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Welcome to a page with cartoon drawings of animals. For now there will be a mix of different kinds of animals, later maybe they will be divided into different pages with funny clipart of elephants, cartoon kangaroo, cartoon drawings of dogs,  Funny Cute Dogs and Funny Monkey Drawings.

You will also find funny drawings of animals on other pages such as  Owl Clip Art. You can see below on this page all the pages related to this one.

There will be cute cartoon animals and funny clipart, with white background or transparent background, depending if they are saved in GIF/PNG-format or in JPEG. To make it more easy  I will write it under the drawing.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the cartoon animal clip art and find the ones you can use, either for a invitation, for scrapbook, web-sites or maybe for an e-mail or a letter.

There are only two limitations for using my funny graphics, and those two limitations are just pure common sense. You can find the precise description on Homepage.

If you would like animal clipart as cut-outs from photos, please go to Animal Clip Art

Funny Cartoon Drawings of Animals:


funny cartoon cow
cartoon drawing of beaver  cartoon fairy 
cartoon seagull landing 
cartoon dog as geography teacher 

I am making a page with cartoon hippos, and I realized that I'd better place some of these cartoon hippos here on this page as well, as many readers of my site only visits 2-3 pages when they visit (unless you are one of my many regular readers, thank you).

The same goes for the funny penguin characters and owl clip art.
If you want more of these images with hippos, owls and penguins, please see the links below on this page.

I am also making a lot of picture quotes, where I make drawings with animals, and these animals can also be placed here, as they are cartoon drawings of animals.

More cartoon animal clip art:


Cartoon bugs:


cartoon emperor beetle  cartoon insect crawling  
cartoon insect png  spiderish cartoon drawing 
small flying insect 

More Cartoon Animal Drawings

raccoon cartoon figure 
funny blue cartoon fish  cartoon drawing of raccoon 

Cartoon Kittens:

orange pink cat clipart  light brown cat cartoon drawing 
blue kitten cartoon  cartoon kitten standing 
cute cartoon kitten 

Where Would You Like to Go Next?

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Funny Drawings: Funny drawings of animals as well as other kinds of funny drawings - take a look. Penguin Clipart: Funny cartoon drawings of penguins as well as other penguin pictures, drawings and cut-outs.
Mouse Clipart: Funny mice cartoon drawings as well as other mouse clip art. Owl Clipart: All kinds of owl drawings, funny ones, old drawings, sketches of owls - it's all there.



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