Space Clip Art, Photos and Cut Outs

astronaut on the moonI was searching the internet for some space clip art to use for one of my other pages, to illustrate a kid's party theme.

That resulted in finding a lot of amazing and beautiful photos from space.

Some of them are photos of astronauts, space ships, rockets and things like that, other photos are from totally outer space.

Most of the photos are found on NASA's own pages, where you can find more pictures if you like. I will add a link or two below on this page.

Pictures from Outer Space:


outer space planets Kepler photo
stars and space galaxy clip art
photo from outer space stars and strange view
view in Outer Space the Orion Nebula
on the way to Ceres Neptune
stars clip art  space photo 
clip art from the solar system the sun
sun and planet planet with rings
Neptune and stars in space view of Outer Space

 I think I would need some cut-outs if I should use these pictures for a party - for place cards, invitations and so on, so I have made some space clipart of astronauts and their space ships for that purpose.
If you know how to use a photo editing program, like GIMP or Photoshop, you can combine the cut-outs of the astronauts with the beautiful pictures of stars and planets.

All the pictures below are bigger than you see them here. The PNG format only a little larger, but try to click the image you like to see it in the genuine size in another tab.

As you might already have noticed by reading the titles of this clip art, I actually don't know anything about outer space, galaxies, space ships or anything related to that. Sorry.

So you will just have to use the photos and cut-outs for decorations, crafts and invitations, not as illustrations to facts.

What I DO know, though, is that it is quite fantastic and amazing that we all walk on the surface of this planet Earth, which is rotating around the sun, and when you go out at night and look up in the sky, you can see thousands of stars and planets - and even then you have still only seen a tiny, tiny bit of the Universe.

Some of the photos are artistic, such as the picture called "On the way to Ceres", others are real photos taken by NASA.

Space Clip Art of Astronauts and Moon Vehicle:


space clip art astronaut astronaut floating in outer space
astronaut in outer space
cosmonaut in outer space clip art
astronaut with lifeline lunar vehicle
Moon space craft PNG
moon space craft

Here are the promised links to NASA pages where you can find more space photos: 

The cut-outs above are taken from the photos you see below.

I hope you will find funny and creative ways of using the clip art, cosmonauts on the background of beautiful stars and galaxies.

What about making an images like these:

Funny Space Clipart



Here follows an authentic photo from Apollo Valley, and other photos of Astronauts and space crafts.

astronaut landed on the moon lunar space craft
astronaut floating in Outer Space sattelite
Satellite or spacecraft cosmonaut floating above the earth
cosmonaut on the moons surface firing of moon rocket
Orange Moon sattelite in space
asteroid in space lunar spacecraft

More Astronauts and Space Clip Art:

astronaut on the moon clipart
space shuttle clipart

Finally here are some more space pictures:



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