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The first book I want to tell you about is a picture book for kids called


I finished all the drawings in 2017, and now you can find it in English, Italian and Spanish.

my books meet Mons cover page
This charming picture book is for kids aged 1-4 years.

MONS is a little kitten.
He is curious, cute, trusting and full of gumption.

He is convinced that life is good and that everything and everybody whishes him well.

Very much like must of the little kids I know :-)

I think, though, that these little kids will also recognize the kind of crazy situations MONS encounter because of his curiosity and his inexperience.

As you might notice, when you read the book,  there are several things that changes from page to page like mice running around and into their mouse holes, butterflies multiplying and changing color, and a picture of a fish that seems to keep an eye out for MONS and his activities.

All in all a lot of things to point to and talk about with the kids when you read them the book.

MEET MONS is the first book in the MONS-series, and soon you will be able to follow this little ginger colored kitten in other books where we find him in the garden, at the beach, together with his friends and more.

Now you can also get this picture book in Italian as well as in Spanish and English.

I am looking forward to make all the drawings for these next books, and I hope you will find them as funny and nice to read as the people who have helped me in the process of making this one.

                   my books illustration Mons is hiding

Puppy Training for Kids and Newbies

This is really a wonderful book if you are going to have a puppy in the family!

I didn't write it, a friend of mine with a long, long story with dogs wrote it, and then it was illustrated by Clipartqueen.

my books puppy training cover

"Puppy Training for Kids and Newbies" gives you week by week advice on what to do with your new puppy.

If you have brought home a puppy, you might be feeling just a little nervous and overwhelmed – who would have thought a tiny, lovable creature like your new puppy could create so much confusion, right?

This ebook is here to help answer all your questions, clear up your confusion and let you become the best dog owner in town!

This is a no-nonsense guide, designed to lay out for you the exact practical steps you need to take at each stage of your puppy's development. You'll notice the guide is set up according to time frames – the first four weeks of puppy care each get their own chapter, and then we'll cover the periods of 1-3 months, 3-6 months and beyond 6 months.

This is so you'll never be confused about what to do next at any time, or worry that you've missed out an important step – just work through each chapter and be confident you're doing everything necessary to ensure you raise a happy, healthy, well-trained puppy.

By the end of this e-book you'll know all the essentials of training and caring for a new puppy, from housetraining, to the basics of walking on a leash, through to more complicated tricks like the classic 'Roll Over.'

               illustration for my books puppy training


Flower Children: The Little Cousins of The Field and Garden.

 I guess this is the most loved and famous book by Elizabeth Gordon, printed in the early 20th century.

We follow the flowers throughout the year, from the little Crocus to the Christmas Holy, each with a little funny poem about the flower, and wonderful illustrations by M. T. Ross.

my books flower children 

As with the e-book below, Bird Children, I took great care restoring every illustration the best I could, and I really think I have managed to make a beautiful e-book.

Later I plan making a print, but before I do that I have planned to make the next book in the MONS series, so lets see....

I have totally fallen in love with these charming illustrations of a mix of flowers and children.

When you spend hours working on every illustration, refreshing the colors, removing old mistakes from the old-fashioned printing, you cannot help feeling the illustrations are almost your own.

And of course I have some favorites, although it can be hard to choose.

I love the Pussy Willow, little kittens clinging to branches with blue eyes, wondering why they cannot play around like other kittens.

Bird Children: The Little Playmates of The Flower Children.

This is an illustrated children's book from the early 20th century. I have restored it very carefully, with a lot of love for the wonderful illustrations.

The book is originally written by Elizabeth Gordon, who has written a lot of wonderful children's books, such as Flower Children and The Butterfly Babies' Book, with funny and educational poems, illustrated by T.M. Ross and other illustrators.

my books bird children restoredI started out thinking this would be an easy task, restoring the old drawings, but ended up spending hours and hours making the look great, yet still keeping the old feeling and look.

The more I worked on the drawings, the more I fell in love with them, and my hope is that you will love them as much as I do.

I have been working with the drawings of one of the other books by Elizabeth Gordon, I guess it is the most popular of all her books:

Flower Children.

I want to show you a couple more of the wonderful illustrations from Bird Children.


The book has 87 different bird illustrations, or rather illustrations of a mix of children and birds.



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