Kids Birthday Party Ideas

kids birthday party ideasResearching the different kids birthday party ideas available is just as much fun as creating decorations, invitations and games using Birthday Clip Art and Party Clip Art for inspiration and other imaginative possibilities.

You can also get plenty of ideas for kids birthday parties from talking to the child who is having the birthday party or mothers who have survived to tell about their child's birthday party experience.

Take a look at the links below on this page to find many more pages about birthday themes, birthday card wording and the like.

I have chosen to go deeper into one specific theme, Dinosaur Party, and then when I mention other themes below on this page I hope you can use some of the ideas from the Dinosaur theme on the other themes.

Dinosaur Party

One theme that many kids love to have as their birthday party theme is dinosaurs.

Ideas for birthday parties incorporating dinosaurs and ancient fossils include:

Children's Birthday Party Invitations Using Birthday Clipart

Help your child create personalized invitations using cardstock, glue, dinosaur stickers, markers and dinosaur clipart found on this website.

If possible, hand deliver each invitation by folding cards into small enough squares to fit into plastic eggs (you can use the Easter egg kind) meant to represent dinosaur eggs. Place some pieces of hard rock candy into the eggs as a special treat.

You will find this folded dino to use for place cards or just for decoration on my blog:

                         Folded dino for decoration

Here are some cute and funny dinosaur drawings to use for invitations, place cards and what else you might want to make for the dinosaur party.

The size of the drawings is 150 dpi, approx. 7-8 cm (2,8-3,2 inches), and I have made them in both black/white drawings and in color. You can always make them smaller, but if you want to use them for invitations or decorations, it's better they are big.

kids birthday party ideas dino baby               dinosaur baby birthday ideas

A cute message inviting guests to a dinosaur-themed birthday party could be something like

"Extinction will happen to your fellow dinosaurs if you don't come to the party!"


"You don't want to make T-Rex mad, do you? Then make sure to stomp your way over to _________'s house and enjoy a day carousing with the dinos".

cartoon dinosaur sketch                     spotted dinosaur for party invitations

hard skeleton dinosaur clip art     dinosaur party red and blue dino

flying dinosaur drawing       dinosaur clip art flying dinosaur

Other kids birthday party ideas for dinosaur invitations include making invitations in the shapes of different dinosaurs by printing dinosaur clipart, gluing one image to a piece of cardstock and cutting around the edge of the dinosaur.
Cut a half-egg shape out of cardstock and create a jagged edge along the top of the half-egg, making it look like an egg after it has been cracked open.

kids birthday party ideas dinosaur party  dinosaur party

Glue the half-egg on the bottom half of the dinosaur and write this message on the back of the invitation:

"Come help ___________ crack the presents open at his dinosaur birthday party".

Find some more dinosaur clipart on the page here on this site Dinosaur Clipart.

dinosaur clipart border

Here are three cards with dinosaurs that would be great to use for invitations or birthday cards:

dinosaur birthday card      dino card

card with tyrannosaurus rex

These three dino cards will bee approx 5,3 x 3,8 inches printed with 250 dpi.

Birthday Party Dinosaur Decorations

Cover tables with old white sheets or large pieces of newspaper print decorate them with dinosaur footprint clipart from  as well as other dinosaur and prehistoric images.
Scatter tables with dinosaur-shaped fruit snacks, pop-rock candy and markers to let the kids get creative whenever they feel like it.
If you are using old sheets, have kids write their names on the sheets (if they are old enough to write) to retain as a keepsake for the child having the birthday party.

More kids birthday party ideas involve using small stuffed dinosaurs as centerpieces by tying helium balloons to their tails.
Hang green and brown streamers from the ceiling to create a "jungle effect" and play jungle sounds in the background during the party. Dinosaur banners are easy to make with your computer, your printer, some banner paper and delightful dinosaur images from this site.

Create a banner with pictures and words that say "Happy Birthday Bob-asaurus".
Put the ending "saurus" on the child's name, as well as provide nametags for all guests using this same kind of name change.



Children's Birthday Party Games for Dinosaur Birthday Parties

Kids birthday party ideas for games are practically endless, especially if you can use both indoor and outdoor environments. Here is one you can use either indoors or in the backyard.

Pin the Tail on the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Blindfold the guests with handkerchiefs decorated with dinosaurs (if you can find them) and make a Tyrannosaurus and tail out of pieces of thin cardboard. A poster of a T-rex works well also; just cut the tail out of the poster and put two-sided sticky tape on the back of it.

