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This page, Party Game Ideas, Party Theme Ideas, will be the main page for all the pages on this site about party.

I started out with Party Clip Art, but now you will also find pages like Graduation Party Ideas, Retirement Party Ideas, Bachelorette Party Ideas, Kids Party Ideas and many more.

So there will on this page be an overview of all these party pages you can find on my website, with a small description and a picture, and you can jump directly to the page you want by clicking on the page or the link

Below on this page you will also find a lot of tips for free party ideas such as

Pirate themed birthday party

Teen party games

Tea party ideas

Make a piñata

where I am sure you will find a great idea party-wise for kids and adults, that you can use in many other party themes.


Overview of all the sub-pages to the page Party Game Ideas, Party Theme Ideas:

party game ideas clip artPARTY CLIP ART:

This page is filled with funny party clip art such as clowns, balloons, clip art for tea party, crazy clip art with dancing hippos, ballet shoes, LP's, dancing silhouettes, gramophone and more like that. You can also find clip art for parties on the page Birthday Clip Art.




Get ideas for dinosaur party games, lots of free printable dinosaur birthday invitations and birthday greeting cards with dinosaurs.




40th birthday party cakeEven if you don't think turning 40 is that special, you might need some ideas about how to celebrate these 40 years. On this page you will find 40th birthday quotes, ideas for 40th birthday party games, for 40th birthday invitations and more.



Lots and lots of great ideas for scavenger hunts and treasure hunts. Learn how to make a picture treasure hunt, a treasure hunt with detective theme, and find lots of funny secret code makers/breakers.



This page gives you lots of bachelor party ideas and bachelor party games, both cheap and more expensive. Ideas that you can use as they are, or you can use them as inspiration for your bachelor party. Just remember, this party is for the groom and not  the bachelor party.


gifts for the bachelorette partyBACHELORETTE PARTY IDEAS:

For friends and family who wants to make a memorable, fun and enjoyable bachelorette party, with ideas for bachelorette gifts, ideas for location, bachelorette party ideas for food and more.



engagement party ideas Ideas about party food ideas, engagement party invitations and place cards, engagement party ideas for gifts, and ideas for the perfect toast.



party game ideas for graduation partyGRADUATION PARTY IDEAS:

Together with the page Graduation Clipart you have here so many ideas about graduation party food, graduation party invitations, games for graduation parties and a lot more.



Great ideas for Halloween party themes:

Murder Mystery, Pumpkin-Carving Party, Monster Party. Or what about having a Wacky Witches Party?
Read all about these ideas on this page.


Great pirate party invitations as well as pirate greeting cards, and lots of ideas for pirate games.

This page should make it easier for you to arrange an at-home pirate party for your kids and their friends.


  party game ideas for kids partyKIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS:

This page leads you to so many great pages here with lots of ideas for arranging an at-home birthday party. You will also find links to pages here with free printable birthday cards for kids of different ages.


A great page with printable invitations and birthday cards, ideas for birthday games for this first birthday, lots of good advice for arranging a successful 1st birthday.



If you are a parent to a soon-to-be 2 year old toddler, this page will give you free printable birthday invitations and really good help for the guests buying the perfect birthday present.



Here you have a page with so many inspirational ideas about how you can make a fun and original retirement party, with retirement humor, retirement party games and retirement party decorations.

party game ideas for princess partyPRINCESS PARTY IDEAS:

For making an entertaining princess party, birthday or just a normal party, this page is great providing you with all the most necessary tips about food, decorations, invitations and princess party games.


party game ideas for slumber partySLUMBER PARTY IDEAS:

A great page with lots of ideas of how to make a really funny and nice slumber party for your kids ( and not too troublesome for you!)



Party game ideas:

You cannot throw an unforgettable party without fun party games to keep everyone entertained and wondering what else you have planned for them.
Hundreds of funny party games exist to accommodate any type of theme party ideas you may be thinking about implementing in a party.

For example, these funny party games can help with the planning of any kind of party since they are applicable to all festivities:

Package Pass--Wrap some kind of small gift, such as candy, in about ten or 15 layers of wrapping paper.
Start playing music as the gift is passed from one person to another. When you randomly stop the music, whoever is in possession of the gift must unwrap one layer of wrapping. Keep the "package pass" game going until the person who removes the last layer wins the prize.

Word Association--This game is one of the easiest party game ideas.
You should have at least five people playing to make it more fun.
Have someone begin by saying a word aloud, such as "apple.” The next person needs to say that word, plus another word that is associated with it. For example, the second person would say, "apple-tree"; the third person would say, "apple-tree-leaf" and so on.
Whoever hesitates, forgets a word or repeats a word is out of the game.

