember which animal you enjoyed the most. It was probably monkeys, the cheeky, crazy, naughty animals that were always up to some kind of antics. Movies like George of the Jungle and Tarzan always portrayed monkeys as mischievous characters, and cartoons like Madagascar, Curious George, and Donkey Kong just reinforce kids' perception of monkeys.

If you want to have fun with arts and crafts, using funny monkey clipart will be a great idea. You can have fun doing all sorts of crazy activities with these drawings, and your children will love to work with their favorite animal.

See the ideas for fun projects below on this page.

Funny Monkey Drawings:


funny monkey drawing with banana funny monkey climbing a tree
funny walking monkey drawing

Coloring Pages:
Need a bit of peace and quiet one afternoon?
On the page Monkey Coloring page you can find a lot of these funny monkey drawings as coloring pages.
Print out one of these black and white monkey drawings, along with one of the colored drawings you see here.

The coloring page will be larger, they will fill a single sheet of printer paper.
Now you can let the kids put color pencil to paper as they follow the colored version of the monkey to the best of their ability.
Of course the kids can color the monkeys any color they like, even pink if that is what they fancy :-)
For small kids, it's an excellent activity to help them learn to color within the lines.

More Free Funny Monkey Drawings for You:


funny gorilla drawing
drawing bald monkey clip art  hairy monkey clip art 

Here are some fun projects you can do with funny monkey drawings:

Cake Baking:
Why not bake a cake, and use colored icing to decorate it with a monkey's face? You can cut the cake into the shape of a monkey's grinning face (feed the kids the trimmings of cake to keep them interested).
Print out one of the funny monkey drawings below, and use it as a template to decorate your cake. You can use colored icing to fill in the details of the monkey's face, and enjoy a crazy monkey cake with your kids!

Cookie Making:
For a fun baking activity, print out a few monkey pictures from the funny monkey drawings below. Resize them so that they are small - about the size of your palm. Roll out the cookie dough, and use the monkey pictures to help you cut out the cookies in the shape of a monkey. Once they have been baked, your kids can decorate them however they want.

Monkey Puppet:
This craft is better for older children, but it can be a lot of fun for small kids if you help them.
Resize the funny monkey drawings you download to fill an entire sheet of printing paper, and have the kids use a pair of scissors to cut the arms, the legs, and the head from the monkey.
Punch a hole in each of the limbs, as well as in the part of the body where they will connect. Use ribbon, pipe cleaners, or twisty ties to attach the limbs and head to the monkey. Run a string between the various limbs, and let your child play with their new puppet.

Finger Puppets:
Finger puppets can be a lot of fun for kids to play with, and they're fairly easy to make. Download a few of the funny monkey drawings below, and resize them to be about two inches tall.
Once they have been printed out, have your kids cut out the pictures from the page. Take white paper and cut it into strips, and make rings for the kids' fingertips with the paper. Once you have made the rings, tape or glue the monkeys onto the front of the rings. The kids can now play with their new monkey finger puppets.

There are tons of jungle-themed activities that you can do with your kids, and the funny monkey drawings that we've got here can make it much easier for you to prepare for the activities.
Get creative, and your kids can have a whole lot of fun doing arts and crafts projects using these monkey drawings!

Here comes some more monkey clipart, made from my old scrap/glamorous images, and a couple of vintage photos of chimps.

More Funny Monkey Drawings:

abe with mirror laughing
vintage photo of chimp playing the violin



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