Dinosaur Ring Toss

Purchase inflatable dinosaur punching bags that stand on the floor and make rings by taping together pieces of heavy rope that make circles big enough to pass over the dinosaur's head. You can play this game inside or outside.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas for an Archeological Dig

Fill a child's inflatable pool with dirt and bury all kinds of miscellaneous items in the dirt--popsicle sticks, pennies, old costume jewelry and small plastic toys.
Designate one item as the real "treasure", meaning whoever finds the real treasure first wins a prize. Give each child a spoon with which to dig.

You can even make your own "fossils" using this recipe:

• 1/2 cup (68 grams) of cooled coffee
• 1/2 cup (68 grams) of salt
• 1 cup (136 grams) of used coffee grounds
• 1 cup (136 grams) of flour

Make dough out of the ingredients and knead it for a few minutes.
Roll the dough out on a piece of wax paper. Start making your fossils by using cookie cutters or making impressions in the dough resembling teeth, bones and footprints.
Allow the fossils to dry for about eight hours before burying them in the dirt.

Hatch the Prize!

Other kids birthday party ideas for dinosaur-themed games includes this "hatch the prize" game which all kids love because it involves a prize and popping a balloon.
Purchase a bag of small, plastic dinosaur figures (or any other toys small enough to fit into a party balloon) and stick one in a balloon before blowing up the balloon. Tell the guests they are going to hatch dinosaur eggs by sitting on these balloons until they pop. Don't tell them a surprise waits for them once the balloon bursts.
Throw the balloons into the center of room and tell the kids to grab one balloon. Then cover your ears and wait for the noise to start!

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

This is fun if you have access to a park or a large backyard in which to plan an egg hunt. Obtain a watermelon and paint it white using acrylic or tempera poster paint. After it dries, paint orange, blue and green colored spots all over it and let that dry. Hide the "egg" and tell birthday guests a dinosaur came by last night and deposited an egg in your backyard (or the park). The first one to find the egg wins a prize and gets to eat it, too!

Kids birthday party ideas for dinosaur-themed favors include temporary dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur finger puppets, dinosaur pencil erasers and dinosaur windup toys.

Dinosaur Party Food

Have fun naming foods with a variety of dinosaur-themed names, such as:

Pterodactyl Wings--chicken wings

Brontosaurus Burgers--hamburgers with all the fixings

Stegosaurus Eggs--hard-boiled eggs

Tyrannosaurus Toasted Cheese Sandwiches--served with fossilized apple slices (apples drizzled with caramel)

Ice Age Lemonade Pops--fill ice cube trays with lemonade, cover with plastic wrap and poke popsicle sticks through the plastic to make frozen treats

Jello Dinosaur Eggs--carefully break the top of an egg, pour out the yolk and then rinse the inside of the shell. Pour jello that you have already mixed into the egg and refrigerate the egg. Once the jello inside sets, hand them to your guests and tell them to break the eggs open to find a surprise

• Dip pretzel sticks into melted chocolate, let them dry and serve them as dinosaur bones

Volcano Cake

A collection of kids birthday party ideas for dinosaur-themed party foods wouldn't be complete without a volcano cake:

Bake a Bundt cake, any flavor, and place it on top of a square, nine-inch cake. Cover the entire cake with chocolate icing and then make orange-colored frosting by adding yellow and red food coloring to white icing. Heat the icing until it is melted enough to drizzle over the Bundt cake. Pour the orange icing over the volcano cake so that it resembles a volcano spewing lava. Purchase cake decorations like plastic trees, dinosaurs and cave men and insert around the cake. Serve with "Dino Punch", which is a sweet mixture of lime jello, sugar, lemon juice, pineapple juice and water.



Other Themes for Kids Birthday Party Ideas

For a kid birthday party to be successful the action has to be nonstop and the food should be kid-friendly--no complicated casseroles or elegant desserts necessary! To spark your imagination, here are some common and not so common birthday themes you might think about using for your child's next birthday bash:

Pirate birthday party -- Yo ho ho and a bottle of pop!


Bowling party--what is more fun than taking a group of kids bowling?

Circus birthday party--gather the neighborhood pets together and have a petting zoo/circus

Safari themed party--take the guests to a real zoo

Cowboy party--for the boys who like to have a rootin' tootin' good time

Mario Brothers/Sonic the Hedgehog--have video game tournaments after presents and cake

Super Hero--have the guests wear their favorite super hero costume to the party

Hello Kitty--little girls just love this cute little kitten, and any other kittens for that matter.


Dress Up theme--another favorite with the girls. Provide the guests with dresses, shoes, scarves and hats and pretend you are giving them an elegant tea party

Kite-flying theme--if the birthday happens to fall during a time of the year that is frequently windy, give all the guests their own kite and take them to an open field to see who can fly their kite the highest.

I hope these kids birthday party ideas have stimulated your imagination and provide you with inspiration to give your child the best party he or she has ever had.


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