Pictures of Large Birds

     picture of red flamingos

 Welcome to this page with bird pictures. Actually there are more pages on this website with bird photos.

I have taken some great photos of birds, and I found so many beautiful photos of birds, that I decided to make one page with smaller birds, which is the page called Pictures of Birds, and then this page with lots of photos of big birds.

Also there is a whole page with Owl Pictures, and pages with Owl Clip art, Bird clip art, penguin clip art and more.
Please take a look at the links below on this page.

As I also explain on the other page with bird pictures of birds, my knowledge of birds are not something to brag about, so this classification into small and large birds are really to be taken lightly!

But here on this page you will find photos of Condors, Flamingos, Cranes, Falcons, Hawks, Storks, Ducks, Sea Gulls and many more of these fantastic and fascinating animals.

I hope you will find what you are looking for on either this page or the other one with birds like Warblers and Sparrows.

Most of the bird photos are larger than they appear here, so please click the picture you like, and it will pop up in a new tab, in the original version, which is what you get when you click the download-button.
This is how it will look printed with 150 dpi.
If you want to use it on an the internet only, you can make it twice that size in 72 dpi.

Pictures of Wild Birds:


gesling in grass goose and gesling
Peregrine Falcon     bird pictures Whooping crane
Ostrich photo     Kondor picture
Yellow crowned Night heron       American Wood Stork
Heron at lake picture of two flamingos
swans in water swan with shadow in the water 
stork nest with young
standing stork in zoo


When you want to save and use one of these beautiful pictures, please go to my Homepage
to read more about the rules for using my material.

As long as you want to use it for just your personal use, like mails, letters, invitations, school projects, place cards and things like that, there should be no limitations.

If you want to use it for a website, for a business card, logos and similar, there are a couple of very simple rules, but I want it to be very easy for you to use all my clipart.


More Bird Pictures:


Willow Ptarmigan Wood stork Cabeca seca
bird pictures bottoms up
bird pictures American bittern
bird pictures Cattle Egret


Almost all the birds on the photos on this page are wild birds, but I guess some birds are considered more wild than others, some more wild than the drake above.

This goes for the predators like the eagles and hawks.

You will find a few pictures of eagles on this page, but if that is what you are interested in, I will strongly recommend that you visit the page Bald Eagle Pictures and also the pages Bald Eagle Drawings and Bald Eagle Facts.

Wild Bird Pictures:


pictures of birds Harpyia Haliaeetus-leucocephalus photo
red tailed hawk
American white Pelican Blackbilled Magpie picture

Anas acuta American Wigeon
Small Cackling Goose Horned Puffins
Frigate Bird Head of Great Egret


pictures of birds Egretta Thula
American Coot Piping Plover
Yellownecked Spurfowl American Avocet
Red parrot on Funte Ventura Blue parrot

Two Funny Parrot Poems:

Raj Arumugam:

Training my parrot

"So I said to my parrot:
"Why don't you just
be like the other parrots
and repeat whatever I say?

and my obstinate parrot said:
"Why don't you just
be like the other owners
and say something worth repeating?

My parrot and my girlfriend

"My girlfriend moved in
but she left with a huff and a puff
when she realised the truth

the truth dawned on her
when she heard
the parrot repeat
after just two months:
"What's for dinner?
What's for dinner?
What's for dinner?"

she left; now it's just
me and my parrot again
and all my damned parrot says now is:
"Damn you, parrot!
Damn you, parrot!"


Where Would You Like to Go Next?

Pictures of Smaller Birds: Well, the name says it all, I guess. Lots of beautiful bird photos. Pictures of Animals: Lots and lots of pages with photos of different kinds of animals. Find the overview here.
Bird Silhouettes: Black silhouettes of birds of prey as well as silhouettes of lots of other birds. Bird Clip Art: Mostly cut-outs birds from photos but also bird drawings and a couple of cartoon birds.
Colorful Drawings of Birds: Drawings of birds colored in not so realistic colors - with transparent background ready to use for decoration. Owl Pictures: Wonderful photos of all kinds of different owl types.


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