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Cool drawings is the main-page for all the cool clip art you can find on this website.


Most of the clipart and drawings on my website are funny clip art, funny drawings, cute graphics and cute cartoon animals. 

 It seems that the funny and cute drawings are more in my line, but the cool cartoon drawings and  cool images will come.

On this page you will find an overview of all the cool stuff such as Koi Fish Drawings , Pirate Clip Art, evil skull drawings, Cool Dragons, cool cows and cool dogs.
So take a look at the overview below:

Overview of All the Cool Stuff:


cool drawings skullsSkulls in abundance. Head skulls, realistic, and some totally not realistic with eyes and hoods and crowns.

Flaming skulls and evil skulls, scary skulls and funny skulls.

Skull and crossbones, and finally different animal skulls like cow skulls and predator skulls.




UMBRELLA CLIPART:umbrella clipart

So many clipart of umbrellas. Different colors, different shapes.

Open umbrellas and folded umbrellas, cute umbrellas and cartoon umbrellas.

You can find it all on this page.



Different drawings and pictures of dragons.

The Chinese dragon, a dragon head, dragons climbing mountains.

You can read a dragon fable, and take a test:

"What Elemental Dragon Are You?"





cool koi fish drawingsBeautiful, colored drawings of
Koi fish.

Here are Koi fish with flowers, and drawings of Koi fish in different colors, together with an explanation of how these different colored fish mean something special.

"You can get some of this meaning from a colorful koi fish, but place the fish in a wave of water and you evoke all of this rich meaning from the Chinese past."





All kinds of arrow drawings like tribal arrows, both in color and in black and white and arrow symbols.

You will also find crossed arrows, and cute cupids with bow and arrow.





book clipart imageHere is a page where you can find lots of drawings and cut-outs of books.

There will be books in different colors, piles of books, open books, books with flying pages.

Books for studying, and in time there will be children's books clipart as well.


TREE CLIPART:tree clipart link

Lots and lots of trees. Tree drawings, tree silhouettes.

Trees with leafage, with green leaves, trees with brown leaves.

Autumn trees and summer trees and winter trees, you can find them all here.



cool drawing of black beard pirateGreat clip art with pirate pictures.

Treasure chests, pirate flags, sharks.
Both more realistic drawings and cartoon pirates.

These pirate clip art are wonderful, colorful, and you can combine them with the drawings of pirate ships, you also find on this page


nautical clipart linkAll kinds of nautical and maritime clipart.

Boats, ship clipart, whales, fish, life belts, anchors - some you will find as cut-outs, some with be vintages drawings, and others again will be watercolor drawings.

You should be able to find whatever you are looking for here, and maybe even something you didn't know you were looking for!


Here are clipart of all kinds of vegetables - tomatoes, cucumber, radish, salad, red and green pepper - you will find them all here.

There are also images of mixed vegetables, and vegetable borders.

Also soon there will be cartoon vegetables with hands and faces.


Lots and lots of fruit clipart.

Clipart of bananas, pineapples, apples, watermelon, cherries and mixed fruit - you can find them all and more to that, on this page.

Almost all have a transparent background, made in PNG, so you can combine them in a lot of ways.

You will also find some very funny fruit clipart.



Great drawings of the bald eagle.










Well, it is not really drawings, as most of the pictures are photos, but I didn't know where else to put these for the moment.







star clipart148 clip art of stars, in all kinds of shapes and colors.

Funny stars with legs and arms, flying starts, framed stars and beautiful 8-pointed stars with rays.
I am sure you will be able to find a star that suits your purpose, otherwise you will also find star templates so you can make your own star.




cool sun drawingsI guess that when I have put the link to star clipart here, this is also where you should find the page with sun clipart.

On this page you can find funny cartoon suns, as well as simple sun drawings and sun symbols.

Even some old Victorian sun drawings and baby suns.

BALLOON CLIPART:cool image of balloon

On this page you can find scary Halloween balloon images, lovely Valentine balloon hearts, lots of red balloon drawings as well as green and pink and orange ones.

There are also clip art of hot air balloons, and balloon clipart with animal faces and funny faces.

Lots and lots of balloon images.


This page with free printable mazes is actually rather cool.

You can find mazes for older kids and adults, but mostly mazes for kids, preschool and kindergarten.

Try some of this mazes, print them for your kids, and you will all have a lot of fun, especially because many of these maze sheets are also coloring pages.


Beautiful drawings and clip art from the Victorian era, as well as a explanation of what this Victorian era actually is.

Here are drawings of steam boats and steam locomotives, old Victorian drawings of animals, and cut outs of Victorian ladies showing the latest fashion.






Cut-outs from photos of classic car shows, mostly, and these clip art of classic car pics are with a transparent background.

Also clip art of old, Victorian steam tractors, beautifully maintained.

Old sports cars, and even an old Vintage classic caravan.


You can use all these cool images for letters, scrapbooks, invitations, art projects, websites and what ever you might think of.

There are only two limitations on your use of this original clip art. You may not overuse it, i.e. if you want to use more than ten pieces of my clipart in one project or webpage, please contact me. And there is no using these clip arts for negative purposes. 

That's it for limitations! Not so bad, is it? Apart from the above two limitations you can use all the graphics here for free, no strings attached. (Yes, you can even use them in commercial projects as long as you observe the two above limitations). You are most welcome to credit me for the things you use, but you don't have to.


You can go back to Homepage from here, or maybe you would like to visit Animal Clip Art with clipart of many different animals, even a fly.

If you are interested in more funny animals, you are welcome to visit Cartoon drawings of Animals.

One more page, that I think has quite cool drawings, is the page Bald Eagle Pictures. Have a look!cool drawings bald eagle

Or you can just try the different buttons to the left, to see where they take you.


I have recently added one more page to this main page, even though it uses photo more than drawings, but right now I don't see where else I can put it:

Picture Quotes, where you can find love picture quotes, good morning picture quotes and even 4th of July quotes.

             love quote with old lady on bench



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