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This is a mainpage for lots of different medical images, medical clipart, medical pictures, anatomy pictures, even human body diagram, and maybe, just maybe, later medical cartoons!   

So, as you can see, there will be medical clipart of almost any kind. Drawings of kids at the doctor, doctors, heart diagrams, diagrams of ears, legs, the digestive tract, the skeleton - you name it!first aid kit for kids medical clipart

You will be so welcome to use it for free, for school projects, your website, your blog, invitations (I don't know for what, but I am sure you can think of something), letters, scrapbooks, and a lot more.medical images otoskop clipart


About the rules for using my material, please go to Homepage. The rules are quite simple, because I want it to be very easy for you to use the clipart.

The first page I will make, is the page Medical Clipart - Medical Images, a page, where you can find drawings of doctors, and all the things doctors use for a normal medical examination. I think there will also be drawings of kids at the doctor, and a couple of kids in bed.

Now there is also the page Human Body Diagram, where you can find anatomy pictures and diagrams of different parts of the body. This should be excellent to use for school assignments and other projects.medical images sceleton designation

Also you will find a page with more human body diagram, found amongst older public domain medical drawings, Medical Clip Art.

And last in this row you will find a page with original medical images nose cartoons, the page Medical Cartoons.

                           medical images cartoons

10 Ways to Use Medical Images or Medical Clipart

What exactly can you do with medical clipart? Maybe a quiz? - There are ten ideas listed below, but you can probably think of more on your own. Check out my collection of medical pictures-including a human body diagram-to jazz up your websites, blogs, eBooks, reports, and printed documents.

If you have a blog or a website, written content may be what your online readers are looking for, but it is your medical images and medical clip art that will welcome them to your virtual space and make them feel right at home. The right medical pictures will give a professional appearance to your website or blog and bring your print materials to life.

hand with syringe medical image                                             medical images ear syringe

#1: Add medical illustrations to make complicated ideas easier to understand.

Millions of people go online every week searching for information related to medical conditions, surgical procedures, and general health. Very often they need information about something that concerns them or somebody close to them.

The medical field is difficult to understand, and when you are the one giving this information about complicated medical topics, you can use medical illustrations to make your point in a clear fashion. You can refer to the illustration so readers see where specific parts of their bodies are located. This is especially important for internal body parts, since readers cannot touch these parts or look in the mirror and see them. Medical images and illustrations make your words easier to understand for everyday readers.

If you can make complicated medical topics understandable, you will beat out the majority of your competition!

#2:  Make a human body diagram the focal point of your homepage.

Diagrams of the human body are incredibly interesting because of the intricate details inside the body. If you have a medically oriented website or blog, consider finding a detailed human body diagram and making it the background or focal point of the site. The details will grab the eye of your visitors while making it very clear what your website is about.

human body diagrams medical images

#3: Use funny anatomy pictures to lighten heavy topics.

There are some topics that are uncomfortable for people to talk about, so they go online searching for information. When writing about these medical topics, it is important to lighten up your page with anatomy pictures that are lighthearted and non-threatening. These medical images will put your visitors at ease so they feel comfortable hanging around to get the information they need.

Anatomy pictures don't have to be complicated or serious! They can be lighthearted and fun, especially when used on websites oriented to children and teenagers.

#4: Use medical pictures of children to turn your virtual space into a child-friendly zone.

I have a variety of child-friendly medical clipart on the site, so you won't have trouble finding the perfect medical images to draw the attention of a younger audience. Children and pre-teens often go online with their parents to get information about health, fitness, and child development.

You can make your website a safe place for these visitors through the use of medical pictures that include children. Most of these medical images will take the form of hand drawn medical clipart, so parents do not have to worry about what their children are seeing.

medical images for children

#5: Select brightly colored medical clip art to add visual appeal to a website or blog.

Every webpage and blog needs color. You don't need a lot of graphics jumping around the screen, but you do need well placed bursts of color that make the site appealing to readers. You add this visual appeal through medical clip art!

#6: Add medical images to your newsletters and reports to be printed for business purposes.

Medical clipart and images are not just for the Internet. You can add medical images to your print publications. You may even want t use them in visual presentations or presentation slides. Even if you just use one good medical image as cover art, you can give your printed publications a more professional appearance with well chosen medical pictures.

#7: Use professional medical illustrations to add credibility to your blog posts or website content.

Medical illustrations are simple, but they have an authentic feel. They can look very professional and will help build a sense of credibility for your website or blog. Think of the medical pamphlets you find sitting in doctor's offices all around the world. Most of them contain some type of medical illustration and there is a reason for that! Most readers never look at these illustrations, but they feel they are reading a legitimate medical publication that can be trusted because the illustrations are there.

#8: Create a quiz using a human body diagram.

A human body diagram is the perfect tool to set up a quiz to entertain and challenge your website visitors or blog readers. Come up with a list of questions related to the focus of your site and ask visitors to use the diagram to come up with the answers. Make sure to include some easy questions so everyone feels like they know a little something about the topic!

#9: Add medical clip art to your eBooks and reports so they feel like real books.

Whether you are selling or giving away your eBooks and reports, they will have a more authentic feel if you use medical images or medical clip art on the cover and in strategic places throughout the text. You might include medical diagrams and medical illustrations to help users understand the text better. You can also use funny medical pictures to add some humor to a topic that would otherwise feel too heavy.

#10: Add realistic medical pictures to identify different sections of your website or specific blog topics.

If your blog is not always focused on medical topics, you can set the medical posts off by presenting them with a medical picture modified with a snappy term. For instance, if you want to post a weekly clip about a medical topic in the news, you can use one of our medical pictures and modify it with "In the News." Readers that enjoy those posts will easily see them when they visit your blog.

medical images clipart couch           medical images stethoscope photo                medical images pharmacy symbol


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