Owl Pictures

Here on this page with owl pictures you will find a lot of great photos of all kinds of different owls.

Remember: When you find an owl photo you like, click the picture to see the much larger version in a new tab. Save that one by right clicking it if you like to print or work with the picture.

You can also find a page where you can read about the owl, Owl Facts, with great and interesting facts about the owl. Also some funny and amazing owl facts.

Together with these owl pictures it can help you make a great school project, or it can simply be very interesting as it has been for me to read about the owl and find these beautiful pictures.

On another page, a page with owl clip art, which you can find on the page Owl Clip Art you find cartoon owls and funny owl drawings.

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Pictures of Owls:


True Owl picture Profile of owl, Great horned owl
owl pictures grey owl profile of great horned owl
Picture of barn owl Pygmy Owl on finger
picture of barn owl pygmy owl picture
Baby Owl great horned owl Horned owl and owlets
Baby owl of great horned owl horned mother owl with three owlets 
Owl photos Eurasian eagle owl   Snowy owl
Eurasian eagle owl picture  snowy owl photo 
Brown Owl picture   Burrowing owl photo
brown owl picture  picture of burrowing owl 
Picture of Burrowing owl on branch   Bengalese Eagle owl photo
burrowing owl on branch  Bengalese Eagle Owl 

     domesticated barn owl 



Owls are beautiful and majestic creatures, and you will find that owl pictures do the subject of the magnificent bird justice.

Owls come in a few simple colors, though the coloring of the owl is different depending on what type of owl it is.

Most owls will be brown, white, black, or gray, but there are some owls that have a tint of yellow or red in their feathers.

These colorful owls make great decorations for a nature-themed party, and you can have fun with these colorful owls when setting up your party.

One thing that makes owls so comical is how they always appear to be scowling. The large eyes and stern-looking eyebrows of the owl makes for great owl drawings of 'angry' owls who appear grumpy.

If you are making a card apologizing for being grumpy with your family or a friend, there is no better way to be ironic than by making a card or note with a picture of a grumpy owl on it. Apologizing is made easier when you can get a laugh from a friend, and there is nothing that will make your friends laugh more than the picture of a grumpy owl.

Here is a picture of one very grumpy owl:

     grumpy great horned owl picture


More Pictures of Owls:


True horned owl picture   Pygmy owl looking out from nest
pictures of owls on hand  pygmy owl in nest looking out 
Spotted owl in tree in daytime   Photo of owl in zoo
spotted owl in tree in daytime  horned owl in Zoo 
Picture of screech owl   Photo of young owls
picture of screech owl  Owl babies 
Sleepy owl pictures   Screech owl domesticated
sleepy owl picture  screech owl photo 
Small owl in forest   Spotted Eagle owl
small Burrowing owl in forest  Spotted Eagle owl 

     two spotted owls on branch

Nature is beautiful, and you will find that pictures of owls in their natural habitat will be a great addition to your child's picture collection.

As you make your child's picture book, you may find that the pictures you can find in magazines are not enough to make a good collection of owl pictures.

Here on this page you can find a number of pictures of live owls, including a cute picture of a tiny pygmy owl.
You can use the picture of the orange eyed owl for Halloween decorations as well.

The many owl pictures featuring live owls captured in their natural habitats can give your child an appreciation for wildlife.

You can find some of these owl pictures even larger her at National Digital Library.

The more I work with these pictures of owls, the more I am fascinated by this amazing bird.

And isn't this owl photo of a very young and very angry owl baby just wonderful?



Photos of Owls:


Snowy owl Snowy owl sitting on arm 
snowy owl at salt lake
Pygmy owl picture   Shorteared owl on pole
pygmy owl picture  shorteared owl sitting on pole 
Western burrowing owl with prey   Picture of Screech owl
western burrowing owl with mouse 
Chick of Great horned owl   Western Screech owl picture
cute chick of Great horned owl  Western Screech owl 
Picture of Northern Saw Whet owl   Face of Barred owl
Northern Saw Whet owl  Face of Barred owl 
Face of Snowy owl   Face of Saw whet owl
head of Snowy owl  face of Saw whet owl 


Shorteared owl in flight:

       Shorteared owl in flight


Before you go, here are some fun facts about owls:


  • Owls can rotate their heads up to 270 degrees in order to see well
  • The owl's ears are not aligned like human ears, but are in fact asymmetrical to help them hear better.
  • Owls in flight are nearly completely silent, meaning they are much better at surprising their prey than other birds.
  • Owls have three eyelids: one is used to sleep, one is used to blink, and the other is used to clean the owl's eye.
  • Barn owls can eat as many as 1,000 mice in a year.
  • Owls cannot move their eyes at all, as they are fixed in their sockets.



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