Free Professional Clip Art

Free Professional Clip Art will in time provide you with school clipart, business clipart and also with travel clipart and money images.    

In fact it will lead you to pages with lots of different categories of clipart.

Please take a look at the Money and Business Clip Art below on this page, where you will find clip art of money, computers, graphs and things alike.

The pages you can find as subpages from this main page are:



Mostly silhouettes, you will find tennis silhouettes, golf silhouettes, gymnastics clipart, martial arts clipart and more.

You can find a clip art for almost all of the most common types of sports. 


Vintage drawings of men and women in bowling alleys, silhouettes of different bowling positions.

Also a clip art of bowling shoes, as well as bowling icons in different colors.


Clipart of a baseball ball, old vintage drawings of baseball scenes, and charming cut outs of baseball players.

All these baseball player clipart will be great to use for invitations, for flyers and just for fun.

Especially all the baseball silhouettes can be useful.


 GRADUATION CLIPART:free professional clip art graduation

This is really a special occasion, when you or your child finishes school or college or actually any kind of education.

It calls for a celebration, and you can use the clipart on this page for invitations, gift cards or just a friendly greeting to the person in question.



free professional clip art back to school SCHOOL CLIPART:

An apple for the teacher, a "back to school" drawing, drawings of books and globes and school bags - all these drawings will be fun on a letter, an invitation or a small note to the student. 



free professional clip art sthetoscopeMEDICAL IMAGES:

The main page for all the medical clipart here on

One of the pages you will see here below, the other pages are Medical     Clipart with drawings and photos like the one of the stetoscope.
Next comes the page Medical Clip Art with old drawings of the body's different parts, and finally the page with genuine Medical Cartoons.

human body sceleton HUMAN BODY DIAGRAM:

Drawings of the skeleton,  with and without designations.

Drawings of the heart and sections of the skin. Hopefully there will be more drawings in time. 




Beautiful silhouettes of dancers.

Ballroom dance silhouettes, Pasodoble, Rumba, but you will also find silhouettes of ballet dancers.



I had not thought that I should make a page with clip art from Outer Space, but in connection with writing about themes for kid's parties I stumbled upon some very beautiful pictures of galaxies and decided to make some clip art with stars, planets and astronauts.




printable bookmarks logoFree printable bookmarks.

Some are made from old vintage drawings, others with motive from mosaic drawings.
Some of these have an added quote, others have a space for writing a name or your own quote.

They are special, but there are also some new with silhouettes of different animals, also in different colors.



Fun and Interesting Quiz: Can You Nail A Job Interview?

Will you get hired for the job?

Let's find out!


Money and Business Clip Art:

This is mainly going to be money clip art, and what would be more appropriate than to start with a picture of a Wheel of Fortune-machine:

           Wheel of fortune in Las Vegas


Why not add a few quotes about success and business:

"If the door won't open to your dreams, kick it down"

"If you do what you always did you will get what you always got"

"Customers don't buy products, they buy certainty. They buy trust and likeability, they buy perceptions and reputations." ~Brian Tracy

"The beauty of doing something for yourself is that you get to set your own rules. The trick, though, is to set up the rules so that you win."


 Money Graph with coins Business clip art
Money graph with coins business-stuff
 Business-sign Banknotes clip art
business sign clip art Banknotes USA
10 Euros banknote 10 Pound banknotes
10 Euros banknote picture 10 pound notes
Africa globe Euro banknotes clipart PNG
Africa globe
Brazilian banknotes 100 Dollar banknotes
banknotes Banco de Brazil
Young woman shopping How to earn your own money
shopping clip art
Turkish money clip art Golden bricks
Turkish money clip art golden bricks
Financial crisis USA Economic progress USA
Financial crisis in USA economic progress USA
Hand with 20-pound notes Golden Dollar symbols
hand with twenty pound notes Golden Dollar symbols
Kid working on a laptop Cash or credit card
baby working on a labtop
Calculator keyboard Symbols of Dollars and Cents
calculator keyboard
Credit card clip art Money clip art
credit card clip art lots of coins
Business succes Line of gold bars
golden succes in business line of gold bars

Euro symbol Pound symbol
Euro symbol pound symbol
Hands with money symbols Girl  showing a laptop
hand silhouettes with money symbols girl showing a laptop

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