Pirate Coloring Pages

free coloring page exampleI hope you will like these pirate coloring pages, I have had so much fun making them.


There will be printable coloring pages of tough pirates with parrots, pirates with swords and pistols and pirates with wooden legs.

There will also be drawings of treasure chests and pirate ships.

Some of these drawings of pirates are for young children, some for adults or older children. Take a look at all the printable coloring pages and find the ones you need. When you print them in the quality 150 dpi, they will fit a A4 page.

Pirate Printables for Coloring


pirate coloring pages pirate with parrot
Print out coloring pages pirate pirate coloring pages black beard

You can use these printable coloring pages for free for your own personal use, but if you are going to use them for other purposes, please go to Homepage to read more about the very simple rules for using my material.

If you are going to have a pirate party you can make a great invitation by taking the paper for the invitation, and color it by making a cup of tea, and then brush the paper with the tea to give it this "old" look.

 Then, when it is dry, burn all four  sides of the paper slightly, and you will have a page that will look like an old treasure map.

You can get more ideas for pirate invitations and for games to play at a pirate party at the page Party Game Ideas.

These next pirate graphics will also fit a paper size A4 when printed with 150 dpi:

Pirate Coloring Pages:


scary pirate
pirate fairy

You can also find so many more coloring pages, just go to the main page for all these funny and nice drawings, Free Coloring Pages, where you will find an overview with small examples.


Cartoon Pirates:


pirate printables pirate with treasure and spade funny pirate with sword
funny pirate with pistol and parrot pirate picture of funny pirate with bottle

A Pirates Life

Pirates are dirty,
pirates are scary,
pirates are mean,
their teeth are green.

The ship is big,
the ship is scary,
the ship is mean,
the pirates are hairy.

The parrot can walk,
the parrot can fly,
the parrot can talk,
it likes to squawk.

The treasure is gold,
the treasure shines,
the treasure is cold,
the treasure's mine!

~ Sam Elias

Pirate Dentist
I am the pirate dentist
My surgery is on the ship
I’ll pull your aching ivories out
And smooth down every chip

A pair of pliers, a rusty file
These are the tools of my trade
A bottle of rum to ease the pain
Of the mess inside your mouth I made

So take a seat and open wide
I’ll get my pliers from the jar
Close your eyes and think nice thoughts
But not before you say arggggggggghhhhh!

More Pirate Pictures to Color:


Pirate picture with tattoo heart rose pirate printabels pirate boyAC
pirate treasure chest on island with palm trees pirate with parrot ready to board a ship


pirate ship with flag pirate ship
pirate ship coloring sheet pirate ship coloring pages


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