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When planning a princess party, you can start by asking for princess party ideas from the expert, who is your daughter or girl for whom you are having the party.

Most girls under the age of 10 love everything that has to do with princesses, magic wands, tiaras, castles and all the pretty accessories princesses wear.

Themes for princess birthday party ideas include: princess party ideas little princess

• Anna and Elsa from the film Frost
• Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
• Beauty and the Beast
• Cinderella
• Royal Princess
• Snow White
• Sleeping Beauty
• Princess Peach from the Mario game


Princess Party Ideas for Invitations

From the many princess party ideas for unique invitations, choose one or maybe a selection that you can make at home using craft supplies and Princess Party Clipart .

Magic Mirror Invitation

Materials needed:

• Cardstock (pink or lavender)
• Scissors
• Glue
• Aluminum foil
• Sequins or rhinestones

princess clip art bear princessFold a piece of cardstock to make a card and then cut an oval shape by rounding the corners of the card. Write something on the front of the card like "Look into this magic mirror for a special invitation to a magical princess party" and glue princess images found at Princess Party Clipart. Open the card and glue an oval piece of aluminum foil to the left hand side of the card. Glue rhinestones or sequins around the "mirror" to create a sparkling frame. On the right hand side of the card, write where and when the party is being held in elegant, cursive handwriting. Use an ink color emphasized by the card color, such as black ink on pink paper or green ink on lavender paper.

A princess birthday party is not complete without castles:

Princess Party Ideas for Castle Invitations are popular and this invitation requires:

• White and pink cardstock
• Small images of Princess Party Clipart
• Glue
• Small gold or silver beads
• Any color of glitter

Find a castle template or draw a castle on the front of the card. Cut out three or four castle windows with flaps that can be opened. Behind these openings, glue the princess clipart of your choice. Add silver and gold beads to accentuate the castle towers. Inside the card, write the invitation specifics on the right hand side. You might ask that everyone come dressed as a princess or prince if boys are attending the party. On the left hand side, paste a clipart image of a magic wand, smear glue around the tip of the want and sprinkle glitter on the glue. You could write something like "Susie has made a wish--for you to come to her princess birthday party"!

                princess party castle for invitations

Princess Party Ideas for Scroll Invitations

princess party invitation scrollCreate a scroll invitation by using parchment paper and a calligraphy pen and ink. Use thin wood rods with which to roll the scroll and attach pink fringe to the ends of the rods. Inside the scroll, paste Princess Party Clipart along the sides of the invitation and tie the scroll with a pink ribbon.

Magic Wand Invitations

Make your own magic wands to give to guests as an invitation so they can bring it to the party.
Use wood dowels, chopsticks, unsharpened pencils or sticks gathered from outside to create a magic wand.
Wrap the wand in foil wrapping paper, ribbon or yarn. Attach a crystal or large rhinestone at one end for the tip and embellish the handle with pom-pom streamers.
Tie a small jingle bell to the wand, spray the wand with silver paint or let your princess come up with other princess party ideas for magic wands.

For the invitation, cut a piece of cardstock into four equally sized squares. Fold like you would a small gift tag and write party information inside the card.
 Punch a hole in the left corner of the tag and tie it to the handle of the magic wand. To make fancier invitations, print out Princess Party Clipart and paste images to the invitation or simply use one of the images as the invitation.

Princess Party Clip Art:

You can use all the clip art on this pages for your party and invitations, and here comes some more:

Princess birthday party Princess party clip art Princess party clip art
Princess border bed clip art princess clip art cat princess kids party ideas princess
Princess border bed Cat princess Princess
Princess birthday party Princess clip art Princess party clip art
funny princess clip art princess party clip art princess party throne
Funny princess Princess with green dress Throne
Kids party ideas Kids party ideas Princess birthday party
small princess castle cake for princess party teddy bear princess
Castle Cake for princess party Teddy bear princess

You can use my clip art material for free, please read more about it on Homepage.

