Butterfly Pictures

On this page, Butterfly Pictures, I have collected some of the most beautiful butterfly photography I could find.

Here you will find butterfly clipart of the Mission blue butterfly, with images of its larval and its egg, and you will find butterfly pics of other kinds of this delicate animal.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures, and find some you want to use.

I find that these butterfly photos are so great to use for greeting cards, for place cards, gift cards, invitations, letters.

They will also be good to use to catch the eye on your website, and on business cards.

Click the picture you like to go to the larger version in a new tab!

Butterfly Photos:

Butterfly Peacock butterfly image
butterfly picture peacock butterfly
Butterfly images Butterfly photos
butterfly pictures speyeria Butterfly images Regal Frittilary
Speyeria Calippe butterfly Regal Frittilary
Butterfly photo Butterfly photos
butterfly pictures Icaricia        Cercyonis-pegala butterfly clipart
 Icaricia Cercyonis-pegala
Butterfly on yellow flowers Beautiful Swallowtail butterfly photo
black and blue butterfly on yellow flowers beautiful butterfly clip art
Orange Papillon Butterfly on red flower
orange papillon butterfly on red flower

The Difference between Butterflies and Moth:

I have never really understood the difference between butterflies and moth, thought the biggest difference was that the moth is a night creature, while the butterfly is a day creature.
Making this page with butterfly images made me read about it, and it seems it is not at all as simple as that.

While it is true that most species of moth are nocturnal, the best way to distinguish between the two kinds of Lepidoptera is to take a look at their antennae.

Almost all butterflies have thin antennae which end in small clubs or balls.
Moth antennae can look very different from each other, but almost all of them lack the club in the end of the antenna.

Nice to know, isn't it?

About using my material:

If you want to use any of these beautiful butterfly photos, please go to Homepage to read about the rules for using my material.

The rules are actually quite simple, so there shouldn't be any problems, I hope.


More Butterfly Pictures:


Monarch butterflies Butterfly photos
     Monarch butterfly migration blue butterfly
Monarch butterfly migration Glaucopsyche blue butterfly
Moth images Moth photo
butterfly pictures Callosamia angulifera moth Cecropia-moth
Callosamia angulifera moth Cecropia-moth
Butterfly on flower images Butterfly on flower photo
Delaware-Skipper butterfly Euphydryas-editha-bayensis
Delaware-Skipper butterfly Euphydryas-editha-bayensis
Butterfly photos Butterfly images
Boloria-frigga butterfly pictures male Mission blue butterfly on flower
Boloria-frigga Male Mission blue butterfly
Butterfly photo Butterfly photo
female Mission blue butterfly Saturium Edvardsii butterfly photo
Female Mission blue butterfly Saturium Edvardsii butterfly
Butterfly image Butterfly on flower
Glaucopsyche lygdamus butterfly photo Glaucopsyche_lygdamus_palosverdesensis
Glaucopsyche lygdamus Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis
Purple butterfly photography Blue/green forest butterfly
purple butterfly blue green forest butterfly
Red Admiral butterfly Red Admiral butterfly pics
admiral butterfly on finger admiral butterfly
Black Swallowtail butterfly Butterfly looking like a leaf
swallowtail butterfly image butterfly looking like a leaf

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Even more Butterfly Pictures:


Butterfly image Butterfly photos
swallowtail and bumblebee Mission blue larvae picture
Swallowtail and bumblebee Mission blue larva
Butterfly photos Butterfly photography
Taylors-checkerspot Swallowtalies blue yellow
Taylors-checkerspot Swallowtails
Butterfly images Butterfly photo
Metalmark-butterfly-Apodemia Pawnee Montane skipper butterfly
Metalmark-butterfly-Apodemia Pawnwee Montane skipper
Moth Big blue motyl/butterfly
moth big blue motyl
Morpho butterfly Lycorea Cleobaea
morpho butterfly Lycorea Cleobaea

You can use all these beautiful butterfly pics for all kinds of crafts:

For scrapbooking, making place cards, gift cards.
You can also make some very nice invitations and greetings.

I have made a oval clipart out of one of the butterfly images to show you one of the many ways you can use them.

             oval framed butterfly picture

A Few Facts About the Butterfly:

What the butterfly eats:

Butterflies consume only liquids, which they ingest through their proboscis.
This is actually the first maxillae elongated into a tube.
The butterfly has the proboscis curled up when at rest, and it expands when the butterfly needs to feed.

The butterflies feed only through this proboscis, and only liquids like water damp patches and nectar from flowers.
Sometimes they need more salt and minerals than they get from nectar, and they obtain these important nutrients by getting them from rotting fruit, carcasses and dong.

You often find butterflies attracted to landing on humans because of the salt in the sweat.

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly:

The butterflies start out as eggs, most often glued to leaves of a plant, and each species of butterflies has one plant or several plants in the same family they prefer for their eggs.

Most eggs are hatched after a couple of weeks, only few species have their eggs hatched after a season.

Next stage for the butterfly is the caterpillar, they are hatched from the eggs.
It might look as if the caterpillar stays the same until it makes a pupa, but actually it goes through several stages.
At the end of each stage it moults the old skin splits, and the new skin (culticle) breaks through.

Finally the caterpillar larve stops eating, and starts looking for a suitable place to start to make the pupa, often on the underside of a leaf.
While inside the pupa, most of the cells of the larva are broken down, and the material is used to the butterfly.

After this transformation has taken place, the pupa spits, and the adult butterfly comes out.

Read more about this here on Wikipedia.

Butterfly Photos:

Butterfly clipart Butterfly photos
Mission blue butterfly egg Mission blue butterfly
Mission blue butterfly egg Mission blue butterfly
Butterfly pics Butterfly pics
Male Mission blue butterfly beautiful Oregon Silverspot
Male Mission blue butterfly Oregon Silverspot
Butterfly photos Butterfly images
Mission blue butterfly Karner blue butterfly
Mission blue on flower Karner blue butterfly
Black white red butterfly Orange butterfly
black white red butterfly orange butterfly picture
White butterfly Fritillary butterfly picture
white butterfly fritillary butterfly

       Male orange butterfly


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