16 Free Funny Easter Greeting Cards

Here you find 11 free funny Easter greeting cards, all genuinely made by me, and also some very funny old Easter cards, restored and ready to use.
 You can use them all for free, as long as it is for your own personal use.

The size of all these cards will be 3,5 x 5,3 inches (approx. 13,5 x 8,9 cm) when printed with 300 dpi ( a really good quality for printable cards.)

I really hope you like them. Some of them are a bit crazy, I guess, but that is what happens when my mind starts searching for possible motives for Easter cards. That goes especially for the cards with two strange men at the bowling alley, with chickens used as cones (or cones shaped as chickens).
The ideas for these cards started out with this first one with the breakfast egg wanting to fight for it's life.
The next, where the egg clearly has lost the fight might not give a lot of meaning if you haven't seen the first picture, but maybe you can print a double card with both pictures.

My Genuine 10 Funny Easter Greeting Cards:

                         funny Easter greeting card

                          free funny Easter card

Well, who hasn't always wanted to go bowling with a cockscomb on your head? Or maybe this card is for one of your friends.
You can also use it for an invitation.

                     crazy Easter card
                   fun Easter card with bowling theme

This card and it's motive goes without saying.

                          Easter card with do-not-disturb note

I had originally planned on making 7 funny Easter greeting cards, but when you start to think of ideas that could be fun to use, things somehow escalates.

I woke up in the middle of the night because an idea like this, with the croco in the Easter egg woke me up, another day I fell into a reverie in the middle of a dinner conversation because I imagined the cards below with the Easter bunny as a robber stealing the eggs from the hen, year after year.

                      Easter egg with crocodile baby

If you want to know more about different ways of celebrating Easter, you might want to go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter

        Funny Easter card with lamb and chicken

                 Easter egg thief

      Easter funny stealing eggs

Finally here are two funny Easter cards with sheep, lots and lots of sheep.

    Easter greeting card with lots of sheep

      Happy Easter card with sun and sheep

Some Old Funny Easter Greeting Cards:

This next section has some very funny, quirky old Easter motives.
The first is with a little girl inside a rabbit, with a flower.

It almost looks as if the bunny has swallowed the girl, and it makes the card a little strange, but I think it is very funny.

                    Quirky Easter card girl bunny

Oh, here is one more, an old Vintage Easter card:

                        Victorian Easter card

Yet another Vintage Easter card.
The motive is a girl in an egg shell, with lots of Easter eggs in a basket and she is carrying spring branches.

The size of these old restored Easter cards will vary.
                       Funny Easter greeting card old motive

This next card is also made from an old photo-card, with a young girl carrying a lot of Easter eggs and spring branches.
The card was already colored when I found it, rather badly actually, so I have restored is the best I could.

                Easter card girl eggs spring branches

Here comes a beautiful Easter card, I guess for adults mostly.
I wouldn't send this card to a child, but I find the motive with the woman in the egg just adorable and rather innocent.

    Easter card for adults

Happy Easter!


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