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antique clip art men's stocking advertisementThis page Antique Clip Art is the main page for all the pages here on with Vintage clip art of any kind: Victorian costumes, Victorian clip art, Vintage cars, Medieval clothing and so on.

Below you will find an overview of all these great pages, filled with clip art, with a small drawing and a description.

Also you will find a lot of antique pictures of different kinds, like antique mantel clocks, antique airplanes and so on.

You can use all these clip art for free, as long as you use them for your own personal use. But I recommend you take a look at homepage to read about the two very simple rules for using my material.

When you find a clip art you like, right click the picture to se it in a new tab, in the best version. Then again right click that one to save it to your computer.

      Victorian border pointing hands

Overview of all the pages with Antiques Pictures, Victorian and Vintage clip art:


Free Victorian graphics of costumes, Victorian drawings of animals, the popular drawings of pointing hands, of eyes.

Especially the great drawings of Victorian vehicles of any kind.



Beautiful black and white silhouettes of women, men and children.

Also silhouettes of daily situations where people are places in chairs, reading, playing music.



Victorian corner elements and borders, and a lot of other Victorian ornaments you can use for all kinds of decorations.



A fascinating page with clip art of women's and men's, even children's clothing throughout the 19th century.

You will find pictures of dresses Empire style from the start of the century, later crinolines and bonnets, for the women fashion.

Also the men's clothing changes, and there are some charming clip art of Victorian lingerie and men's underwear.



Beautiful drawings and pictures of Victorian hats and bonnets, changing throughout the century.

There are kids' hats too, and some very funny automobile veils to protect the ladies' hair and hats against the wind, when going really fast in these fangled machines.



Cut-outs and drawings of antique classic cars.

You will also find pictures of old steam tractors, and one very early caravan.

A lot of these pictures come with a transparent background so you can use them on top of other pictures or colors.



Some of these Victorian frames and borders are drawings I have found in old books and then restored.

Other frames are made by  me, by putting together Victorian drawings of flowers, fruits, angels and other pictures.



On this page I have collected all kinds of pictures and drawings from the period with Art Nouveau (also called Jugend ).

The Art Nouveau and the later Art Deco sometimes overlap each other, so there will also be some picture in Art Deco style.



Here I have restored some of the old scrap I once got from my mother.

These clip art evoke a lot of memories, as I used to play with them for hours when I was a little girl.
Now I hope they can be used for all kinds of mails and letters.

On the page Rose Clipart you will also find lots of drawings of antique roses.


Clip art from the High Middle age and the Late Middle age, from the 11th century to the 15th century.

Clip art of Medieval knights, kings, clergy men, women, musicians and a lot more like coronets and helmets.



Victorian printable coloring picturesThese old coloring pages with mostly motives of Vintage children playing and flower frames will be great to use as a supplement to historical education, for when you talk about the "old days" when your grandparents or their grandparents were children.

Of course they can just be used as fun coloring pages as well!

         Victorian border pointing hands

Antique Clip Art:

When you visit an antique shop, you will find that antique there means anything older than 100 years, even if there more and more are things from the 1930-1960th too.

What you will find here on this page and on the subpages to this one will be almost the same: Clip art from the Victorian Era, drawing from the Middle ages, and Vintage clip art from the 20th century as well.

Antique Gallery of pictures of horses.

Race horses, with the names of famous racehorses from the Victorian Era, but names that wouldn't mean anything to us today.

Also horses with sulkies and drivers.

beautiful old horse drawing drawing of Arabian horse
old horse drawing Victorian horse clip art
Trottering horse picture Victorian horse drawing
horse with jockey trotting 

On the page Victorian Clip art you will find a lot more old Victorian drawings of horse driven work wagons like coal wagons and a hearse.


          Victorian border pointing hands

Different kinds of Antique Pictures:


Vintage baby carriage Victorian baby carriage
Victorian watch Victorian pocket watch for young men
victorian dancing couples

               antique clip art welcome

        Victorian border pointing hands



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