Other traditional party game ideas for both kids and adult parties include:

• Pin the tail on the donkey or boss, for adults needing office party games
• Truth or Dare
• Limbo game
• Musical chairs
• Simon Says
• Charades
• Sack race
• Darts

Party theme ideas are virtually endless, ranging from common to eclectic. Themes can also help you with party game ideas as well:

• 1960s, 70s or 80s retro theme
• Caribbean or Hawaiian luau theme
• Harry Potter
• Mexican fiesta
• Old West
• Las Vegas/casino
• Space, planets and stars for the astronomy buff
• Gothic based on Twilight movie series
• Over the Hill an oldie but a goodie
• Beach party
• Safari party

Party Games for Kids

Party game ideas for kids include:

Musical statues--Similar to musical chairs only kids need to remain standing at all time. Play some animated music and let kids move or dance any way they like.
However, tell them when you stop playing music, they must stand completely still until the music starts playing again or they are out of the game.
Little children love this game because it allows them to wriggle around and expend energy when they must stay inside for a party.

Make a Mummy--Divide children into two groups.
Give each group a full roll of toilet paper. Have them designate one person in their group as the "mummy.”
Using a timer watch, instruct each group that the first team who is the first to neatly wrap their mummy wins the game. Rules include covering up as much of the mummy's body as possible without tearing the most toilet paper.

Many party game ideas involve balloons:

Sit on the Balloon--Put folded notes in balloons that have not been inflated indicating 4th place winner, 3rd place winner, runner-up and 1st place winner.
Blow up the balloons and let kids pick the one they want to pop by sitting on it.
Prizes for the winners could be things like candy, small toys or school items.

When the weather is nice, try planning to have childrens party games outside.
Popular outdoor party game ideas include Tag--You're It, Treasure Hunt and Kickball.

To involve your child in his or her own party, let them create affordable childrens party invitations by printing out various birthday party clipart found at Party Clip Art and Birthday Clip Art, as well as most other pages here, like Cartoon Drawings of Animals and Valentine Bear .
All you need to make unique kids party invitations is glue, scissors, colored construction paper, card stock, clipart images and decorative items such as glitter, ribbons, lace and markers.

Pirate Birthday Party: Ahoy Mateys!

party game ideas pirateIf you plan to give a boy a pirate birthday party, some suggestions regarding pirate party invitations are:

• Cut out invitations in the shape of a pirate hat. Color and decorate with skull and crossbones clipart. Write party information on the back.

• Print a map template that resembles an old map of the world and write the invitation in pirate-speak. For example, you could say "Ahoy ye gals and salty dogs. Join our crew to sail the ocean blue. Jacob is turning three!"

• Make scroll invitations by purchasing small wooden rods and attaching them to invitations.

Find some great free pirate coloring printables on the page Pirate Coloring Pages.

Party game ideas for pirate party games include:

Find the treasure--Bury two different treasures in your backyard such as bag of candy or small toys and divide party members into two groups.
Give each group a treasure map that points them to various areas of the yard where hints are given as to where the real treasure is located.

Hooking the Candy Cane--You have to have a hook for a hand to be a real pirate.
Give each child a 16-ounce or larger plastic drinking cup. Cut a small hole in the bottom just big enough to stick the long end of a candy cane into and have kids put the cups on their hands.
Make sure the curved end of the candy cane is sticking out of the bottom of the cup. Using this "prosthesis,” let kids see how many pretzel ribbons they can pick up out of a large bowl of pretzels in one minute

Magnetic fishing game-- Fish-related party game ideas go well with pirate-themed parties also.
Using a wooden pole or stick, tie a long string to the tip of the pole and a magnet on the bottom portion of the string.
Print various clipart animal images and cut them out, attaching one paper clip to each picture. Place the clipped images in a big box and let kids go fishing one by one.
Designate one animal picture as the prizewinner.

Safari Party

Safari-themed parties are always a hit with kids as well as party game ideas associated with this theme.

Pin the tail on the tiger, zebra, monkey or elephant

Safari guide says--Played like "Simon Says" only the instructions have to relate to jungle animals

Elephant peanut race--Divide guests into two teams, first team to push a peanut over the finish line with their noses is the winner

Guess the animal--Purchase a bag of small plastic jungle animal figures and put all of them in a pillowcase. Have each child reach into the bag and feel one animal until they think they know what kind of animal they are touching.

Funny ideas party-wise for safari-themed parties can be outdoors as well, such as treasure hunts and find the animal-type games.

Tea Party Ideas

party game ideas tea partyTea parties are becoming more and more popular among young girls and women who enjoy drinking different kinds of tea and socializing with their friends.

 You can create some beautiful invitations by printing Party Clip Art  associated with tea parties onto card stock and personalizing each invitation with a handwritten message.

Party game ideas for children's tea parties generally involve entertainment appealing to little girls, like playing house or taking care of dolls.

