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Welcome to this page about drawing pencil sketches.

Here you will find an overview of all the pages here on Clipartqueen about drawings, like pages about how to draw...(right now there are pages about how to draw cats and dogs), and pages with pencil drawing of different kinds.

Below on this page you will also find a lot of tips for drawing, and best of all:

You can share your best and most beloved drawings and sketches here!

Right below the overview of pages with pencil sketches you will find an invitation to submit your own drawings, and it is to easy to do. 
You can submit 1-4 drawings, and as soon as I have reviewed them you will get an email and can find them here on this page.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the sketches and drawings, and I would love to hear your thoughts about how you made them or why you made them - or both.

So if you have some drawings in your drawer that you have some special feelings for, please share them with me and the readers of Clipartqueen.com.

Overview of Pages With and About Drawing Pencil Sketches:


pencil sketch of dogs headThe first page you can find from here will be Dog Sketches, with pencil drawings of dogs of different kinds. There are drawings of Dachshund, Chihuahua, Welch corgi cardigan and many other kinds of dogs.

I hope you will enjoy it.




When you want to learn how to draw a dog this page will help you.

See the outlines of the dog, learn how to soften the box-shapes to finally end up with a naturalistic drawing of a dog.




This is a page where you will find guidelines to help you drawing a cat's head (with different expressions) and a realistic cat standing.

Also you will find advice on how to draw a kitten in Manga style.

Try these simple guidelines, they will help you considerably in making the drawing you want to make.



The second page is a page with sketches of different flowers, pencil flower drawings.flower sketches pansy

The flower sketches are all in black-grey-white, and easy to use for so many different purposes.

Some of these sketches have been used to decorate place cards and water bottle labels for weddings and birthdays.




logo art nouveau galleryAn Art Nouveau gallery with a variety of Art Nouveau pictures.

There are a lot of black and white pictures, and some typically colored Art Nouveau flowers and other pictures.

Also an explanation of what Art Nouveau actually means, what kind of period it covers, ant what is typical for that period.



About the rules for using my clip art and drawings, please go to Homepage:

You can use all my original drawings and pictures for free for your private crafts. Just do not use to many, don't claim that they are yours, and do not use them with any negative purpose.

Share Your Best Drawings And Sketches!

Do you have a drawing, pencil or ink, just a fast sketch or a finished drawing, that you are really fond of? Share it here!
It's easy to do, just follow the instructions below.
I am looking forward to see your own genuine drawings and read about how and why you made them.

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This is a drawing my granddaughter Ronja, aged 6 years, made today. We were coloring some of my coloring pages, and she decided she wanted to make a coloring …

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         pencil drawing of seal                 

If you like to sketch yourself, here are some top tips:

Drawing pencil sketches can be a real challenge for those who are just getting into art.

You'll find the pencil sketches require a good deal of effort and focus, though many of them can be made quickly. Sketching is one of the best ways to capture an image before it fades from your memory, and you can simply flesh out the details later.

If you're new to sketching, here are some tips to help you as you start drawing pencil sketches:

Gather the right equipment -- If you're just doing simple sketching, all you'll need is a single pencil, an eraser, and a pad of paper. However, if you plan to do some full-on drawings, you'll definitely need an assortment of pencils of various hardnesses. Consider getting a set complete with pencils ranging in hardness from 4B to 6H.

Warm up first -- Before you get down to serious sketching, give your hands a quick warm up. You may be out of practice, or even completely new to sketching. You want to become adept at drawing lines and circles quickly, so do a few warm-ups to get your hands comfortable with the pencils and your movements. When it comes time to sketch, you'll be ready for precision work!

Keep your hands loose --When you grip the pencil too tightly, you end up restricting the motion of your hands. You want to sketch very lightly at first, as that will help you draw the outlines without actually marking up your paper too much. Make sure to grip the pencil lightly enough that you can easily move it, and don't press too hard on the paper. It's all about the delicate touch at first.

Work with different pencils -- Sketching those first few lines should always be done with a very light pencil, but you'll want to flesh the lines out with a darker one. Always have the collection of pencils nearby, and switch between them as the sketching calls for it.

Use the right eraser -- A good eraser won't necessarily erase your lines completely, but will simply lighten them so that you can still see the original drawing. However, you may want an eraser that will completely erase your lines, just in case you screw up and make a mistake. A soft putty eraser can be your best friend when it comes to working with graphite pencils.

Add the details -- The lines you draw initially should only be enough to give you an idea of where you want to take the picture, but you will need to flesh it out by adding the details. You'll want to work with a darker pencil when fleshing out the picture, drawing over the lines that you have sketched lightly into the pad. The initial lines are the frame, and you're filling in the picture now.

Be accurate -- If you're going to do shading, adding textures, and making the image look a bit more alive or three-dimensional, try to be as accurate as possible with the touches you add into it. Make sure the shading is all in the same direction, and try to keep the shapes of the image as real to life as you can. Of course, all of these rules are thrown out the window when you do cartoons or caricatures, but they apply for real-to-life sketches.

Only ink at the end -- Once you're sure that the picture is complete, you will ink over the sketches to ensure that the picture lasts. However, before you start inking, you need to be certain that you've got the details right. Go over the picture one last time before you add the ink, and make sure that it's done properly.

      drawing of muskox

Drawing pencil sketches can be done however you want, and that's what makes this art form so wonderful! It's totally up to your creativity and ingenuity, and you can create beautiful sketches however you want.
The tips above are just to help you if you're new to sketching and aren't sure how to go about it.




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