Princess Party Ideas for Games

Simply by putting a little twist to common children games, you can create princess party games from common children games, such as:

Pass the Princess Crown

princess with tiaraSimilar to "Hot Potato,” "Pass the Princess Crown" is a fun game that requires guests to sit in a circle and pass the tiara while music plays in the background. Whoever is holding the crown when the music stops must sit in the center and yell, "Stop" whenever she wants the music to stop. People wearing the tiara once are considered out of the game after taking their place in the center of the circle. The last princess wearing the crown is the winner.
Other princess party ideas for variations on this game include passing the wand or passing the glass slipper

You can make a homemade tiara with a plastic headband, some stiff wire and a bag of colorful beads. Cut a three-inch piece of wire from the roll and string it with beads. Wrap both ends of the wire around the headband. Repeat enough times to cover the top of the headband.

More princess party ideas regarding entertainment include:

Princess Guessing Game

princess in pink dressPlace items such as jewelry, lip gloss, body glitter, magic wands, princess doll accessories and nail polish on a large tray.
Pick someone who is to leave the room once they study what is on the tray.
After this princess has left, remove one item from the tray. When the player returns, she must try to guess what is missing. If she guesses right, she gets that item. If not, the item is returned to the tray and the next player leaves the room.

Puzzle the Princesses

Find an image at Princess Party Clipart, enlarge it to cover one sheet of printing paper and print it.
Glue the picture to a piece of construction paper and cut the picture into several puzzle-shaped pieces. Make two or three of these puzzles and divide guests into groups. The group who completes putting a puzzle together before the other groups wins a door prize.

Pin the Crown on the Princess Party Ideas

small princess with pink dress and crownPlayed this game just like you would play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Obtain a large piece of poster board and trace the body outline of your party princess. Draw a princess on the poster board but without her crown.

Print out appropriately sized tiaras from Princess Party Clipart and attach a piece of sticky tape to the back of the images. Give one to each of the guests.

 Whoever comes closest to crowning the princess wins. You could also play "Pin the Glass Slipper on the Princess" or "Pin the Wings on the Princess Fairy.”

Princess Face Painting

Let the princesses indulge their creative sides by allowing them to paint faces. Make your own face paint by mixing one cup of aloe vera gel, food coloring and glitter. Give the girls tiny muli-colored stars and sequins to stick on their cheeks and shoulders.

Princess Party Ideas for Decorating

hippo princess with magic wandTips and princess party ideas for transforming the party area into a magical princess kingdom include:

• Cover the ceiling with pink and purple streamers, letting them hang like a canopy by letting the streamers drape in between the corners of the room to the center of the room.

• Tie small balloons together and attach a weight to each bunch so that they remain in place on the floor. Fill some balloons with helium and let them float all around the room.

• For a princess birthday party, make a banner on your computer using images from Princess Party Clipart and hang it over the doorway to the party room. Enhance the doorway by hanging crepe paper streamers from the top of the doorframe.

• Make your own stars by cutting large star shapes from poster board, smearing a layer of glue over the stars and sprinkling them with silver glitter. Hang them from the ceiling using fishing line or stick them on the walls using masking tape

• Set up fiber optic lights on tables or string tiny pink lights around the room. Electric candles emit a magical light as well.

• Sprinkle confetti on tables and then place a clear tablecloth over the confetti pieces. Arrange pieces of baby's breath on food tables along with tissue-paper flowers.

• Decorate chairs to resemble thrones by draping cottony Christmas tree skirts over chairs.

Princess Party Ideas for Food

beautiful princessWhat to feed the little princesses!
Kids party ideas for finger food that is dainty enough for princesses include these tasty suggestions:

• Using star and heart shaped cookie cutters, cut simple sandwiches into these princess-themed shapes.

• Rent a chocolate fountain machine and let guests dip strawberries into the fountain.

• Roll bite-sized hot dogs in crescent rolls and serve with a plastic champagne glass of punch.

• Add some pink food coloring or pink lemonade Kool-Aid to a full ice cube tray and serve these pink ice cubes with beverages.

One of the delicious princess party ideas is the princess teacake balls made with:

• 1 1/2 cup of all purpose flour
• 3/4 cup of canola oil
• 2 cups of confectioner's sugar
• 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour
• 1/8 teaspoon of salt
• 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
• 3/4 cups of walnuts, finely chopped

After mixing all ingredients together, shape the dough into palm-sized balls and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.
Once the teacakes have cooled but are still warm, roll them in confectioner's sugar.

Other delightful princess party ideas include laying down a "red" carpet on which the princess can walk when taking her birthday "throne" and reading a princess story to the guests but with the stipulation that they must come up with an ending to the story.
Let guests decide who wins a door prize for inventing the best ending.


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