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Panda cup headWelcome to this page, Bear Pictures, where you will find lots of beautiful and very interesting photos of the American Brown Bear (Grizzly bears as they are called in America) , the Giant Panda, the Sun bear and a lot of pictures of the brown bear and the Kodiak bear (also a brown bear).

The Polar bear is also a member of the family Ursida, but pictures of the polar bear are available on the page Polar Bear , and you can also find a page with clipart, Polar Bear Clip Art .

If you want to know about the bear and the different kinds of bears here is a link:

I hope you will enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I do.

The size of the bear photos are a good deal bigger than you see here. Click the picture you like to see the real size in a new tab. This is the size you get when you use the download button. Later of course you can make it smaller if that is more suitable for you.

Funny bear picture

Bear Pictures:

bear pictures two Grizzly bears near river American Grizzly bear clipart
Grizzly bear Yellowstone head bear pictures Black bear
Black bear looking bear pictures ursus


brown bear sow and cubs

More Bear Clip Art:


bear with brown head and paws bear pictures el oso
Brown bear in zoo with dinner Brown bear looking at meat in Zoo
Brown bear in Creek Beautiful Brown bear

Sloth Bear and Spectacled bear Pictures

The Sloth bear is also known as the Indian bear.

It has also been called "labiated bear", because it's missing upper incisors, which allows it to form a funnel to suck up the termites, after the bear has made a hole in the termite nest with it's 8 cm long claws.

sloth bear picture picture of Sloth bear
The Sloth bear with the long fur Great picture of a Sloth bear
Sloth bear cub clinging to it's mothers fur the spectacled bear
Sloth bear cub clinging to it's mother's fur Spectacled bear living in South America

Kodiak Bear Pictures

The Kodiak bear is a subspecies of the brown bear, and together with the polar bear the largest bears alive today.

The Kodiak bear is also called the Alaskan brown bear, and it inhabits the Kodiak islands in southwest Alaska.

You can read more about the Kodiak bear here.

two Kodiak bears, showing teeth

Brown bear in river eating salmon Brown bear feeding on salmon
Walking bear fishing brown bear in river
Kodiak bear standing on hind legs Kodiak bear with cubs

More Bear Pictures 

Brown bear with two cups in river fishing Two Kodiak brown bear cups playing
Panda cup head Giant Panda

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