24 Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Valentines Day means lots of hearts, teddy bears, Valentine letters and lots of red color!

You won't get the color here on Valentines Day Coloring Pages, but you will get all the rest.

All the coloring pages below will, when printed with 150 dpi or 200 dpi, fit the size of an A4 page, so they will be easy to print.
You can use as many as you like as long it is for your own personal use, otherwise please go to Homepage to read about how you can use the clipart you find here on Clipartqueen.com.

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Printable Valentine Coloring Pages:

First comes some cute coloring pages for kids:

1. A funny and cute elephant carrying a heart for Valentine. The little girls will just love this one.

2. A Valentine coloring page with a little cute striped kitten with a dress carrying a very big heart shaped lollipop.

All my grandchildren just love little kittens, puppies, bunnies - every small animal baby, fluffy and soft.

So when they want me to print or draw a coloring page for them to color, we almost always end up with one of these cute coloring pages.

3. Here is a Valentine coloring page with a really happy hippo, laughing to show all it's teeth, and with a love heart on the blanket.

4. Here is a really great coloring page for Valentine's Day, with a funny tiger and two hearts.

5. A happy Valentine's Day greeting made as a printable coloring page, with two little kittens in a big heart.

6. Another Valentines day coloring page, this one with two funny monkeys in a heart shape.

7. Here you get a free Valentines Day coloring sheet with a little girl, a puppy, a bird and a big heart.

8. A Valentine Day flower with butterflies with wings shaped as hearts, flying amongst heart shaped flowers.

9. I guess this is so far the most cool of all the free Valentines day coloring pages on my website.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex eating Valentine hearts.

I thought that maybe a boy would prefer to color this one rather than the more cute ones with butterflies.

10. Two bunnies falling in love, with lots of hearts in the air. So I guess there will not be a shortage of Easter bunnies this year :-)

11. Heart in a heart in a heart and so on. And in the center you find a cupid.

12. A Valentine heart with an arrow and a ribbon.

13. Dolphins and hearts, combined with an old Celtic border, to make one of these wonderful Valentines day coloring pages.

14. A Valentine coloring page with such a cute little cat and hearts.

15. A Valentine kitten with a bouquet of roses and a large heart and small hearts.

16. This Valentine drawing has the motive of two cats, the one singing a love song for the other, while standing on a garbage can.
17. Now that you have seen a couple of Valentine coloring sheets with cats I think you shall have one with a cute little puppy.

18. And one more coloring page with a cute dog and lots of hearts.

19. Valentine's Day coloring sheet for small kids, a cute Teddy bear with a heart.

20. A funny Valentine's Day coloring page with a little cute witch cooking hearts in a huge cauldron.

21. Here is a funny drawing of a little cow-girl with hearts and a mirror, just ready for coloring!

22. A wonderful coloring page for Valentines Day, a drawing of a child and their cat, so clearly in love that you can see it even without the heart.
coloring page child and cat in love

23. A very cute little dog with a big heart, ready for printing and coloring

cute little dog with a big heart for Valentine's Day

24. Two cute and funny monkeys hugging.

two monkeys hugging coloring page

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