Fruit Clipart

Most of the images of fruit on this page will be with transparent background, so you can place them together or on any kind of colored background, as well as white, of course.

What you will find here on this page is a lot of clipart of different kinds of fruits: bananas, strawberries, peaces, pears, grapes - and maybe some more.

You will not find images of vegetables or flowers, you will find links below on this page to pages with those clipart, or you can take a look of the overview on the page with cool drawings, also linked below.

If you would like to use some of my clipart for a private project, feel free to use as much as you like. For books or any kind of print, please go to Homepage to read the very lenient rules for using my clipart.

Use the download-button to download the picture in the larger version, that will also be the version you see if you click the clipart picture.

Fruit Clipart


summer fruit clipart 
watermelon with sliced fruit Christmas fruits and holly
banana apple orange watermelon pram clipart
fruit cornucopia

The number of fruit clipart will be growing, like the clipart on most pages here. But you might want to find the likes on this website, and a lot of the vintages fruit drawings, the vintage and Victorian, you can also find on

Apple Clipart


red delicious apple clipart  funny red apple house clipart
red apple with worm apple carcass clipart
black white apple clipart outline apple clipart 

Banana Clipart


banana cluster clipart two bananas clipart
single banana clipart sliced banana
four bananas cut-out banana drawing clipart
banana clipart
banana palm tree clipart banana palm tree with banana cluster

Pineapples Clipart


vintage pineapple drawing  black white pineapple drawing 
pineapple symbol black white  colored pineapple symbol 
vertically sliced pineapple drawing 

Strawberry Clipart


delicious red strawberry clipart strawberry clipart green top
clipart ripe strawberry vintage strawberry illustration
three strawberries clipart strawberry clipart
single red strawberry clipart two juicy strawberries
cut strawberry image clipart wild strawberry
strawberry plant drawing vintage strawberry drawing

Watermelon Clipart


watermelon fruit clipart watermelon slice png 
large watermelon slice clipart  slice of watermelon cut-out
watermelon vintage drawing png watermelon fruit clipart
parts of watermelon slice watermelon on green plate

Orange Clipart


slice of orange orange-clipart
apfelsine orange fruit clipart orange branch with fruit
singular orange with leaves orange fruit clipart 

tangerines mandarines fruit

Grapes Clipart


bunch of blue grapes bunch of green grapes clipart
cluster of grapes clipart png cluster of grapes drawing green
Black white fruit clipart grapes PNG Cluster of grapes drawing blue PNG
black white fruit clipart grapes

Cherry Clipart


cherry clipart drawing
two cherries clipart
cherry on a branch bowl with sweet cherries
cherry fruit vintage drawing cherry fruits on cherry branch

cherries in a basket

Peach Clipart


isolated peach clipart peach on leaves
three-peaches-on-leaves fresh peach with leaf
peach cartoon vintage peach drawing

Pear Clipart


pear fruit on branch with leaves pear and pear cut in half clipart
vintage pear drawing three pears on branch drawing vintage
four different pears

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