Bald Eagle Pictures

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This page with Bald Eagle Photos is a page that is going to provide you with  lots of great pictures of the bald eagle.   


You can use all these pictures of eagles for free, as long as you follow the quite simple rules: Do not overuse my material, and do not use it for any negative purpose.

Please go to Homepage to read more about the "common sense" limitations.

This page with pictures of the American bald eagles is working very well with the other two pages on this site about the bald eagle, Bald Eagle Facts, with lots of interesting facts about the bald eagles, and Bald Eagle Drawings, where you will also find bald eagle facts, just in a much shorter version.bald eagle drawings picture

All the pictures are larger than they look to be here, just click the eagle picture you like and see it in the larger version in a new tab.

If you want to save the picture, click the "download" button below, or just right click the larger picture.
Either way it will be the same, large picture you download.

Bald Eagle Pictures


close up photo of bald eagle frontal picture head of bald eagle
immature-bald-eagle-picture Bald Eagle on grass
Bald Eagle en face Bald Eagle picture and American flag

I hope that you amongst all these pictures of the American bald eagles will find one or more to use for whatever your purpose might be: A scrapbook, decorating a box, for invitations, letters, mails. 

Maybe you are making a school project about eagles, or even the bald eagle. Then these pictures should be great to use, maybe together with the drawings and the facts you find on the other two pages about the bald eagle.

Hspan>ere are some pictures that I want to give you as big as possible, because I find they somehow shows the most characteristic things of the bald eagle: The size, the fantastic flight, the loneliness, and the need for vast territory.


More bald eagle pictures


bald eagle landing picture  bald eagle bird in water
bald eagle nest with chick  american bald eagle on log in water 
bald eagle released after rehabilitation  bald eagle in tree near nest 
young bald eagles in nest  Bald eagles landing 
Bald ealges in tree  bald eagles flying 
couple of bald eagles  bald eagle gliding 

Even More Bald Eagle Photos


bald eagles on rock in water  American bald eagle hunting in river 

adult bald eagle photo

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