Bat Clipart and Bat Images

bat clipart vampire bat headBat clipart is great for Halloween, but these bat drawings you will find on this page are so wonderful that you can use them for so much more. Some are scary, some more funny, all of them for old bat drawings in old natural history books.

Apart from a couple of plates  and sketches of bat heads all the bat images here are in PNG, which means the have a transparent background and can be used on any background you choose. So of course they will be good for decorations like table cards for Halloween or any other spooky party.

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You will find a lot more bat drawings, especially bat silhouettes, on the page here with Halloween clipart.

Vefpertitio bat clipart
molossus bat clipart

I think these wonderful bat drawings will look great on any Halloween invitation and Halloween greeting, and they will be more interesting than the common bat silhouettes, although you will also get these here.

Here comes a couple of bat poems to go with the pictures:

The Baby Bat

"The baby bat
screamed out in fright
"Turn on the dark,
I'm afraid of the light."

The Black Bat

"The black at over your head,
the eerie acts in the air,
you have got to be scared,
no you also heed to scary,
because it's Halloween time,
wish you a Happy Halloween!"

Scary and Funny Bat images:


When you look at the drawing of the Common Vampire bat above, it is easy to understand how the bat has become the symbol of evil, of human vampires and a lot more spooky and scary things.
So if you are looking for a Halloween bat, I guess that's it!
But all the other bat clipart here will be fun to use for all kinds of Halloween stuff, you can decorate the table cloth with them, use them for different table cards, invitations, Halloween games - there is no end to the use of these funny and a little scary bats.

Here are some more bat poems:

Flutter, Flutter!

"Flutter, flutter little bat,
How I wonder where you're at.
Swooping through the darkest night -
You find your way without a light.
Flutter, flutter little bat,
How I wonder where your're at."

I'm a Bat!

I'm a bat (snap, snap)
I'm a bat (snap, snap)
I'm a B-A-T
I'm a bat (snap, snap)
But don't be afraid of me
If I see a mosquito a moth or a gnat
I'll swoop
down and eat it in one second flat!
Couse I'm a bat (snap, snap)
I'm a B-A-T
I'm a bat!

Bat Heads

phyllostoma obscurum bat head bat head black white
bat head clipart

What to do with these bat images:

As I have already mentioned you can use these bat drawings for Halloween invitations and table cards, but there are many other possible ways of using them. Here are just a couple ideas for you:

If you are arranging a Halloween party you can print the bat drawings and then cut them in halves. Put the right halved in one bag or a box, the left halves in another bag.
Then let one half of the guests draw a bat-piece from one bag, the other half from the other bag, and let the guest find their table companion this way.

You can also print a lot of the bat clipart and cut them, then hang them from the ceiling in thing threads so you get the feeling of a bat cave.

And one more bat poem:


I'm a little bat,
hanging upside down.
Days are when I sleep,
at night I hit the town.

Munting bugs and fruits
to fill my little tummy.
When the sun beginds to rise,
I hyrry home to my mummy.

More Bat Clipart:


Flying bat and bats in tree:

flying bat clipart two fruit bats in a tree
Bat in a tree  

More Bats:



Bat Silhouettes:

You will find many more bat silhouettes on the page with Halloween Clipart, but here are some special ones. If you need to make them more scary you can add red spots as eyes.

Vampire bat silhouette
Halloween bat with red eyes

bat clipart

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