Butterfly Clipart

Butterfly clipart, they are so beautiful, and there are so many different kinds with all kinds of colors and patterns on the butterfly wings and even sometimes on their body.

So these butterfly drawings and butterfly cut-outs are simply a joy to make, and here on this page as well as the page "Beautiful butterfly images" you will find lots and lots of butterfly drawings, butterfly silhouettes and butterfly cut-outs.

Most of the pictures are saved in the PNG format which means you can save them and them make pictures where you place several butterfly images on top of each other, on top of other pictures and on top of different colors.
See an example below, after the first drawings of butterflies. 

Realistic Butterfly Clipart Cut-out


blue birdwing butterfly cut-out

Images of a Cartoon Butterfly :

butterfly cartoon cartoon butterfly clipart
cute butterfly butterfly clipart for kids
funny flying butterfly cartoon drawing butterfly cartoon with soft colors
cute pink cartoon butterfly sweet butterfly image

cute butterflies and flowers

These butterfly clipart are all free for you to use, and as long as you use them for your own personal purpose feel free to use as many as you like.

If you want to use them for websites and commercial purposes, please go to Homepage to read the very few rules for using my material.
See the link below on this page, as well as links to pages related to this one.

Butterfly Lyrics and Rhymes:

"A child is like a butterfly in the wind.
Some can fly higher than others
But each one flies the best it can.
Why compare one to another?
Each one is special
Each one is beautiful"

Here comes a children's butterfly rhyme, and I think it can be used with the children playing butterflies, doing what the rhyme says:

"Butterfly,, butterfly, flutter around.
Butterfly, Butterfly, touch the ground.
Butterfly, butterfly, fly so free.
Butterfly, butterfly, land on me!
Butterfly, butterfly, reach the sky,
Butterfly, butterfly, say good-bye!"

"Butterfly Smiles
Butterflies flutter
Butterflies fly.
They put a sparkle
in you eye.

Watch a butterfly
and in a short while
it will give you
a butterfly smile!"
Bruce Larkin

"A butterfly to remind med
even though we are apart
Your spirit is always with me
forever in my heart ....."

 I haven't made a page about butterfly facts, but you can read about butterflies here on this website.

More Butterfly Clipart:

green butterfly clipart  purple butterfly clipart 
black grey image butterfly  yellow butterfly image 
multicolored butterfly image butterfly clipart brown colored wings
Free butterflies drawings PNG Swallowtail flying PNG
free butterflies drawings green butterfly wings
drawing of swallowtail butterfly swallowtail butterfly drawing
dangerous looking butterfly black and white image of butterfly
black and orange drawing of butterfly blue and yellow butterfly clip art
tropical butterfly image red and black butterfly clipart
free butterflies drawing free butterfly clipart

Here is an example of how you can use this free butterfly clipart, but of course you can use them in so many different ways:

            picture with butterfly clipart

All the butterfly drawings here and on the other pages will be great to use for cards, invitations, place cards and table decorations for birthdays and weddings.

You can find drawings of little fairies on the internet and combine these pictures with the flying butterflies like you see here:


More Butterfly Lyrics and Rhymes:

"My Butterfly!
Fly, fly on my butterfly.
My prayer is that
the spider's web
never intersects
your flight.

Fly, fly on my
butterfly. I wish'
you sweet daffodil
and golden
buttercups for
endless days of flight."

Carl D'Agostino

"First comes a butterfly
Who lays an egg.
Out comes a caterpillar
with many legs.

Oh, see the caterpillar
Spin and spin
A little chrysalis
To sleep in."

The Wings of a Butterfly are so Beautiful:

flying butterfly many colors
flying butterfly clipart drawing of flying butterfly
butterfly image black white soft blue colored butterfly wings
butterfly with many colors beatifully colored butterfly drawing
butterfly with soft colored wings greenish butterfly clipart
blue wing of a butterfly drawing butterfly wings colored
purple fantasy butterfly Fantasy butterfly clipart
flying butterfly drawing yellow green colorful butterfly

Black Butterfly Shapes


black butterfly shape

Where Would You Like To Go Next?

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Butterfly Borders and Frames: Borders and frames with butterfly and flower motives. Some with transparent background, some with white background.  


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