Bee Clipart

bee clipart drawing

Bee clipart - lots of funny bee drawings. They might not be realistic, but they are charming and with their transparent background they can be used on any colored background or on top of other drawings like drawings of flowers or drawings of beehives. 

Below you will also find other bee drawings as well as cut-outs of bees from different bee photos.

There are so many different kinds of bees, unfortunately the number of bees in many countries are receding. I try in my own little kitchen garden to make the best possible conditions for the wild bees, planting plants I know the bees like, as well as making a "bee-hotel". I know it is not much, but at least all the rooms in the "bee-hotel" minus one are occupied :-)

If you want to use my clip art for your own personal use, you can use as much as you like.

 If you would like to use the clipart for books, websites and the likes, please go to Homepage to read about the rules for using my clipart. 

Bee Clipart

bee clipart funny bee cartoon bee drawing clipart
bee baby clipart
bee border

A Few Short Bee Poems


The Bee

"Away in the meadow
Amid the red clover,
The funniest music
Goes over and over:
The honey-bee singing
His song to the clover.
The words, they are set
To a rhythmical tune,
A rumble, and bumble
And zoon, zoon, zoon
Zoon! goes the honey-bee,
over and over
Humming his tune
to the blossoming clover."


Little Busy Bumblebee

Little busy bumblebee
Goes buzz, buzz, buzz
Gathers yummy honey
It does, does, does.

bee border

Watercolor Bee Clipart


watercolor cute bee clipart waving bee clipart watercolor
bee with honey jar bee seen from the back
bee-hive-flowers-bees-honey flying bee clipart watercolor

More Bee Clipart


Bee with heart wings PNG  Black white bee drawing PNG 
Bee with heart shaped wings PNG  Bee drawing in color PNG 
Bee drawing JPEG  Cartoon bee clipart PNG 
Honeycomb clipart PNG Bee silhouette PNG

bee border

More Bee Poems

The Bumblebee

"Buzz, buzz, buzz" said the bumblebee.
Here it comes, he's after me.
Oh no he's not, for I can see,
He's on his way to the apple tree.

"Little busy bumblebee
Goes buzz, buzz, buzz
Gathers yummy honey
It does, does, does."

bee border

Bee Images

Funny bee cartoon figure PNG  Silhouette of bumble bee PNG 
funny bee cartoon figure 
Flying bee drawing PNG  Pilot cartoon bee images PNG 
Bee silhouette clipart PNG Bee illustration clipart PNG
Cute and funny bee PNG Cute bee drawing PNG
Funny cute bee clipart PNG Baby bee drawing PNG 
Clipart small fat bee PNG 

bee border

I had planned to make a lot of cut-outs of different kinds of bees, but I must admit that working with these bee photos close up, as I have to do to remove the background from the photo, the images of the bees started to look rather scary.

So I have only made these four cut-outs of bees for you, two of them of flying bees. I hope you will have enough to choose from for your project.

If you need more photos of bees I can recommend the page

and if you would like to read about bees, try

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Bee Clipart

Honey bee cut-out PNG  Honey bee cut-out with pollen PNG 
Bee on flower PNG  Bee on flower pink rose JPEG 
Flying honey bee clipart PNG  Flying bee image PNG 
Bee on pink flower PNG
Honeycomb drawing PNG

bee border

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