Cute and Funny Birthday Clip Art

funny birthday clip artThis page with Birthday clip art is booming with clip art of birthday cakes, balloons, candles, presents - all in all everything you will need for making your own birthday invitations, or just to use on a greeting, be it a letter, a card or a mail.

Enjoy the drawings and graphics, and choose the ones you like. They will either be saved in GIF-format/PNG-format, which means that the background is transparent.

A few will be saved in JPEG, which means that the background will have the color you can see, and the quality is a bit better than PNG, a lot better than GIF (I'm sorry about that, but when I started this website a long time ago, GIF was what you used).

To help you choose I will write below the birthday graphics if they are saved in GIF/PNG or JPEG (when I remember it.)

birthday greeting with balloonsMaybe you would also like to have a look at another page with precious moments clipart, Wedding Clipart, or the more funny page with party clip art and party graphics, which also has clipart with balloons and invitations (Party Clip Art). 

You will also find a page with ideas and designs for first birthday invitations, 1st Birthday Invitations- Make Your own Invitations.

On the page Valentine Clipart you will find lots of love heart drawings which would also be great to use for a birthday card or greeting mail, on Rose Clipart you will find beautiful roses, and on Flower Clip Art lots of different flowers to use on invitations, mails, letters etc. Maybe you can find the birthday child's favorite flower?

By the way, I have also made a page with birthday cards, and you will find an overview of other stuff about birthdays on the page Birthday Ideas.

Take a look below on this page to see links to all the pages here I find could be relevant to what you are looking for.

        border of birthday cakes

Birthday Clip Art:


flower buquet for birthday basket with flowers happy birthday

I can also recommend to visit an other website with lots of funny birthday quotes, Happy Birthday Quotes and Funny Age Quotes.

Here are a couple of birthday sayings:

“The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. These years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating. "
Jarod Kintz ~

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.”
Larry Lorenzoni ~

"The year and date you were born were really special: they produced you!"

"If you were brought up to respect your elders, after your birthday today you don't have to respect anybody"


       border of birthday cakes

More birthday graphics:


lots of birthday balloons and greeting
birthday cake 3 candles
birthday cake clip art cake with rose 
Vintage birthday greeting  PNG Birthday layer cake with rose PNG
birthday pinata birthday clip art cake hearts
happy birthday light text cup cake birthday flowers
birthday cake clip art layer cake
birthday clip art presents
birthday cake clip art layer cake
Happy birthday candles Birthday layer cake
Happy birthday cake with roses
happy birthday clip art teddy bear with balloons  Happy birthday graphics cake candle 
happy birthday greeting with flowers

     border of balloons

Birthday Borders and Frames


Balloons spelling Happy Birthday border
birthday cake border clipart
birthday serpentine border clipart 
birthday cake border red rose border for birthday greeting
Birthday greeting with hearts border birthday frame with presents
Oval frame happy birthday balloons  

You will find more clip art below, of birthday cakes and other stuff for birthdays.

To use for birthday invitations, congratulations and letters, I have made the numbers/figures from 0-9, saved in GIF-format with transparent background, to use as they are or on top of some other background or on top of an other picture.

You can also put them together, so that you can make all the numbers you would like at your birthday graphics, even if the birthday child reaches more than a 100 years.

Here they come, the numbers 0 - 9.

Later there will be a page with numbers and flowers, cars or some other funny birthday stuff.
        border of birthday cakes

Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Free
birthday graphics
Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics
Free birthday graphics zero free birthday graphics pink free birthday graphics blue birthday clip art one birthday clip art one year pink birthday clip art one blue
Zero black white Zero pink Zero blue One black white One pink One blue
Birthday graphics Birthday graphics Birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics
birthday clip art two black white birthday clip art two pink birthday clip art two blue birthday graphics three black white Birthday three years pink Birthday three years blue
Two black white Two pink Two blue Three black white Three pink Three blue
Happy birthday graphics Happy birthday graphics Happy birthday graphics Birthday graphics Birthday graphics Birthday graphics
4th birthday black white birthday clip art pink 4 years 4 years birthday clipart 5 years birthday black white pink 5 years birthday blue 5 years birthday clipart
 Four black white  Four pink Four blue Five black white Five pink Five blue
Birthday graphics Birthday graphics Birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics
birthday clip art 6 years black white 6 years birthday pink 6 years birthday blue clip art birthday clipart 7 years black white free birthday graphics 7 years free birthday graphics 7 years blue
Six black white Six pink Six blue Seven black white Seven pink Seven blue
Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Free birthday graphics Birthday graphics Birthday clipart Birthday graphics
8th birthday black white 8 years birthday pink 8 years birthday blue birthday clip art 9 black white birthday graphics 9 pink free birthday graphics 9 blue
Eight black white Eight pink Eight blue Nine black white Nine pink Nine blue

     border of balloons

Birthday Cake Clipart:

decorated birthday cake clipart birthday cake with pink decoration
Modern birthday cake for kids JPEG Sponge-Bob birthday cake JPEG
Birthday cake made as a larval
60 year birthday cake for dad
chocolate birthday cake with candles
sweet 16 birthday cake
birthday cake with flower decoration

birthday cake clipart different shapes
birthday cake clipart drawings

        border of birthday cakes

Clipart of Wrapped Gifts:

Here are clip art of birthday presents. They come with the transparent background, so you can put them together if you like - or you can just use the birthday gift clip art I have made:

Birthday gift white red ribbon and bow
red gift box with white ribbon blue birthday gift box clipart
golden birthday present clipart
gold gift box clipart

      border of balloons

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