Site Build It! Review

How I Came to Have a Top 1% Website

Recently I became aware that my site is now in the top 1% of all active websites in the world – and I can tell you that it came as a shock.

A very positive shock of course, but it certainly made me pause and think.

 How did that happen???

How It Started:

When I started thinking about making a website in 2010 it was due to the fact that I was considering retiring from work.

At that point I had been working for around 45 years, and even though I liked my work, I had a feeling that there could be other, more fun ways of earning my living.

Also the grandchildren started coming, and I really wanted to have time to be with them.

Now, I have a bit of an artistic streak, so I thought maybe I can make a bit of money by creating an outlet for all my drawings and photos.

Some of my friends had made a couple of websites which were making money, and they suggested that I made one as well.

Well - the only problem was that I knew absolutely nothing about websites, and not much about the internet as a whole.

You might already know that if you have read my about-me page.

But combining what I loved, making drawings and telling stories, and earning money - that sounded good!

So What Could I Do?

I felt I couldn't allow myself to rely on family or friends to help me all the time (and when they tried to show me things about websites and the internet they were kind of moving too fast for me anyway) so I had to find a platform I could trust for reliable help.

What I found after asking around was SBI! (Site Build It! As it was called then, now Solo Build It! - more about that name change later).

What I found was SBI!

This does start to sound like a commercial for Site Build It!, doesn't it?
It’s not! At least not in the normal way.

But I find that I have to write about this rather wonderful foundation for making my site, because ...

1. If you are thinking about starting a website, I guess you would probably like to hear this.

2. Recently the Solo Build It! and other similar products have been under attack from loads of false reviews from affiliates of a firm called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Why do I care enough to make this Site Build It! Review?

Because I benefit on a daily basis from all the help and the All-in-one-system of Solo Build It!

In Solo Build It! I have found a product and a lot of people I can trust 100%, and I don't want that to be belittled by false reviews.

I am not an affiliate of SBI! and I don't get anything out of making a good review about SBI!, but every day I feel grateful for this rather amazing company because it gives me everything I need for making and developing my website.

Even if I still know too little about making websites :-)

The good thing is that I don't HAVE to know everything, because I can get all the help I need.
Thus I can concentrate on all the fun stuff making new clip art and thinking about making new pages with new topics for you.

Well - back to what I got with SBI!

The SBI! Action Guide:

Site Build It! Offers, among numerous other things, an Action Guide.

The Action Guide (AC) is a step-by-step plan to build a successful website. It is divided into 10 very thorough lesson plans called "days" but most days take a bit longer than a day to master.

           SBI! Action Guide pictures morguefil infenetetrix

The AC is undergoing changes all the time, following up on the changes on Google and other internet platforms like social media.

Site Build It! changed name to Solo Build It! not so long ago, to reflect how SBI! is now concentrating on helping solo entrepreneurs (solopreneurs). 

You can read more about that here.

An extremely supportive staff with high expertise:

I think the expertise and involvement from the support staff reflects the way the creator and owner of Site Build It!, Ken Evoy, feels about and work with his creation.

Using SBI! feels very much like having a family out there.

You know you can trust them, know they are working hard to do their best for you, ensuring the best results for both your website and monetization.

An All in One System:

When I signed up for Solo Build It! I got everything I needed, and actually a lot more!

You do get everything you need in one place.

SBI!'s Action Guide helped me to find the right niche for my website and the best keywords.
When Google's systems change (which they do all the time), SBI! makes detailed studies to find the best solutions for us.

SBI! is webhosting, of course, and maybe one of the most important facts is that this webhosting is so secure that there has never been a case where an SBI! website has been hacked!!

Also included in the SBI! package is a system for your own e-mail newsletter, a number of responsive and mobile friendly website templates, a Pinterest AC, an advanced keyword research system, etc. The SBI! forums deserve special mention ...

Helpful Support from Other SBIers (in the SBI! forums):

The helpful and inspiring attitude from the SBI! support staff and the owner Ken rubs off on everyone and everything in the Solo Build It! forums.

No question is too stupid, all questions are taken seriously and there is almost always another SBI!er ready to share their experience and give helpful advice. This is one of the main reasons I talked about having a family out there.

Back to My Website

And back to why I was so surprised to find my website among the top 1%!

A year after I had put my website online I checked it in, and my site was way down the list, not even in the top 90%.

Since then I have just followed everything that Solo Build It! has advised me to do, trusting that SBI! did their part of the work.

That meant I had all the time I wanted to concentrate on doing what I liked most: making clip art, drawings and lately my children's books. 

And to my big surprise -  it seems that was all that was needed :-)

Actually my website is among the Top 0,5% now, hurray!! 


Want to learn more about Solo Build It!? 

Above in the headline is a link to a page with SBI! reviews from other SBI!ers, who have a lot of really good points on what you could gain from using Solo Build It! 

Here are a few more links to pages that could interest you; those pages explain things much better than I can: - Here you can see everything you get with Solo Build It! - A list of 500 SBI! sites with traffic in the top 0.5% of all active websites in the world. is among the other 500 SBI! sites on that list. You will find it as number 13 under MISC BUSINESS, when you click "show more".

   solo build it! success

I hope this review has given you relevant information that makes your decision about choosing a webhost and creating a website a bit easier and I wish you the best of luck creating your own website, with or without Solo Build It!


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