Elephant Pictures

This page, Elephant Pictures, will give you a lot of elephant photos, both of the African elephants and the Indian elephants.

The photos will mostly be of the Indian elephant, also called the Asian elephant, because I have taken these great pictures of elephants in the Zoo in Copenhagen, and the Zoo here was given these wonderful animals as a gift some years ago from Thailand.

You can use the clip art with African elephants and Indian elephants for so many things: For invitations, for letters, school projects, mails, place cards, gift cards, you name it!

Some of the pictures are quite big, some smaller.

Click the picture you like and you will se the largest version in a new tab, this one is also the one you get to download clicking the download button.

The rules for using my original material are quite simple, read more about it on Homepage. Actually it is only common sense, so do not overuse it, and do not use it for any negative purpose.

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Newborn Elephant Baby:

Baby elephant trunk Asian elephant with baby elephant in zoo
Young elephant baby elephant on adventures
Female elephants and baby Asian elephants playing with mud
Indian elephant and baby elephant
Asian elephant mother and child zoo elephant mother child

Facts about the newborn elephant baby:

The newborn weighs around 100 kg, has red eyes and has long hair on the body. It drinks milk several times a day, with the mouth, and gains approx. 1 kg/day. It can't control it's trunk.

At the age of 1 year it still suckles, but also eats green feed. It is adventurous. Weighs approx. 400-450 kg.

The pictures above are taken in that zoo in Copenhagen of the baby elephant and the herd of female elephants, all Indian elephants.

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 Here is a very cute and funny video with a baby elephant, who wants to play, and the mother just wants a little peace:



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African Elephant Pictures:


Elephants in Africa Botswana
assembly elephants in dry season Africa

African elephant pictures from Kenya African elephant male photo 
African bush elephant picture  Male African elephant picture 
African elephant with tusks  African elephant Savannah 
Mother and child elephant in Africa  African elephant crossing road 
elephant pictures african elephant bush  elephant pictures african elephants family 

More Pictures of African Elephants

two African elephants walking
African elephant picture mother and baby

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Trading with elephants or products generating from elephants is forbidden, more than 170 countries have signed the convention, which is called CITES.

In spite of this, massive trade with ivory still takes place.

African ivory is exported illegally via India to Thailand and Myanmar.

This trade with ivory is a great threat to the elephant in both Africa and India, so please think twice when you by souvenirs and don't buy things made of ivory.

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Indian Elephants:

As you can see on this picture of the male and female Indian elephants together, the male is a lot bigger than the female.

Both the male and the female has tusks, but whereas the males tusks are large, the females tusks are so small, that you can only see them if you lift the skin that covers them.

The huge male elephant you see here on these photos has had it's tip of the tusks cut off to make sure he doesn't hurt himself or the females and baby elephants.

The Indian elephant (also called the Asian elephant) has much smaller ears than the African elephant.


happy elephant elephant having a shower 
elephant peeing and shitting  Female Asian-elephant
Asian female elephant nursing young one  elephant playground in zoo
picture-of-elephant  Indian elephant in zoo 

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Below you will see a picture of an elephant peeing, I thought I had better put that picture on as well as the others, and notice the tail.

For me, at least, it is not so often one notice the hair on the tip of the tail, but they are very clear on this picture.

Also there is a photo of an elephant take while it defecated (I am not sure which word would be correct to use here, so I try with the most neutral).

You might wonder why I show these two pictures, but it is a very normal part of the elephants lives, and besides I have noticed that this is what fascinates all the schoolchildren the most when they are watching the elephants :-)

elephant peeing and close up of tail

At the age of 5 the female calves start to show interest in the youngest calves whereas the male calves become more independent and start making small outings from the herd.

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Here are some more Elephant Pictures:


Elephant by water elephant herd small with young one 
elephant behinds trunk shown by female Indian elephant 
elephant scratching the leg  female and male elephant pictures 

Female Indian elephant resting her trunk.

All elephant do that from time to time, as the trunk is actually rather heavy.

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