More Fun Party Games Ideas:

Kid party ideas for entertainment may also involve having the party at a park, zoo or amusement park.
Some party game ideas at a park would be games like capture the flag and hide and seek. Ask some of the parents if they would like to help chaperone in case you plan to entertain many children in large public places.

Other party invitation ideas include printing out templates of online party invitations and embellishing them with Party Clipart to accommodate the theme of your party.
Templates will already have places for "time,” "date" and other necessary messages so all you have to do is add some fun clipart.

Party Game Ideas for Teenagers

it's party time teenagers party ideasIt is a little more difficult to find teen party games that teenagers will actually play, so encourage them to share their party game ideas. Older teens prefer to talk, socialize, watch television, play video games and eat at parties but younger adolescents still like to play games. Here are some fun party games that might interest younger teenagers:

Balloon Truth or Dare--Place truth or dare questions written on small pieces of paper inside balloons not yet inflated.
The amount of balloons you need depends on how many people are at the party. After blowing up the balloons, give everyone a stickpin and have one guest at a time pop a balloon.
A truth question could be something like "Who is your secret crush"? and a dare could be "Take off your shoes and socks and wriggle your toes in front of everybody.”

Blindfold drawing--Everybody gets a pad, pencil and a blindfold. Write down the names of animals on slips of folded paper and put the slips in a bowl.
Have everyone draw an animal name, keeping the name to themselves, then proceed put the blindfold over their eyes and draw the animal.
When everyone is finished, the winner is who has the most recognizable animal.

Outdoor party game ideas include:

Water balloon toss--For a summer birthday party, have guests wear bathing suits to your party to enjoy a water balloon competition in the backyard.

Beanbag toss--If it isn't warm enough to get wet, a beanbag toss competition is always fun and enjoyed by teens and adults

Feeding the Partygoers

In addition to gathering a variety of party game ideas, hosts need to think about party food ideas as well.
Food choice will depend on the theme of the party in addition to whether it is an outdoor or indoor party and how old those in attendance will be.
For young children's parties, finger food is the safest and neatest type of food to serve.

Party food ideas for children two to five years old are:

Hot dogs in a roll--All you need to do to make this party snack is cut hot dogs in half, roll each half in a crescent roll and bake. Have cups of ketchup and mustard available so kids can dip their mini-hot dogs in the condiment of their choice.

Mini-cupcakes are always popular and do not make the mess that a regular sized cupcake usually entails when eaten by a youngster.

Bagel pizza bites--You can purchase these already made or make them yourself.

Cheese cubes and apple slices tray--Nutritious and no mess!

Party Games Ideas using Party Clipart

These party game ideas are easy to turn into fun birthday party ideas for the younger set:

Picture bingo--This is a nice game for younger children who cannot read or are just learning to read.
Find easily recognizable images of animals or everyday items and make bingo cards using these pictures instead of numbers. Keep track of what pictures you use by writing down the names of the images.
Give each child a bingo card and crayon and tell him or her to mark off the name of the picture you say aloud. When someone has marked off all pictures on their card, tell them to yell "Bingo"!

Coloring game--Prior to the party, print out coloring sheets or Party Clipart images that reflect the theme of your party.
Give guests crayons and watercolor markers with which to color. Let the children decide who has done the best job with their picture.

As a keepsake for your child's party, purchase the largest white poster board you can find and tape it on the wall.
If the children are old enough to write, have each one write their names on the poster board as well as the date.
Let everyone add their own uniquely creative touch to the keepsake by drawing anything image they want next to their name.
Have a pile of funny, cartoon clipart images already cut out from which they can choose one to paste on the poster board as well.

Make a piñata--You can make your own piñata by following these simple directions:

You can make a piñata as a party decoration, or you can make the piñata as an fun idea party-wise to make a game where the party guests shall hit the piñata to get to the candy you have placed inside it.

Items you will need:

• 3 cups of water
• 2 cups of flour
• 1 balloon (size depends on how many kids are attending the party)
• Newspaper cut into one-inch wide strips
• Crayons, markers and birthday clipart images
• String
• Crepe paper (red, blue, purple, yellow)

party game ideas piñataFirst, mix water and flour together to make a paste.

Blow up the balloon and secure the end with string.

Dip newspaper strips into the paste and begin laying strips over the balloon until it is covered with paste and strips. Leave an opening at the top of the balloon, about three inches in diameter.

Let the balloon dry, and then apply another layer of newspaper and paste. When that has completely dried, pop the balloon with a pin and remove the deflated piece of balloon.

Decorate the piñata with Party Clipart, paint and crepe paper streamers. Glue images of the party's theme on the piñata as well as pictures of birthday cakes, candles and "Happy Birthday" text. To hang the piñata, poke two holes near the top and pull string through the holes.

Whether you are searching the Internet or your own imagination for party game ideas, keep in mind the age of the guests and the theme of the party. Narrowing down your search will facilitate finding the most entertaining games for your party.



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