Cartoon Hippo Clipart

A page with cartoon hippo clipart?
Of course. The hippo simply invites to making drawings of flying hippos, dancing hippos, cute hippo babies and hungry hippos.


When you have seen Walt Disney's Fantasia you can never forget the graceful hippos dancing ballet, and I guess that is what a long time ago inspired me to make drawings for Party clipart with a cute hippo in ballet outfit.

Now I have made a page with Hippo pictures, so here comes a lot of not so realistic hippo clipart:

cartoon hippo party guy
cartoon hippo in summer rain hippo dancing ballet
two cartoon hippos on beach with wine hippopotamus in bathtub


Below you will find hippo drawings of flying hippos, and I think this poem goes well with that.

Hippo Poem:

You can choose if you prefer the happy ending, the unhappy ending or the chicken ending:

There once was a hippo that wanted to fly - Fly-hi-dee, try-hi-dee, my-hi-dee.

So he sewed him som wings that could flap throug the sky - Sky-hi-dee, fly-hi-dee, why-hi-dee.

He climbed to the top of a mountain  of snow - Snow-hi-dee, slow-hi-dee, oh-hi-dee.

With the clouds high above and the sea down below - Where-hi-dee, there-hi-dee, scare-hi-dee.

(Happy Ending)

And he flipped and he flapped and he bellowed so loud - Now-hi-dee, loud-hi-dee, proud-hi-dee.

And he sailed like an eagle, off into the clouds - High-hi-dee, fly-hi-dee, bye-hi-dee.

(Unhappy ending)

And he leaped like a frog and he fell like a stone - Stone-hi-dee, lone-hi-dee, own-hi-dee.

And he crashed and he drowned and he broke all his bones - Bones-hi-dee, moans-hi-dee, groans-hi-dee.

(Chicken ending)

He looked up at the sky and looked down at the sea - Sea-hi-dee, free-hi-dee, whee-hi-dee.

And he turned and went home and had cookies and tea - That's-hi-dee, all-hi-dee, I must say.





hippo with blue bucket fat cartoon hippo hippopotamus dentist clip art
side view of cartoon hippo hippo clip art with pattern hippo with many colors


Here comes one more hippo poem, by Oden Nash:

Behold the hippopotamus!

We laugh at how he looks to us,

and yet in moments dark and grim,

I wonder how we look to him!

Peace, peace, thou hippopotamus.

We really look alright to us,

as you now doubt delight the eye

of other hippopotami.




cartoon hippo in coffe cup sleeping hippo black white drawing
sleeping hippo simple drawing color cartoon hippo on treadmill
hippo clip art dancing male butterfly

Here in the end of the page I have made some PNG hippo pictures of real live hippos:

female hippo with baby hippo clip art open mouth clipart of hippo side view


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