Sun Clipart

sun clipart

Sun clipart - when one of my loyal readers suggested I should make a page with sun drawings and sun symbols, I was very reluctant.

After all, I thought, how many different ways can you draw a round, yellow circle? I actually didn't think I could fill a whole page with suns.
But I was asked again, so I started making small sketches, and was surprised how funny it was when I first got started.

So now, here they are, all the suns! Cartoon suns, sun symbols, black and white sun drawings, and more will come.

Most of these drawings are with a transparent background, easy to place on top of a colored background or an other drawing, to give this drawing a nice and cozy feeling.

You can read on Homepage about the rules for using my clipart, but as long as you only use it for your own personal use, you can use as many as you like! Not so bad, is it?

Cartoon Sun


surprised sun drawing  sun clipart lots of rays smiling
cartoon sun with sunglasses waving 

Short Sun Poems

I have found some short poems about the sun, or rather where the sun is mentioned:

"If you make someone
your sun and moon and all the stars -
then who will light up the sky
when they are gone?"

"The sun's gone dim,
and the moon's turned black;
for I loved him, and
he didn't love back."

"A caterpillar that is brown
Must never ever frown.
He may still climb a tree,
To be able to see,
Little children having fun,
Under the bright yellow sun!"

Sun Clipart


sun clip art with yellow sun rays 
rays forming a sun drawing 

"The sun is round,
it shines so bright.
I gives us heat,
and gives us light."

"The sun
Is a leaping fire.
Too hot
To go near,

But it will still
Lie down
In warm yellow squares
On the floor

Like a flat
Quilt, where
The cat can curl
and purr."
~ Valerie Worth

Summer Dust
"Dust settles in sunlit seams
On a quiet country road
As summer days grow
~Kiesha Shepard

More Sun Images and Sun Rays

sun as sun flower logo 

spiral sun 
Sleeping sun PNG  

If you want more realistic sun pictures you can visit this site:

Black and White Sun Clipart

Vintage sun drawing JPEG  



Sun Baby

sleeping baby sun  


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