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This page, Polar Bear Pictures, is a great page to use together with the other page on this site with Polar Bear Clipart. (See the links below on this page).

When it comes to finding the best animals to make greeting cards, bears, cats, and puppies are always at the top of the list of the cutest animals. Polar bears, in particular, are incredibly amazing, and they are unique from all of the rest of the bears. You will find that using polar bear photos will be a great way to make greeting cards that will be perfect for any occasion.

Winter themed cards like Christmas cards, New Year’s cards, winter vacation cards, and other cards set in snow will always be made better with the addition of a cute little polar bear, which you will find on Polar Bear Clipart.

paw print in ice of polar bearYou will find that there are many pictures of polar bears that you can use to make awesome little greeting cards. You can print out the pictures and have your children decorate them, draw other winter animals around them, and use them nearly any way you want. Polar bears pictures will be the perfect addition to your winter themed Christmas cards, and I know your kids will love them as much as mine do.

About the rules for using my material, please go to Homepage to read more. Actually the rules are quite simple and made for making it very easy and free to use these polar bear pictures and clipart.

Pictures of Polar Bears


polar bear pictures polar bear on ice polar bears eating
polar bear pictures polar bear diving polar bear pictures ursus maritimus
resting eisbar polar bear eating fish

When it comes to science projects and researching on animals, the son of my neighbor always chooses bears for his projects.
This year his project was on researching polar bears, so we spent a lot of time looking at polar bear photos, pictures of polar bears, and polar bear clip art.

All of the polar bear facts we gathered are added to another page on this site, and you will find that the photos of polar bears that go along with the polar bear facts are perfect for your kids as well as adults to use.


Polar Bear Pictures


polar bear with cub polar bears near northpole
polar bears eating seal polar bear with cubs
polar bear eisbar in snow male polar bear ice
polar bear in zoo face of polar bear close up

If you are looking for a great way to decorate your blog or website with a winter theme, there are many pictures of polar bears that you can use to bring a winter chill to your theme.

You will find that the polar bear pictures come in all shapes and sizes, and they are easy to download and use for your website. You can easily customize the size of the pictures and set them as the background for your blog or website, and you will find that the beautiful polar bears pictures will be a great way to bring the Christmas cheer to your site.

Video with Polar Bears and Dogs Playing



Beautiful Polar Bear Clipart



standing polar bearPolar bear pictures are great to use when compiling animal pictures for a picture book.
You can teach your children a lot about polar bears as you print out the various polar bear photos, such as the fact that their hair isn’t really white or that polar bears are actually considered marine mammals.

All of the wonders of nature will have your child marveling as he learns about polar bears, and the polar bear pictures that you can collect both here and in magazines will provide you with a great way to teach your kids all about these beautiful creatures.
Printing out polar bears pictures for your kids’ picture book can be a lot of fun, and all these pictures of polar bears are available for download.

More polar bear pictures


polar bear cubs Polar bear swimming seen from above
Polar bear swimming in zoo polar bears sleeping
polar bear pictures ice floe ursus maritimus ice floes
polar bear cubs oprhans polar bear sedated
polar bear in zoo polar bear in zoo
orphaned cubs polar bear to zoo Polar bear photos lying in zoo
polar bear resting and looking polar bear looking to the left

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