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Silhouette Clipart is the main page for all the great pages with silhouettes here on my website.

Here there are pages with silhouettes of horses, silhouettes of people in general, women, men and children. Also Western silhouettes, dog silhouettes, sports silhouettes - and more.

Take a look at the
overview of all the silhouette pages
with silhouettes below.

If you can't find what you are looking for on these pages, there is a big chance that you will find it on the page Silhouette Graphics, where you will find things like car silhouette, Western silhouettes, tree silhouettes, Oldsmobile silhouettes, Cowboy silhouettes and other funny stuff.

And below on this page you will find  table with skyline silhouette, and silhouettes of buildings and furniture.

silhouette clipart car silhouette black whiteOther pages that might interest you are Paw Prints Clipart, or maybe Animal Clipart, which leads to Animal Clip Art and Bird Clip Art.

The drawings and clipart on my website are all free, the only limitations are kind of common sense, and you can find it described on Homepage. I want the restrictions to be as few as possible, because I myself find it much more easy that way.silhouettes of people together

To help you I will write below every drawings whether the picture is in GIF/PNG or in JPEG.silhouette clipart horseman

If the silhouette graphics on these pages are in GIF and PNG the background is transparent, and you can use them on top of different backgrounds.
If they are in JPEG-format, then the background is white.

If you are interested in more funny drawings, please have a look at Funny Monkey Drawings or maybe Cartoon Drawings of Animals.

Go to skyline silhouette and silhouettes of furniture and building below on this page.

         silhouette from Venice  

Fun with silhouette clipart:

Making Baby Onesies

If you've got a few simple white onesies, you'll find that having some silhouette clipart cutouts will be very handy for making cute decorations.

silhouette clipart used for craft
Step 1:
Print out the animal silhouette clipart you want to use. You'll probably want to resize the clipart so that it's a bit smaller, as that will allow you to add more of the animals printed onto the onesies.

Step 2: Cut out the silhouette, leaving only the white paper around it. This may sound silly, but trust me, it's the way to go.

Step 3: Place the cutout silhouette on the onesie, and use it like a stencil to paint little animals onto the onesie. You can use fabric paint and a foam brush, and it will be very easy to apply.

Step 4: Make sure to paint the front and back, and try to keep the print as uniform as possible. You can measure it first if you want, or just eyeball it.

Step 5: Once the paint has dried, put your baby's new animal print onesie on and get snapping with your digital camera!

You'll find that this makes an absolutely adorable baby onesie, and you can turn simple white clothes into snazzy PJs for your little one.

Overview of all the Silhouette clipart pages:


FACE-silhouetteHead silhouettes of women, men and children.

Also you find some ideas about how to use all these free silhouette clip art for logos and illustrations of ideas.



Wonderful and cute and funny black and white clipart of angels and cherubs.

They come with trumpets, arrows and bows.
Some are like little cupids, some real angels  and a single guardian angel.

There are also a couple of angel poems to go with the silhouettes.


silhouette of giraffeHere you will find silhouettes of many different animals: A hedgehog, a giraffe, a tiger silhouette, a wolf silhouette, a mouse silhouette.

All these silhouettes are easy to save and use.




Bird silhouettes owl with outlineMost of the bird silhouettes on this page are eagle silhouettes, owl silhouettes and hawk silhouettes.

But you will also find silhouettes of smaller birds.

All the silhouettes are pretty big, so that you can print them and glue them to a window, if you don't want smaller birds to crash into the window. But of course you can make them all very small, if that is what you need.



 silhouette of girl playingThis is a page where you will find all kinds of silhouettes of kids.

Kids playing, dancing ballet, jumping, with school backpack.

There are silhouettes of girls and boys.




Lots of original silhouettes from the Victorian Era. Ladies silhouettes with women playing harp, writing at a small table, with their daughter.
Men with the traditional white high collar.

Children playing with hobbyhorse and whip, or with dolls and with the hoop.

And lots of profile silhouettes of both women and men.
Try to combine them with one of the beautiful Victorian frames.



sport silhouettes main pageA page with lots of different silhouettes, like tennis silhouettes, golf silhouettes, gymnastics silhouettes and more.

You will also find silhouettes for football and soccer, and if you don't find what you are looking for here, there are more on the page Silhouettes of People.




christmas bell silhouetteA page with silhouettes of Christmas trees, silhouettes of Ginger men and Ginger women.

