Animal Silhouette Clip Artsilhouette of buffalo black

This page Animal Silhouette Clip Art page is full of silhouettes of all kinds of animals: a hedgehog, a pig, wolf silhouette, deer, elephant - all kinds.

There will also be a few silhouette clip art of dog silhouette, horse silhouette, cat silhouette and bird silhouette, but you will find more of those on other silhouette pages here like Horse silhouette, Bird Silhouette, Dog Silhouette, Silhouette graphics, cat clipart and more.

You can find an overview of all the silhouette pages on this site on Silhouette Clipart.

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So all in all, the clipart on these pages are free clipart, to use for invitations, letters, websites, art projects, school projects, scrap books etc.

There is something beautiful about silhouettes.
Although less descriptive when compared to a colored picture, a silhouette's simplicity often tells people more than any alternative would.

Using an animal silhouette on your handmade cards, in your scrapbooks or for any other craft project, is the ideal way to introduce a stylish twist on a popular theme – after all, there are not many people around who do not appreciate the beauty of animals.


bird silhouette small bird  hunting hawk silhouette silhouette of poodle   horse and horseman  paw print of red kangaroo

 My website has a whole host of silhouette graphics featuring animals, including wolf and deer silhouettes. What you do with these images is only limited by your imagination, however, below are also some ideas to help you get started.


Animal Silhouette Clip Art:


elephant silhouette liion silhouette
moose silhouette silhouette of bull
animal silhouette of big bear silhouette of buffalo black
Black silhouette of wolf wild boar silhouette in black
animal silhouette of beaver            silhouette of mouse with long tail
big silhouette of tiger black             capricorn black silhouette
Raccoon Silhouette silhouette of bat
butterfly silhouette black white butterfly silhouette
polar bear silhouette reindeer silhouette


Party Decorations

Kids love animals, as any parent who has made trips to the zoo with their young charges will testify.
Therefore, the animal silhouettes on my website will make perfect wall and ceiling decorations for a children's birthday party – or even an adults if the fancy takes you. The beauty of the clip art available here is that they can be printed off at any size required and the quality of the piece won't be compromised.

Noah's Ark Theme

To decorate your child's party room with a Noah's Ark theme, you will need to choose around ten sets of silhouettes. Remember the animals went in to the ark in pairs, so it is important you have two of each animal.
If you want to incorporate a little bit of color into the theme, you could have one animal silhouette and one colored print. As well as the silhouette graphics, there is a whole host of colored versions available, just have a look around the website for anything that may catch your eye.

If you want to keep the silhouettes, you can incorporate color into the theme by using tree, flowers and other greenery clipart images. You could even use shredded pieces of green and brown craft paper to decorate the ceiling of the party room. Ensure your silhouettes are all printed to a similar size, taking into account the size of paper or card you are using and the size of the area they are being stuck too.

You don't have to have a Noah's Ark theme, if your child is older you could go with a zoo or jungle theme. This is also a great excuse to ask your child's party guests to come in fancy dress.


Free Deer Silhouettes:


deer silhouette stag silhouette sketch of deer stag
black white deer silhouette of stag deer silhouette black stag
silhouette of stag               silhouette of young deer
silhouette of running deer                     black white silhouette of young deer        
silhouette sketch of deer running deer silhouette of grazing stag
deer silhouette black frontal looking silhouette sketch of female deer
deer silhouette silhouette clipart of young deer
beautiful deer silhouette  


More Animal Silhouette Clip Art:

Black silhouette of mouse animall silhouette of hedgehog
silhouette of red deer stag camel silhouette black
silhouette of squirrel nutria silhouette black
horse silhouette Moose silhouette elk
silhouette of kangaroo and baby kangaroo antelope silhouette
silhouette of bear silhouette of squirrel
rabbit silhouette hedgehog silhouette

Party Invitations

If you have gone to the trouble of making your own party decorations, you don't want recognition of your effort to be lost by using shop bought party invitations.
Making your own party invitations will also allow you to use the same animals you have chosen for your child's theme.

They are really simple and easy to make and here's how -

• Choose an appropriate animal silhouette, ensuring it is something that will fit into the party's theme. For example, while nice, a deer silhouette will not work for a jungle theme.

