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This is a page where you will find all kinds of Giraffe Pictures and Giraffe Photos; pictures of giraffe tongue and lots of cute giraffes.


All the giraffe images on this page are free to use, and you can use them for so many things. If you are going to make a school project about giraffes or about the African animals, then you will here find the pictures you need.

Maybe you are going to have a party, then these pictures will be great to use for invitations, table place cards, gift cards, table decoration and a lot more.

You can also have a really nice time with your children printing the pictures and decorating small boxes to contain their toy animals.

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Giraffe Pictures




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Giraffe Photos

giraffe with long neck picture 
picture of young giraffe picture of giraffe face
giraffes and baby giraffe  
giraffe's head and tongue 

Baby Giraffe Images


baby giraffe
baby giraffe picture baby giraffe camouflage

Mother giraffe and baby giraffe in zoo

More giraffes, giraffes eating and drinking

giraffe licking a tree for water

Facts about Giraffes:

The giraffe habitat is Africa, where it lives on the Savannah. The Giraffe can become 4-5 feet tall and weigh 700-1500 kg.

Their feed is leaves and fresh shoots.

Giraffes are often in a flock, but at a distance from each other. Because they are so tall, they can still see each other.

Often a giraffe will leave the flock and join another group, while others will join the first group.

When a giraffe is going to drink, in order to reach the water it bends the forelegs or spreads them.
You can read more about the giraffehere

The giraffe's senses:

Sight is the most important. The giraffe can see enemies and other giraffes from a long distance.

Hearing is also good. The ears move constantly, so the giraffe can follow what is happening around.

The giraffe has a good sense of smell. It captures odors that come with the wind. It can close and open the nostrils.

giraffe seen from below

The sleeping giraffe:

Usually giraffes rest standing, but sometimes they lay down.

When resting the giraffe has half-open eyes, still on guard.

The giraffe sleeps only approx. 20 minutes a day. When it sleeps, it rests the head on one of the hind legs, and it only sleeps a few minutes at a time. 

More giraffe pictures, giraffes in the wild

Wild giraffes on savannah
giraffe tongue  baby giraffe crossing road 
two giraffes at water hole

picture of giraffe on savannah

More giraffe facts:

The giraffe ambles, which means it lifts forelegs and hind legs on the same side when walking. Head and neck swings when ambling.

It was once believed that the giraffe had no vocals, but that is not true. The giraffe baby, when in distress, makes a kind of bleating, and the grown up giraffe can make a sound like "brrrrr".

It is a advantage for tall animals like the giraffe and the okapi to amble, because that means they can take long strides without their long legs hitting each other.

All giraffe are born with brow horns, called ossicones. The size and number of the horns can vary.

The horns grow throughout life. Young animals have hairy horns, and the hair often is worn off with age.

Some giraffe also have two smaller brow horns.

The giraffe picks the leaves from the tree with his tongue, or tears branches of with the lips.
A horny layer protects the lips and tongue against thorns on the leaves and branches.
The length of the tongue is approx. 45 cm.

There are 8 sub-species of giraffe, divided up by where they live in Africa, and differences in the skin patterns.

Here you see drawings of some of the different skin patterns:

Masai giraffe skin pattern Nubian giraffe skin pattern drawing Rotchild-giraffe-skin-pattern-drawing
Smokey giraffe skin pattern skin pattern of West African giraffe Somali giraffe skin pattern drawing

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