Also silhouettes of reindeer and Santa's sleigh, Advent wreath's and more.




dog silhouette blackSmall dogs, big dogs. Here are silhouettes of poodles, Great Danes, silhouettes of a Chowchow, of a terrier.

You should be able to find a dog silhouette for almost any purpose on this page.



cat silhouettesYou will find lots and lots of cat silhouettes on the page Cat Clipart, and also on the page with Halloween clip art (after all, black cats are connected to Halloween, aren't they?).





Horse silhouette and horsemanIt was a really nice page to make, with all these beautiful silhouettes of horses.

You can find some more horse silhouettes on the page called Silhouette Graphics (se below) where there are some silhouettes of horses and cowboys.



silhouette clipart old carOn this page there are car silhouettes, Western silhouettes, cowboy silhouettes and tree silhouettes.

I think you will in time be able to find other kinds of silhouettes on this page, this will be the page where I put the silhouettes that doesn't seem to fit in on other pages.


silhouette of woman on chairThis is the page where you will find silhouettes of men, women and children.

Parents together with their child, women playing tennis, men playing football, men and women at work.





body silhouette man in handstandHere are woman silhouette and man silhouette.

You will find silhouettes of men and women walking and men and women posing.

Later there will also be silhouettes of young people and children.





female silhouette of chubby womanThis is a page with only silhouettes of women.

A big part of them are made of women dressed in bathing suits, because that makes it easier to see the shape of the body.

And a lot are made of women in different situations, wearing different kinds of clothes.





dance silhouettes couple dancing WalzSilhouettes of dancing couples.

People dancing Waltz, couples dancing Jive. Beautiful silhouettes of people dancing Ballroom dance, Standard dance, and also silhouettes of women dancing ballet and Bharata natyam.





long tailed mouse paw print silhouetteWell this page might as well belong to the Animal clipart, but I think it fits well in here as well.

You will find paw print silhouettes of lots of different animals, ranging from the mouse to the elephant.


If you like silhouettes, you will love this really fantastic and amazing video:



Animal Mobile

If you want to make a mobile for your little one, you will find that using silhouette clipart can be a great way to go. All you'll need to do is print the silhouettes out on colored paper - using as many colors as possible - and string them onto ribbons to make a cute little mobile.

Step 1: Buy a wooden or plastic hoop. This will be the frame of the mobile. You can color it, paint it, or decorate it however you want.

Step 2: Tie four to six ribbons around the hoop, and let them hang down.

Step 3: Get colored paper, and print out the silhouettes of your choice onto the pages. You can resize the images so that a lot more of them will fit onto the page.

Step 4: Cut out the various animals, and use a hole puncher to put a small hole in each of them.
  Run the ribbon through the holes, and tie the animal pictures to the mobile at various heights on the ribbon.

Step 6: Hang the mobile over your little one's bed, and let her or him enjoy the pictures of animals hanging over their heads.

It's a fun little decoration, and it's ideal to make using silhouette clipart.

Skyline Silhouette:

I have made some skyline silhouettes in black/white. I did not want to make a whole page with skylines, so I will place them here on the main page for silhouette clip art:

            silhouette clipart skyline of city
              skyline silhouette with water tower
            Simple black white skyline silhouette
             skyscrabers silhouette and towers


One more section with skyline silhouette:


          Skyline silhouette of Edinburgh
            silhouette clipart of towers and houses
           Skyline silhouette of city black white
          skyline silhouette of city
             silhouette of skyline of farm and trees
             Skyline of Venice in silhouette

Drawing/Coloring Activity

Need an activity to do with your child on a rainy day? If you want to help them improve their artistic skills, you'll find that using silhouette clipart can be just the thing for them.

Step 1: Download the silhouette clipart, and save the files as JPEG images.

Step 2: Open the images in Microsoft Paint, find the "Image" tab at the top of the page, and click "Invert Color". Now you have an image where the silhouette is white and the background is black.

Step 3: Print out the inverted silhouettes, and help your child to cut them out.

Step 4: Help your child to draw the lines that make up the shapes of the animals. It will help them to learn how to draw the various parts of the animals, and can be an educational teaching tool - both for art and for biology.

It's a simple activity, but one that your kids will love!

Free Silhouettes of Buildings and Furniture:


deck chair silhouette designer chair silhouette silhouette of chair
armchair silhouette vintage old chair silhouette
couch silhouette silhouette of long couch deck chair
silhouette of house school silhouette silhouette of farm
Small skyline JPEG House silhouette JPEG Barn silhouette JPEG
small skyline house silhouette barn silhouette


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