Pictures of Animals

pictures of animals of all kindsThis page, Pictures of Animals, is a page from where you can find lots of pages with animal photos.

Below you will find a list with pages with animal pictures like Elephant Pictures and Pictures of Dolphins. 

I have made these pages to match the pages with facts about animals. In this way you can find both great and correct facts about different animals, and also find lots of pictures of these animals.
All the pictures are free to use, also for commercial purpose. The only limits for using the pictures are the same that goes for all the clip art on my site: Do not overuse it, and do not use it with any negative intention. You can read more about this on my HOMEPAGE.

You can find all the pages with facts about animals listed on the page Animal Facts, where you can also see if it is connected with an animal picture page, and maybe even an animal clipart page.

On the page Animal Clipart you can find at least a kind of list of different pages with animal clipart. Some are connected to the animals described on the animal facts pages, some are just made for different animal clip art, like  the general Animal Clip Art and the page Easter Bunny Clipart.

But now to the overview:

List of pages with animal pictures:

Pictures of animals:

bald eagle pictures in treeBALD EAGLE PICTURES:

This page give you lots of free bald eagle pictures to use as bald eagle clip art for school projects. They are mostly taken in the bald eagles natural habitat, near rivers and mountains

These pictures are great to use together with the information about bald eagles you can find on the page Bald Eagle or you might want to use some of the beautiful drawings on the page Bald Eagle Drawings.




Pictures of animals: 


pictures of animals the brown bear cubThis is a page, where you can find beautiful photos of different types of bears: The brown bear, such as the Kodiak bear, and the Sun bear.

There are photos of big Grizzly bears, bear cubs playing, bears fishing and feeding on salmon.

And of course the Giant panda, and a panda cub.







Pictures of animals:


Big bird pictures

In contrast to the page called pictures of birds, this page is made with photos of bigger birds.

You will find pictures of Storks, Cranes, Ducks, Geese, Eagles and other kinds of big, wild birds.


Images of animals:


pictures of animals Sparrow white crownedThis is the first of two pages with photos of birds.

This page will mainly have photos of smaller birds, like Sparrows, Warblers, the Nuthatch, Blackbirds and Kinglet.








Photos of animals:


Blue butterflyOn this page you will find beautiful photos of many different kinds of butterflies.

There will be images of Mission blue butterflies as well as photos of their egg and a green larvae.

And there will be pictures of the Monarch butterly on migration, as well as pictures of other butterflies an moths.

Animal pictures:


caracal kitten in zooThe Caracal is a beautiful creature, and a very good hunter.

You can read more about this animal, which got it's name from the Turkish word "kura kulak"which means black ears.

The Caracal, also called African lynx and Desert lynx, has got long black tufts on the tip of it's ears.

Take a look at these cute and beautiful photos of a Caracal and Caracal kittens.

Photos of animals:


cheetah pictures face of cheetahCHEETAH PICTURES:

On this page you will find a lot of cheetah photos. Pictures of running cheetahs, cheetahs in National Parks, cheetah pictures from zoo, cheetah pictures with two or three cheetahs, and cheetah photos with cheetah cubs.

There are also some older drawings of cheetahs, like the ones where you can see a drawing of a tamed cheetah from the Ancient Egypt, and drawings of hunting-leopard from Asia, which is what the cheetah was called then.


Page with photos of animals:


Dinosaur pictureWell, I didn't go to see one of these big events with almost-live dinosaurs, so if I wanted to take som photos of dinosaurs I had to think out of the box.

And I did! Because I went to see a friend of mine, a boy 5 years old, who has a box with all types of dinos. He agreed to lent me these dinosaurs, and I took some rather great pictures of the T. Res and all the other dinos.




Images of animals:

pictures of dolphins three dolphinsPICTURES OF DOLPHINS:

The page with dolphin pictures is a collection of pictures of different kinds of dolphins, swimming in the sea, or training at dolphinarias.

Later there will be a page with dolphin clipart.



Images of animals:

elephant pictures


The page Elephant Pictures is loaded with a lot of great pictures of elephants. Elephants in zoo's, and elephants in the wild. Indian elephants and African elephants.

Soon you will also be able to find a page with clip art of elephants, Elephant Clipart.



Photos of animals:


giraffe head and long neckIf you want to have some giraffe images to go with the very interesting facts, this is where you can find them.

