Hedgehog Clipart

Hedgehog clipart  - how hard can it be to make that?
A lot harder than you think, I can tell you. As I am making these clip art with a transparent background, I have used hours with all these little hedgehog spikes. 

I guess that is why you don't find that many hedgehog pictures with transparent background, but here they are, and aren't the just some cute hedgehogs! I especially like the clip art of the hedgehog with an almost white fur, I think it must be an African pygmy hedgehog, which is often kept as a pet hedgehog.

You can use my clipart for free, and as long as you use it for your own personal use, like invitations and greetings, you are welcome to use as much as you like.

If you want to use it for websites and books, please go to Homepage to read about the rules for using my clipart.

hedgehog border

Cute Hedgehogs:

­cut-out hedgehog transparent background
adorable little hedgehog old hedgehog drawing
cut-out hedgehog clipart 

hedgehog border

Hedgehog Poems:

The fox has many tricks.
The hedgehog has but one.
But that is the best of all.

~ Ralp Waldo Emerson

Hedgehog shuffles through the field
with darkness ever near.
He likes to feel the flowers there,
but of the dark he has no fear.

The Hedgehog
The gardener is angry
the gardener is cross,
for a hedgehog steals his flowers
and puts them in a sauce.

Cartoon Hedgehog


Cute cartoon hedgehog           
clipart cute little hedgehog
surprised cartoon hedgehog caracter hedgehog with fall leaves

hedgehog border

If you want to make a hedgehog shed in your garden, here is a video that shows how easy it is. I am aware that it is in Danish, but it is so simple that you actually don't have to understand the language. Just know that you don't have to use a wooden board on top of the pallet, the plastic will do just fine. The important thing is that the hedgehog shed will be nice and dry.

I know for sure that I will make one for our summer cottage. Then the hedgehog will help by eating all the harmful snails that almost cover the lawn by rain.

You can read more about the hedgehog at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog

More Hedgehog Clipart:

hedgehog child with teeth 
running hedgehog high speed 

hedgehog border

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