Free Printable Borders for Easter

On these free printable borders you will find little Easter chickens, big Easter roosters made small, because how else can they be on a border?, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.

These Easter borders can be used for a lot of things. You can use them as page dividers, for decorating an Easter invitation or an Easter mail greeting.

After I have started making all these pages with frames and borders, I have also started using some of these nice borders as page separators on my pages.
It helps making the page more foreseeable, I think, it is easier to get an overview of the different sections on the page.

Most of the borders are lager than you see them here. Right click those you would like to use to get to another tab with the larger version, then download that one.
Of course you can also use the ones you see here as they are.

About the rules for using my borders and other images, please go to Homepage.

Here are Free Printable Borders for Easter

Borders with Easter motive like hens, colored Easter eggs, little yellow cute Easter chicks and Easter Bunny borders.

One funny border where you can see the paw prints of the Easter rabbit as it jumps around delivering the Easter eggs :-)

               Easter rabbit page divider

    rooster border

    colored Rooster border

Easter egg border

  border with Easter chicks

border with yellow Easter chicks

  Easter bunny and Easter chicks border

    Easter bunny and egg border

       border with Easter baskets and eggs


Free Picture Frames with Easter Motive:

Most of the following Easter frames could of course also used for other occasions than Easter, but the colors are so suitable for this Holiday.

               Easter flower frame

                    free printable border for Easter

Here comes a very cute Easter frame with little Easter rabbits in the corners.

In addition to that some cute Easter poems:

"See the little Easter rabbit
jumping up and down
Maybe he has left an egg
on your father's lawn?"

"With a hip and a hop
Easter bunny won't you stop
At my house to hide
some yummy little eggs.

Then you'll jump out and run
Down the street for some fun
Zippity quick on
your fuzzy, furry legs.

Tho hide treats for others
Boys and girls, even mothers
Treats galore packed
in baskets and bright bags!"

                 Easter rabbit frame and flowers

                     Easter border with pink flowers

                         egg shaped frame with leaves

More Free Printable Borders for Easter:

   Daffodil border for Easter


     Easter chicks border

  Easter chicks in lila and orange border

      Easter chickens lila green



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