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This page, Lion Pictures - Lion Photos, provides you with series of great pictures of lions.  Lions eating, lions playing with their cubs, male lions, female lions, African lions, Asiatic lions, you name it.  You can use these pictures for free, go to Homepage to read more about that.

The photos of lions you find here will be fine to use together with the lion facts you can find on the page Lion Facts, or maybe you will enjoy having a look at the drawings at Lion Clipart.

Together with the facts about lions you can find on the page Lion Facts you will have all you need for a project, whether you are a child or an adult.

You can use the photos of lions for so many things. For letters, invitations, for your website, scrapbooks. Also for table cards and gift cards.

All these lion photos are yours to use for free, as long as you do not overuse it, and you do not use it for any negative purpose. Please go to Homepage to read more about how you may use these great pictures of lions.

You will find pictures of many other animals on this website. Have a look at the main pages Animal Pictures and  Animal Clipart to see what other animal pictures or animal clipart you can choose.

When you find a picture you like, you can click it to see the real size in a new tab. This is the picture you get when you use the download button.

Pictures of Lions

Big lion sleeping 

You can read about lions on the page here on this website with lion facts (see the picture link below) or you can go to
lion picture from zoo  female lion and cubs picture 
aciatic female lioness 
male African lion picture 
roaring lion picture  roaring or yawning lion picture 
Male lion bloody mouth after eating pray 

As you can see on the pictures below, there are several lion cubs in the family.

The females take care of all the kids in the crowd, even those who are not their own.
After six months the pups are weaned, and they come hunting with the others. (In this case they don't go hunting, but learn to eat meat)

In the wild, only after two years, the young lions have learned enough to be able to catch their prey.

A full grown lion can eat up to 30 kg meat in one meal.

Really big Lion Images:

The pictures here are small, but click on the picture and come to the much, much bigger version. Download that picture by using the "download button".

Because these pictures are so large, it might take a little time to upload them.

beautiful big lion cubs
lion family picture
lion cubs playing two big lion cubs

I have made these big photos above because a lot of people asked for big lion pictures to use for decorations for their kids rooms. - But actually I have made a lot of the other pictures of lions bigger, too.

Some of these pictures I have found at the website here, where you can find a lot of other photos.

Lion images


lion cubs playing male lion in zoo clip art
lion cub playing with mothers tail sleeping lion clip art
lion pictures lioness lion cubs wrestling clipart
Lion father and cub resting lion cubs resting


More Lion Pictures


lion pictures-lion male face
lioness and cubs playing 
Wild lion female and cubs  lions in the wild cub playing 

Pictures of Lion Cubs 

so cute lion cub face  white lion baby 
white lion cub 
golden and white lion cubs picture  pile of lion cubs 

More Lion Images:


young lion resting on the Savannah 
beautiful photo king of the jungle huge lion mane 
picture of a strong lioness 
Lioness in zoo 
Head of a big lion cub 
lion picture of mountain lion 

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