Frog Clip Art

frog clip art cartoonFrogs, frogs - and yet more frogs! Cartoon frogs, green frogs, poison dart frogs, funny frogs - you name it, and you can find them here.

It may be that a single toad sneaks in between all the frogs, because I don't know that much about frogs and toads, but actually I think I have managed to make only frog pictures here apart from one or two toad clipart like the golden toad below :-)

So what you find here will be mostly cut-outs of frogs, in PNG which means they have a transparent background, and then drawings of frogs which sometimes come with the transparent background, sometimes not. It they are with a not-transparent background, I will write the JPG format above.

You can click the picture you like to see the clip art in it's real size, or you can just click the down-load button to save it to your computer.

About the rules for using my clip art you can read more on the homepage, but it actually sums up to this:

If you use the clip art for your own personal use, you can use it for free and as much as you like.

If you use the clip art for websites, books etc. you can still use it for free, but there is a limitation (homepage again).

frog clip art border

Frog Clip Art


brown tree frog clip art Arizona tree frog
underside of frog
brown frog clipart Coqui frog 
strawberry poison dart frog Brazilian coastal tree frog picture 

frog clip art border

If you want to read about the frog, this page on Wikipedia is a really great place, and it also has some great small videos of a frog crawling, a frog swimming and frogspawn development. But if you just need the basic there is also the page ,

Making these photo-cut-outs of frogs is really nice, the pictures of these little animals are amazing and beautiful. Some of them, even the really, really poisonous, look almost like they are made of some kind of jelly. Like you could eat them, or like the jelly-frogs you can throw at the window and they stay there!

OK, maybe not a very biological way of seeing the frogs, but take a look at the "frog seen from below" or the "frog clip art" in below on this page and say that I am all wrong?

Anyway, back to the more serious frog facts:

Almost all frogs lay their eggs in water, where they hatch into larvae called tadpoles with gills and a tale.
Later the tadpoles metamorphose into adult frogs. There is quite a lot going on in a very short time, approx. 24 hours, but what you can see is the gills disappearing, you can see the legs and finally the tail disappears.
Here are a couple of pictures of frog eggs, a tadpole and a young frog with a stumpy tale. And a drawing of the frog skeleton with numbers and names of the different bones as well a an X-ray picture of a frog.

egg mass of wood frog  Tadpole with hind legs
juvenile frog with tail

frog clip art border

A Few Frog Poems:

The Frog:

"I saw a little frog,
he was cuter than can be.
He was sitting on a log
and I'm sure he croaked at me!."

Five Green and Freckled Frogs:

"5 green and freckled frogs
sat on a speckled log
eating some most delicious bugs.
Yum! Yum!
One fell into the pool
where it was nice and cool.
Now there are 4 green and freckled frogs
Glub! Glub!

4 green and freckled frogs
etc. "

The Frog Lives in the Pond:

"The frog lives in the pond,
her tongue is oh so long.
It reaches high to catch a fly.
The frog lives in the pond."

And a Haiku Poem:

"An old silent pond .....
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again."

~ Matuso Basho

More Frog Clip Art:

frog seen from below blue green frog
green and orange frog clipart Frog clipart
frog from Burma  frog isolated graphic
picture of green frog  blue spotted green frog clip art 
froch clipart  brown green frog 

Frog silhouettes:


Funny frog silhouette frog silhouette

frog clip art border 

As I mentioned above I have difficulties to differentiate between pictures of frogs and pictures of toads, at least sometimes. I actually thought the Golden toad here below was a frog, but no.
So here are a couple of ways to differentiate between them if you have the same problem.

Narrow body
Smooth moist skin, looking a bit "slimy"
Higher, rounder, bulgier eyes
Long hind legs

Wide body
Lower, more oval eyes, not so bulgie
Bumpy, rough, dry skin
Shorter legs

And here are a couple of clip art of toads:
Bufo Periglenes Toad clipart PNG

frog clip art border

More Frog Clip Art:

green tree frog  green tree frog clipart 
poison dart frogs mating 
red eyed tree frog  red eyed tree frog 
tree frog  small blue frog 
green and golden Bell frog  Puerto Rican rock frog 

Frog Drawings and Cartoon Frogs:

funny frog drawing  grey frog thing 
cartoon frog with umbrella 

Frogs have been the motive in so many fairy drawings and paintings, here are a couple. Not to mention images with a princess kissing a frog. You won't get a princess here, but some goblins and fairies.
Also a very beautiful portrait of a frog sitting in a red flower, and an old sketch of frogs by the water.


frog clip art border

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