Free Easter Clip Art Images

Easter Clip art do not disturb eggThis page with Free Easter Clip Art Images is a page packed with all kinds of free Easter images.

Here  you will find some images with Easter bunnies (there is also another page with only Easter Bunnies), but also Easter chicks, hens, sheep, lambs, eggs, flowers - indeed everything that I myself think of as connected to Easter.

The Easter images will be saved and presented in either PNG or JPEG.
If saved and presented in PNG, the background is transparent, and the clipart will be great on e.g. colored backgrounds or placed together with other Easter motives on a card or invitation.

With clip art saved as JPEG the background is as you see it.
To help you choose, I will write the file format below each Easter image.

As you might already have discovered, there is also a page on this website called Easter Bunny Clipart, with lots of Easter bunny drawings. Below on this page you will find picture links to other relevant pages here.

About the rules for using my clipart, please read on Homepage. The rules are quite simple, and made so that it is easy for you to use the images.

 Wonderful Free Easter Clip Art Images:


Easter images funny hen  Easter chicks and hen 
Cute Easter bunny image  Easter clipart hen eggs 
home sweet home Easter egg 
do not disturb Easter egg 

Some Easter Poems and Wishes: 

The Easter Bunny

Once I saw the Easter Bunny
Come hop, hop, hop.
So I cried, "Dear Bunny,
Will you stop, stop, stop?"

I ran to the window
To say, "how do you do?"
But he shook his fluffy tail,
And said, "Happy Easter to You."

Wishing your Easter is decorated
with love, peace, joys of spring
and the season's blessings!
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter
My wishes for you this Easter:
Good health,
Good Fortune
and fulfilling life.

Free Clip Art Images Easter Borders


Vintage Easter Clipart:

Easter hare and chicken dancing  Easter angel with lamb 
Easter clipart child with Easter eggs  free Easter clip art with child and hare 
Easter chicken clip art  head of Easter bunny 
vintage Easter with cross  Easter flower cross forget-me-not 
vintage Easter egg woman Easter egg with flowers
Easter basket with eggs and flowers basket with Easter flowers

Easter egg roll:

Every Easter my family gather in our common holiday house for a  Easter lunch.
Every member of the family brings a dish that is somehow connected to Easter. It can be a dish with lamb, eggs in mustard sauce, baked chicken - and sometimes strange dishes invented for the day :-)

After eating and talking we start decorating the hard boiled eggs, and it is always great fun. Children and adults use all their imagination, and the results are impressing (and sometimes very, very hopeless).

When the decorating is finished, we all go for a walk out to the grassland. We are so lucky that there are some very beautiful hills nearby.

As it is common for families to do the egg roll at Easter, the grassland is full of families, all searching for the best slope.

When we have finally decided for a good slope, the egg roll starts. We start with the youngest ones, and everybody is very enthusiastic about every result. After the first round we mark the position of the egg that was farthest, and everybody gets another round (if the egg is not smashed, which often happens in the heat of the competition).

Finally the winner gets a chocolate egg as a price, and of course the kids all get a small price as well.

More Free Easter Clip Art Images:

decorated Easter eggs hare 
Easter chicks image 
Easter egg thief  cute Easter chicken 
Easter clip art running chicken  Strange Easter egg 
Easter angel with clover  Easter clip art egg with flower 
pink Easter chick yellow Easter chicken
Easter lamb and chicken Easter lamb
hen with chicken
Easter chicken clipart PNG

You can read more about Easter here on this website,, and you can find more pictures of Easter eggs here: Wikimedia Commons

Easter Basket Clipart


watercolor Easter basket with decorated eggs Easter basket with eggs and bow
happy Easter basket greeting  Easter basket watercolor flowers 
Easter basket clipart bunny flowers  wooden bucket with colored Easter eggs

Easter Egg Clipart


four decorated Easter eggs clipart Eastser eggs decorated clipart
decorated Easter Egg clipart decorated Easter egg drawing
Easter egg ornaments clipart Easter egg and flowers clipart
Decorated Easer egg clipart Egg decorated with flower drawings clipart

More Free Easter Clipart


Girl dressed as cute bunny PNG Little Easter girl with toy bunny PNG
cute Easter clipart girl dressed as bunny little Easter rabbit girl

Easter Egg Hunt Clipart:


Easter egg hunt clipart Easter egg hunt clipart for kids
egg hunt clipart girl balloon basket
Kids' Easter egg hunt clipart Cute funny clipart Easter egg hunt for kids
kids enjoying Easter egg hunt clipart kids collecting Easter eggs clipart

Easter egg hunt collection clipart

Easter Clipart Black and White


black and white Easter egg clipart decorated black and white clipart Easter egg
black and white Easter bunny clipart Easter rabbit cliaprt black and white
bunny clipart black and white Easter egg hunt clipart black and white

black and white Easter egg hunt clipart

 Decorated Easter Eggs Craft

Some years ago my brother in law introduced a very beautiful way of decorating the Easter eggs (it is actually a very old way, I just didn't know it):

You save the onion peels from the onions you use for the Easter lunch.

Then you wrap the eggs with the onion peel, keep it together with a string or rubber band, and boil the egg for approx. 1-2 hours. It leaves the egg with a beautiful colored surface.

If you want to make it even prettier, you can start with placing a few leaves or flowers under the onion peel. That will leave an even more beautiful pattern on the egg, as you can see below on the pictures.

                Easter egg decorated with onion peel            Onion peel decorated Easter egg


More Free Easter Clip Art Images:


Here are some Public Domain graphics for Easter:

First this one with lots of yellow Easter chickens for the table.

I have always loved these simple chickens made of pipe cleaner, they are small and sweet and just the right size for almost everything:


Easter lunch decoration three yellow Easter chickens
Russian Easter egg decoration hatching chicken egg
chicken and colore Easter eggs Easter chick clipart
Easter basket Easter hare and eggs

Easter clipart theme

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