Free Book Clipart

Book clipart - old books, books for studying, children's books, open books, closed books - you will find clipart of all these books. And more will come in time.

Most of these book images come with a transparent background. Some doesn't have a title, but you can add one yourself.
You can go to homepage to read more about the very simple and lenient rules for using my clipart.

I hope you will find what you are looking for here on this page. As I along the way make more clipart all the time, you will find new book images here all the time.

When you click the clipart you like, you will see the actual size in a new tab. This is what you will get when you use the download button. But of course you can always make it smaller.

Book Clipart:


grey book clipart no title

Open Book Clipart:


illustration of book blank pages
open book with ornamented pages silhouette of open book

More Free Book Clipart:


green books and glasses

As I mentioned above, there are some books without a title, and I hope you can use these clipart by adding the titles you need, be it titles for studying medicine, law, for book used in college and also children's books.

This is what I have done with some of the clipart above, e.g. the books about the birds and the garden, and the book about math.

Some of these clipart are borrowed from the website

Reading Book Clipart:



Books Clipart on Shelves


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