Caracal Cat Pictures and Facts

The name Caracal Cat, or actually just Caracal, derives from the Turkish words "kara kulak", meaning "black ears". It is often also called Desert Lynx, Persian Lynx and African Lynx.

It is widely spread over most of Africa and Middle East, with only a small number living in North West India, where today it is almost extinct.

The Caracal has it's name from the long, black tufts on the tip of the ears, and the back of the ears is also black.

They are well adapted to living in deserts and desert-like habitats with a lot of stiff hairs growing between their pads, an adaption to moving through sandy surroundings.

They eat small and medium sized animals (like small antelopes), lizards, snakes and birds, and they are extremely good bird hunters. The Caracal can jump up to 3 m directly up into the air and bring down a bird in flight.caracal cat distributionThe size and weight of a fully grown Caracal are for the males up to 90 cm and 18 kg, females 75 cm and 13 kg.

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Caracal Cats:

Caracal kitten Caracal kitten playing
Caracal kitten Caracal kitten playing
Female Caracal Lynx "Desert Lynx"
Caracal-cat-standing Caracal cat walking
Desert lynx kitten Caracal eating a white rat
Caracal lynx kitten Caracal eating a white mouse

More Caracal Kittens and other Caracal Cats:

Caracal lynx kitten playing Head of Caracal
Caracal lynx kitten playing Caracal close up
Three Caracals Caracal walking away
Three caracal cats Caracal walking away
Caracal caracal eating rat Caracal in zoo
Caracal caracal eating rattus norwegius Caracal caracal in zoo
Caracal kitten with rope toy
Caracal kitten with rope toy  
Caracal lynx playing kitten Desert lynx kitten playing
Caracal lynx playing kitten Desert-lynx-kitten-playing

See this wonderful video with the Caracal kitten:

Caracal kitten in zoo Cute Caracal kitten
Caracal kitten in zoo Cute Caracal kitten


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