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cool dragons clipartOh, this is funny! Making cool dragons and dragon clipart. I have always loved dragons, have been reading books about dragons for my children, and I love fantasy, films and books.


Most of the dragon clipart here will be saved in PNG format, which means you can place the dragons drawings on top of other colors, in landscapes, in logos etc.

Some of them you can work with in a drawing program and give them different colors or texture, like I have done with the Japanese dragons below.

I have also found some amazing dragon drawings that are public domain, so I am able to provide you with lots of different dragons.
Chinese dragons, water dragons, dragon babies, and what else might pop up in my head.

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Dragon Clipart


Japanese gold dragon

                  dragon border

You can use the dragon clip art on letters, mails, invitations, scrapbooks, websites and a lot more.
 About the rules for using my original material, please go to Homepage. The rules are few and simple, because I want it to be as close to public domain as possible.

Free Dragon Pictures


cool dragon sketch cool dragon caped red and green
Cool dragon green drawing cool dragons clip art
Dragon clip art Dragon clip art
fire-breathing dragon fire-breathing dragon clipart
Fire-breathing dragon GIF
dragon skeleton  gold dragon head clipart 

                    dragon border

What Elemental Dragon Are You?


You will find more cool dragons later on this page, but here you will also find:

Dragonology and Dragon Fable

(The following information must be taken with a rather huge grain of salt, but if you like the thought of a world, where dragons are still living in remote areas, please read on!)

Dragonology is a rather neglected science, which unfortunately is not very widespread at universities anymore.

There are few books about the subject, such as "Dragon World - Secrets of the Dragon Domain" by S A Caldwell, and "Dr. Ernest Drakes Dragonology", both should be possible to find in libraries of a certain standard.

Stories about dragons, their origin, living conditions, propagation, types of dragons, etc. are numerous and often highly variable.
Almost every country has it own Dragon Fable,  and the fables are of course particularly alive in areas where dragons can still live in peace.

Once you have been bitten by the science of Dragonology, it's incredibly entertaining to travel around the world, to seek out  elderly people who usually still remember the most fantastic stories about dragons, dragon fighters and dragon riders.

Often this is the same person, who saves the region's discovery of dragon claws, dragon skin, and maybe a piece of a dragon egg.
And if this very person allows it, you will also find oral or written dragon tales about blue dragons, bearded dragons, fire dragons, fire breathing dragons (which some common people might think is the same thing, but as you will see later, that is not the fact!) and Chinese dragons.

                    dragon border      

Now I will give you some more Dragon Clip Art, and later present you with the Dragon Fable:

More Cool Dragons:


Dragon drawings head of blue dragon head of flying blue dragon clip art
cool dragons green dragon climbing rock dragons drawings cool fire dragon
cool blue dragon

                     dragon border

Legend of the Dragon

The first dragons lived on earth even before man. They were created in the fire and the extreme heat that occurred during the violent volcano eruptions and massive earthquakes when continents broke away from each other.

Some dragonologists claim that earth was at the same time bombarded with meteors, maybe the meteors were actually the cause for the changes with the one great continent divided into more and smaller ones.

Anyway,  these dragonologists believe that these meteors brought with them eggs from giant reptiles from other planets.

Other dragonologists claim that the enormous heat somehow influenced the eggs of dinosaurs and other giant reptiles, already living on earth, and thereby created these fantastic creatures, the dragons.

But which version it might be: The dragons were here on Earth.

As the continents moved apart, the dragons spread all over the world,  and eventually they evolved into different species.
Some of them are extinct, such as the Celtic Dragon (though some dragonologists  are convinced that the Celtic Dragon is still living in some remote areas), but apart from that we know of several different major species today, some of these you can se depicted below.

gold cool dragon clipart 

Dragon Pictures:


Chinese dragon blue  Chinese dragon clipart purple orange 
Chinese dragon green  Chinese dragon purple 

                   dragon border

Dragon Silhouette


black dragon silhouette Asian dragon silhouette
curly dragon clipart 
chinese dragon silhouette 
dragon silhouette black black dragon silhouette large wings
cool dragon silhouette
standing dragon black flying dragon silhouette

                   dragon border

Cartoon Dragon Clipart


cute baby dragon baby dragon
cartoon dragon drawing sad cartoon dragon 
cute dragon purple cute waving dragon
cute blue cartoon dragon cool cartoon dragon with sunglasses

               dragon border

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