Here on this page, Giraffe Pictures, Giraffe photos, you will find pictures with the giraffe and birds eating parasites from its skin, helping the giraffe.

You will also find pictures of baby giraffes, giraffes in zoo and giraffes living wild.

And you can find some funny and beautiful giraffe pictures of giraffe tongue.




Page with photos of animals:


Hippo mother and hippo babyYou will find some beautiful and funny pictures of three hippos: To big females and a hippo baby.

The photos are taken in the zoo, just when the hippos have come up to eat the cabbage and other vegetables, thrown into their enclosure by the zookeeper (nobody should enter their enclosure, it is too dangerous)




Pictures of animals:


lion pictures lionessLION PICTURES:

Pictures of lions with cubs, lioness, male lions with big manes. A lot of fantastic lion pictures.

All these pictures goes well for any project, together with the facts you can read about on the page about lions on Wikipedia.



Images of animals:


Owl pictures owl eatingOWL PICTURES:

The page Owl Pictures has pictures of different types of owls:

The snowy owl, the great horned owl, the pygmy owl, the ural owl and more.

You can also find a page with clip art, Owl Clip Art, with my own drawings of owls, cartoon owls, and old beautiful colored  drawings of owls.



Pictures of animals:



Octopus pictureOctopuses are fascinating to kids and adults because of their multi-tentacled body, protruding eyes and manner in which they maneuver across the ocean floor.

You can use these pictures together with the octopus information to make  really good school projects about octopi.

Also you can find lots of octopus images on the page Octopus Clipart.

Page with photos of animals:


penguin pictures emperor penguinsPENGUIN PICTURES:

A page with emperor penguins, penguins tobagganing, magellanic penguins, diving penguins, adelie penguins, baby penguins.

All in all, a lot of penguin photos.

Tthere will also be a page with penguin clipart.


Page with photos of animals:


polar bear pictures ice POLAR BEAR PICTURES:

You will find pictures of this sadly endangered animal. It is really an amazing animal, and the pictures shows it on the ice, on ice floes, eating seals, with cubs, and in zoo.

On the page Polar Bear Facts you can read all you need to know about the polar bear, the polar bear habitat, what the polar bear eats and a lot more, and on the page Polar Bear Clip Art you will find cute and funny, and some older and more realistic drawings of polar bears.

Photos of rhinoceros:


Black rhinoceros headA page with pictures of the two African rhinoceros, the White rhinoceros and the black rhinoceros.

Also pictures of the other three species, all living in Asia:

The Javan rhinoceros, the Sumatran rhinoceros and the Indian rhinoceros.

All the 5 species are threatened, and the Javan and the Sumatran rhinoceros is extremely endangered.

Page with pictures of animals:


young tapirI have made this page with photos of a female tapir and it's young kid, the first time the mother tapir presented the young for the audience in the zoo in Copenhagen.

I have loved this strange animal since childhood, and I visit the little family every time I have the chance to go to the zoo.



Page with images of animals:


tiger pictures close up head of tigerThis i a page with some really amazingly intense and beautiful tiger photos, most of them from the zoo in Copenhagen.

Later you will also find a page with tiger facts, and later again a page with tiger drawings.





These are the animal pictures for now, but there will soon be a lot more pages with beautiful pictures of animals.

Page with pictures of animals:


pictures of animals sea turtleThis page goes so well with the page Turtle Pictures, where you will also find a lot of turtle facts. You can find pictures of Loggerhead sea turtles, Green sea turtles and other sea turtles.

There are pictures of nest making and eggs, small baby sea turtles and swimming sea turtles.



Page with photo clipart of animals:


Aldabra giant tortoiseAs you might already know, there is a page on this site called Sea Turtle Pictures. You will find a few more on this page, but mostly it will be pictures of different kinds of tortoises and other turtles.

Here you will find photos of giant Aldabra tortoises, snapping turtles, painted turtles, bog turtles and box turtles.


Page with pictures of Zoo animals and some facts:


pet goats small versionThis is a page where I put all the different pictures I take when I am visiting the Zoo. Only the best photos of course. I like this way of having a task when I am walking around in the Zoo, and it is so fun when I get a good photo of lets say the Tasmanian devil, the hippo lurking in the water wondering wether the other animals are getting too close.






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