• Choose the size you want your silhouette to be. Remember you don't want to make them so small you can't fit on the party's instructions. However, they shouldn't be so big you can't find an appropriate envelope. A5 is the typical size of the average party invitation, so you may want to ensure your printer settings are set to print at this size.

• Although it doesn't really matter, printing your invitations on to card means it will be more sturdy than paper. Once you have loaded your chosen card into your printer, you can print off your chosen silhouette clipart.

• Once printed, you will need to add a square piece of white paper to each of the invitations. This is so you can write clear instructions, such as the party's date, time and venue, on each of the invites. Once this has been completed, you can find envelopes (available in most craft or dollar sizes in multi-packs) and send out your invitations.

Top Tip – If you don't want to add white paper or card to your invitations, you can write directly onto your black silhouette graphics using a gold, silver or any other colored glitter or gel pen. Just don't forget to let each one dry before placing in envelopes.

More Animal Silhouette Clip Art:

animal silhouette of giraffe hare silhouette black
Black silhouette of camel huyena silhouette
Silhouette of walking monkey animal silhouette of ferret
general silhouette of dog walrus silhouette in black


Thank You Cards


You can use the animal silhouette graphics to make thank you cards for your child's birthday gifts in much the same way as you made the party invitations above. 
You can then use the silhouette graphics to decorate your card and make it tie in with the party's theme.

For the cost of card, envelopes and a little printer ink, you will have eliminated the expense of party decorations, invitations and thank you cards – a considerable sum when you think about how much those sort of things cost in the shops.

Making your own invitations etc also means you have exactly what you want, rather than just making do with whatever is available in the shops.

More Animal Silhouette Clip Art

silhouette of sitting hare Frog silhouette
big black silhouette of pig silhouette of goat
rhinoceros silhouette silhouette of hippo
Gorilla silhouette PNG
snake silhouette gorilla silhouette


General Decorations

Of course, there is nothing to say you cannot use these silhouettes as decorations for any occasion or reason. If you have an animal-mad child or a keen animal-obsessed adult, they may appreciate these silhouettes as decorations no matter what time of year.

For Kids – Print off several of your child's favorite animal silhouettes and then laminate them. This ensures they will last for a longer period of time and also makes them look even better when stuck to a wall. You could even make a funky animal border for a bedroom or a furry-friends mural for a playroom.

For Adults – Although the average animal-mad person wouldn't say no to their favorite animals being plastered around their room, it is safe to say that they will need a more mature form of decoration.
If you print off one of the clipart pictures, say the wolf silhouette, at size A5 and back it on to crisp bright white A4 paper, you can purchase a cheap frame from the dollar store and you have a beautiful homemade picture fit for any room. Simply repeat this with any of the other animal silhouettes you think the person will like and you have beautiful, and mature, decorations for your favorite animal fan.

Top Tip – The framed silhouettes make great gifts. You could also print off several of the same animal and make a decoupage picture – which will give the whole thing a funky 3D look.

Wolf Silhouette:


Howling wolf silhouette Silhouette in black white howling wolf 
siilhouette sketch of angry wolf  black white wolf silhouette 
black white silhouette wolf standing    silhouette of standing wolf
Black silhouette standing wolf
sketh of standing wolf  black silhouette of standing wolf 
wolf silhouette hunting wolf  black white silhouette hunting wolf 
silhouette sketch hunting wolf  silhouette of jumping wolf 
black white silhouette of standing wolf             silhouette sketch of standing wolf   
silhouette of wolf with winter fur  silhouette of wolf with winter fur black white 
silhouette of head of wolf  silhouette sketch of wolfs head 
black wolf silhouette  silhouette sketch of wolf sideways 
black white silhouette jumping wolf  silhouette sketch of jumping wolf 
wolf silhouette  

Here are some Public Domain animal silhouettes:


simple elephant silhouette Elephant silhouette clipart
silhouette clip art of camel dromedary silhouette
giraffe silhouette Animal silhouette of giraffe
silhouette of jumping bear capricorn silhouette
 jumping kangaroo  lama silhouette
silhouette of monkey monkey silhouette clipart
cat silhouette silhouette of crocodile
dog silhouette lama silhouette PD

Other sites with animal silhouettes:


I have recently updated this page, and made all the silhouettes bigger.
But if you are looking for the silhouettes that used to be here, that size, you can find most of them below.

Just right click them and choose "save as" to save them to your computer.




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